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Session Times are Friday Night


Please Make Sensible, Grounded Characters

Genre: This is a stand up investigation. Not a bug hunt.

Orbital Watch Report 587

21:59 GMT: New Operator (Atkins B) logs on HITL at Falcon
22:03 GMT: Minor power fluctiation in radar array 22. Mantinance informed
22:15 GMT: Unknown object (Boogie-70) has entered detection cordon
22:16 GMT: Handshake/Salute issued to Boogie-70 response negative. IFF negative
22:17 GMT: Interceptors launched from Serenity Base
22:18 GMT: Boogie-70 makes sudden course change towards Earth. Object appears to strike gauntlet and disintigrates into pieces
22:20 GMT: Code Rosewell Issued. Boogie-70's remains appear to have crashed on earth.

Appended Comment, Operative 59281-A

Boogie-70 made a very large flash when it hit the atmosphere, and several missile defence and other radars detected it. Damage control is ongoing but it appears that non-enlightened governments detected this. Several have already dispatched search and recovery teams.

Global Project Team 4582 (GPT 4582)

GPT 4582 is a group of young technocracy operatives who have established a semi-independent independent, global task force. This task force, approved by higher authority, has been authorized to investigate and liaise on projects that cross the areas of interests of multiple sector commands, and leverage the full power of present global networking functions to achieve synergistic operational outcomes.

Game Inspirations

Arma2 Dark Business


Possible NPCs?

Character Quiz

1: Why did you join the Technocracy?
2: What direction do you believe the world should be steered?
3: Are you patriotic towards any unenlightened nation?
4: What do you do when not on duty?
5: Do you have any important relations with other members of the Technocracy beyond GPT 4582?
6: Do you have any important relations with unenlightened people?
7: Do you have any strong political opinions? What are they?
8: What is your greatest ambition?
9: Are you happy with your present position?
10: If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?

Character Creation

XP Based character generation + 50 XP + free arete 4

Backgrounds to consider collectively

-Take these and you might get extra ones.

Backup: Gives you an assault team of agents (Hitmarks etc.) you can call on in an emergency
Requisition: Gives you a set of dice you can roll to request devices from higher authority
Resources: Operational Budget


  • Juliet's Cravat
    • Magical (not scientific) silk cloth. Blood-red.
    • Arete 4, 8/10 quint
    • Creates forces 3 shield or entangles with 10 die pool