Fallen Kingdom

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Restore the Throne, Preserve the Age


The Empire of Espavarre in the far South, facing the inner sea, a realm of art and grandeur, the conquers of the Giants, builders of the great red rock citadel atop the corpse of Cornos, the King of the Giants. From here Espavarre stood atop the world, and its lords reigned over the Age of Light.

The foremost of these lords, Hano, they made King, sitting atop the world, attended by his faithful knights, and by his Queen, Ashanti, the Witch of Serpents. Here stood all the other lords, Naro, the Old King of the Giants, Mongrath, the undying lord of the legions of hell, Ulfreya the Foreigner, called the conquerer, and Nezendo, the sage of all things.

An age of might they ruled, an age of gold, an age of light.

Now the light grows dim, and the nights grow long and hot.


A group of travelers have come to a small camp at the edge of Espavarre, each for their own reasons. Each is different and unknown to the other, but each know these words: Restore the Throne, Preserve the Age.


Primary Equipment
unusual capacities
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