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PC Slots

Preliminary slot layout. Can negotiate depending on what people want but be aware this will be assymetric. The Servants probably won't be equal. Probable peak at 'medium' weight in terms of overall power.

  • A front line combatant with the strongest overall stats. Saber, Lancer, Archer or a 'heavy' Rider.
  • A secondary skirmisher combatant with either stealth or mobility. Lancer, Archer, Rider or Assassin.
  • A back line combatant with either territory creation, ranged, or supporting ability. Archer, Caster, Assassin or non-standard Rider.
  • ?

No duplicate classes allowed. Your Master has not summoned any Berserkers.

Concept source references
Nations in the World of Amahara
A Brief History of Amahara