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In the middle of the proud kingdom of Crondar, away from any centres of power lies the village of Aldre, your home. It is a mean, small, and thoroughly unappealing place where you have been forced to spend the last almost two decades of your existence. If not for circumstance you might have been stuck there, but it just so happened you took up with Mia, a red headed woman who was known in the local area as a former adventurer and possible bandit. She took you in and gave you some training, told you tales and wet your appetite for adventure.

One day, she said, she'd need your help.

Maybe that day is today. Mia has vanished, with her house sign of an obvious struggle. Without her protection, it's only a matter of time before parents and other town authorities come down on trouble makers like you hard. It's time to leave, but not before you check out the legacy your mentor left you.


You know little about the world, save that it is vast and there are many strange and beautiful lands that you have not seen. You have heard tales of wondrous things and wondrous people, and some of you may even have elf or cat girl blood in your veins. You have heard of other races but none are known to you.

All you know though is your small village. You know the church of the sleeping gods tells that all the most powerful gods sleep, and those who remain are merely lesser spirits, worth only offerings, not true worship. You know that your mentor told you that there are other groups through the world who believe in one god or many, or that spirits are all there is.

Some of you may also worship at the forest faith, that of the horned goddess, a powerful spirit who reliably brings good harvests and heals the sick and injured, thus making many worship her as a true deity. While her worship is frowned on by the church of the sleeping god the new faith is to powerful to be easily stopped.


This is a standard d20 + stat system.

Tasks are performed by adding a base stat to a skill. What skill and stat are added together is mostly up to the player. For instance a particularly charming priestess might roll gnosis + charisma to cast magic, while a physically inclined wizard might direct her arete by punching with strength + arete.

Base Stats


You begin with 1 in every stat and may put 15 points into any stats you wish.

You also gain two bonus trait. This is a trait that describes something special about you, be it your status as a catgirl or a blacksmith. When performing related tasks you roll 2 dice 20 and take whichever result you prefer.

If you take Mage, or Priest as one of these, you may use it as one of your sources of power below.

Derived Stats

Hit points: Strength x 5
Willpower: Intelligence + Wisdom /2. This pool is rolled when trying to stay on your feet at 0 HP.

Non-Adventuring Stats

Non-Adventuring stats are things which are not immediately useful to dungeon crawling and orc slaying. They are non-combat skills but also cannot include things like dungeoneering, or lock picking.

You have 15 points to spend on non-combat skills to start with. They must be split up at least 3 ways.

Adventuring Stats

Adventuring skills are all skills that will be directly useful on an adventure. You begin with 25 points of adventuring skills.

Adventuring skills are further subdivided into a number of categories. Many of them are better when fighting a certain type of enemy than others.


In general Fast preempts strong, strong overwhelms stubborn and stubborn deflects fast. Melee pools gain +2 against their preferred opponent.

Fast Melee
Strong Melee
Stubborn Melee


Ranged combat is much less controlled by what the other person does than Melee is.

Accurate Fire: Gives an additional +1 bonus to a single target
Quick Fire: Goes before other types of ranged combat
Rapid Fire: Attacks multiple targets at a -1 penalty per target.


Each type of movement is used for something different.

Speed: Lets you move over distance
Agility: Lets you dodge or escape situations.


Utility Adventuring Skills are anything from lock picking to trap finding to stealth. All useful mostly in adventuring, but to be defined by the player.

Sources of Power

FBH Fantasia is a world saturated with magic. Everyone knows at least a bit. Magic is subdivided into various forms. To begin with you have two aptitudes per type, which determine what your magic can be used for and how it manifests. In general this magic is subsumed into the wider system. A gout of fire will render someone dead in the same way a bow shot will. However,

Sources of power can be anything from a spirits blessing to having a lot of contacts. In general they allow you to alter the game world and game system by making a successful check. So for instance someone with a "skilled fighter" SoP might use it to alter the fight so her chosen method of fighting (fast) is no longer hampered by attacking someone using stubborn melee techniques.

In general difficulties up to 15 give you a flat +4 until in combat or a specific task until the difficulty is higher than 15. After 15 it gives you a +2 bonus per point of success. Obviously not all sources of power can be used on all tasks. It must make sense for your source of power to work this way.

The number of times you can use your sources of power is controlled by your level. In general whenever you have gained 30 XP (you will gain about 3 per session) you have gained a new level and can use your sources of power a number of additional times equal to that level per session. So a first level can use their sources of power once, while a third level can do so 6 times.

Mage and Priest both allow for an even more free form creation of power. A mage or priest need only define the generalities of their power (what spirits they pray too or in general what kind of magic they specialize in) in order to draw effects from that. In addition they gain an additional source of power check every session.


You have 8 gear slots

Left Hand:
Right Hand:

You begin without any items that give bonuses as you are poor starting adventurers. However as you progress you will gain items with further and further stat bonuses that augment your performance.