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Five Robot Wars (M)J
Running Mondays.

Ruleset: MJMecha
Heritage Limitations: Significant&Conjoined only
Formative Limitations: None
Main Series Limitations: No Ship Captains
Mecha Limitations: None, use Normal Avatar design, not simplified. Five will design mecha for you if you cannot do it yourselves.


In the far future of the Fomalhaut star-system, there are hundreds of individual governments and private interests. With the fall of the Dreadnought Age and the rise of the highly adaptable combat machines known as Avatars, great destructive power could be wielded in the hands of any one person who got their hands on a Spin Generator and Nanogauge Tap. with no way of truly controlling either of these things, a new way had to be found to keep the peace.

And so, the Loop Administration Enforcement Division stepped up, with it's highly trained(albeit commonly highly-eccentric) teams of Avatar Pilots, to keep the peace. You are the Avatar Pilots of the Loop Administration Enforcement Division's 23rd Independent Avatar Team, the "INSERT NAME HERE", an eclectic mix of military&Independent pilots and their own avatars.

See Also: Spin Complex


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Side Characters

Active Quests