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It is the the year twenty fourteen, fourteen years and ten years and two years after the world was supposed to end. In London, the largest city of a small island, new chapter of the ascension war opens.

London is where the technocracy was born, and from its cold intellects laid their plans against the world. Here industry and science were pushed to heights undreamed of, from here an empire rose that spanned the globe.

All that was a long time ago. Now Britain sleeps uneasily in the technocracy's old shadow. Increasingly, people slip through the machine's fingers, finding the terrors and wonders that lie beneath the island's surface.


Elizabeth Emington
Dreams of Cloud Skies
Of Storms and of Rain
Of Pillars of Purest Black
Of the Struggles of a Busy Man
Of the Loneliness of a Daughter of Machines
Of the Plots of a Pale Witch in a Dark Tower
Of Blood and Oil and Opium, Guns and Swords and Sums and Words.
Of a war fought across the skies, A room of empty puppets and story skins, turned against their makers. Of beings who are flow through many spaces. Of struggles of the ancient dead. Of a metal bird that carries secrets. Of the laughter of the universe. Of the music of the spheres. Of the one who hears and taps her feet. Of the great game, played to the last hand.
Of the hubris of the technocracy
Of England, Scotland and Wales
Of hope

Of Lion and Unicorn, of Sword and Crown

News from London and around the country

Freak floods kill 5
Meteorologist fired over "Impossible" storm error
Continued gang violence in London spreads to other cities across England
Government deploys 5100 troops to London to reinforce police for new years celebrations to protect against ISIS inspired terrorist attack.

Computer files

Project Green Jay

Ferne Receives an email containing a private imgur archive showing the BBC front page and those of all major newspapers with stories about terrorist attacks and potential terrorist attacks highlighted circled in purple.

Game information

The game is set in London and the Home Counties as a base, but can be expected to move across Britain and France at least, and likely beyond that. Expect the game to be highly mobile, so immobile backgrounds may not be that useful at first.

Ongoing Serials

The Impossible Archive
Staring: Elizabeth Emington and An Taniwan
Guest Staring Annabel Stockhouse, David Andrews Featuring: Annabel's Father, Brickhouse Ted, The Archive Keeper

Episode 1: The Woman Without a Name -Aired
Episode 2: The Underground Museum -Aired

The 25th Hour
Staring: Fernande Saussure, Nanri Misaka and Anabelle Dupont
Featuring: The Walkers Beyond
Enemy Combatants: SCEPTRE Agents, JPITF Agents, 20 Brigade Soldiers, Shadows

Episode 1: The Empty Midnight -Aired
Episode 2: Comedy of Manners -Aired.
Episode 3: Unnatural Metropolis

Stuff that's needed PC wise

1: A Verbena with a mentor
2: an Orphan
3: Stealth Skills of at least 1

Character Creation

  • By general preference of the playerbase we will be using XP Based Chargen: Mage, but note the following:
  • Arete 3 is free.
  • Talent/Skill/Knowledge distinctions are erased. Pool ability points and assign otherwise as normal. All abilities have the same cost EXCEPT Academics, Craft, Lore, Perform and Science, which are field abilities at half cost in FP and XP. The first dot of a field ability costs 2XP. Cosmology and Enochian are fields of Academics, while Subdimensions is a field of Science.
  • 56/32/24 xp for attributes. 80 xp for the pooled abilities. 65 xp for spheres. 60 'FP' xp. Some leeway will be allowed w/r/t favoured spheres - trads are political, not metaphysical, organisations.
  • Your natural foci must be clear and limited (until high arete). A +1 'marginal foci' difficulty modifier will exist for envelope-pushing. There should be relatively straightforward (though not common) circumstances under which you cannot use magick.


Hawsie Brunanburh (Andronicus) - a Verbena Twenty-third generation (There's a 1880 genealogy!) Witch of of the Brunanburh Line that fell into genteel-poverty after the First World War. Was not, despite speculation, expelled from the St. Bacchus's School for Girls for disorderly and disrespectful conduct and certainly not for a gymnasium fire. There were vampires involved.

Spheres: Matter 3, Prime 3, Life 2.

Fernande Saussure (Peel) -

Spheres: Correspondence 3, Forces 2, Mind 2

Nanri Misaka (Mal) - An Akashic novice who is good with swords. Reassigned from recent work in the realm Akiba(True) to London and now working as Fernande's maid.

Spheres: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Forces 2, Matter 2, Mind 1

An Taniwan (Exhack) - Ecstatic member of the Cult of Acceptance par excellence, a master tattoo and makeup artist campaigning for the rights and protection of sex workers. Dealing with raising a 15 year old boy while eternally 29.

Spheres: Time 3, Life 3

Martin Hathaway (Omegapaladin) - Scholar of modern myths recently turned Orphan mage based on encounters with changelings and unlocking secrets in Tolkien's works. Now trying to unlock secrets of crafting from a lost age

Spheres: Mind 1, Matter 3, Prime 2

Elizabeth Emington (Norseman) - A beautiful Victorian dreamer who fell asleep in 1914 and just recently woke up. Exact age and background is hard to figure out given she thinks time is an illusion.

Spheres: Spirit 3, Prime 3

Kim Jae-sun (G?) - ???

Spheres: JUCHE!

Jessica Pare (Oseng) - A young girl who has awakened at a relatively early age. Has a deep an abiding faith in the God of Abraham and is a disciple of the Celestial Chorus, but is still a child.

Spheres: Forces 2, Life 2, Prime 3, Spirit 1

Maria Gierek (Holle) - a young Polish girl who is the scion of the New Man program of Soviet Technocrats, now a relic of the Cold War. Changed sides and became an Etherite in complicated circumstances, but is still ultimately immature, to the occasional exasperation of her maid/friend/biological battering ram.

Spheres: Life 3, Matter 3, Prime 1, Forces 1

Sienna Falkner (Acat) - a VA hacker and Akashic Sister who trained deep in cyberspace on the virtual mountains with a ghost of networks long past. Somewhat goth and good with kung-fu.

Spheres: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Forces 2, Mind 1

Anabelle Dupont (Silence) - A bystander violinist