Eye of the Needle

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Welcome to 2048

The future is not the dystopia of many predictions, nor the utopia many hoped for. There are still wars and rumors of wars, the desperate poor and the connected rich. However, technology has marched on. Cybernetics and biotech have brought the tales of cyberpunk authors to life, while the modern battlefield is all but unrecognizable. Artificial consciousness always seems just right around the corner. Nanofabrication is an industrial technology, though it's reserved for specialty work.

The most notable discovery was something unexpected - gravity control. It is now practical for many objects to be levitated, including the long-awaited flying car. This has opened space to exploration and exploitation, and drastically changed many industries. Fusion power finally arrived, although only in massive facilities

The Situation

What the vast majority of people do not know is where GC tech came from. The scientists who hold the Nobel for it were only a part of the real story. Most of the work was reverse engineering technology recovered over the years - technology not of this world. Several extraterrestrial craft have been recovered, but the strangest finding was found on Earth via archaeology. The ancient texts referred to it as the Eye of the Gods, our scientists call it a antimass wormhole stabilizer, but around here we have a different name for it:

The Stargate.

We have sent several probes through the Stargate, and our intelligence reveals something grim - advanced and hostile extraterrestrial life exists. They possess actual combat oriented space vessels and some mysterious energy weapons. Strangely, there appear to be humans enslaved by these aliens. We have covertly recruited you, some of the finest operators in the world, to investigate the worlds beyond the Stargate.

The Game

This is not exactly SG-1 Cyberpunk Edition, but it is close. The feel is similar to a mix of Perfect Dark and Ghost in the Shell. The universe of 2048 is significantly different from the universe of the show - don't expect Jaffa to be completely useless, for one. I'm not fixated on realism, but please don't go too crazy. Games will run on Saturday mornings (Central Time), so afternoon-evening in Europe.


The game uses a similar point system to games such as Expanse or FRW. You have 80 points to work with, experience will be given out slowly.

Level 1 - 1 CP
Level 2 - 3 CP
Level 3 - 6 CP
Level 4 - 10 CP
Level 5 - 15 CP
Level 6 - 21 CP
Level 7 - 28 CP
Level 8 - 36 CP
Level 9 - 45 CP
Level 10 - 55 CP

In short, to improve a trait costs (current level + 1)

Gear is handled mostly freeform. Heavy loadouts are harder to sneak around it than light loadouts, but can bring truly incredible firepower. Weapons range from high-end tacticool firearms to laser rifles and gauss guns, which are limited by power supply.


  • Physical - Your combined strength and agility, which governs attacking with weapons, doing athletic feats, and dodging.
  • Endurance - Your physical toughness. Also useful for prolonged athletic activity.
  • Perception - Your ability to notice things and track people.
  • Response - Your mental agility - how fast you can process information
  • Intellect - Your skill in solving problems, as well as knowledge of academics and technology.
  • Charisma - Leadership and social skill
  • Integrity - Your mental endurance, inner strength, ability to resist torture and other mental influence.

Operator Types

Operators come in a variety of types depending on their upgrades and experience.

Controller - Drone specialist. Some soldiers, most commonly women, have cybernetic processors installed in their brain to be able to perform incredible feats of multitasking. Controllers can pilot a small flock of simple drones or a few complicated drones. This level of multitasking makes more conventional combat upgrades quite difficult, but they can level the playing field like a one-woman army. +1 Physical, +2 Perception, +4 Response +1 Integrity (every two drones controlled is -1 response, complicated drones count as more drones)

Chrome - Transhuman Whiz Kid. Genetic and nanotech modification is an expensive process, and only the wealthy who can afford it for their children. Chromes are not much better than a peak condition human with an extremely long lifespan physically, but they can perform incredible feats of intellect. A chrome can synthesize vast quantities of detail, has a photographic memory, and typically knows at least half a dozen languages. Cybernetics for chrome physiology are still experimental - they have complicated immuno-compatibility issues. Notably, chromes in the Project are carefully psychologically screened - Prima Donnas need not apply. +2 one stat, +1 everything else (The +2 stat gets a special ability, like empathy for Charisma, or perfect memory for Intellect)

Military Cyborg - Killing machine. Soldiers injured in combat or people enlisting for the free upgrade, these people can often carry and use vehicle weapons without a problem. Some are built like walking tanks, others are built like a gymnast, but all are capable of incredible feats of physical strength and toughness. They are generally not that subtle unless running under camo. +3 Physical, +2 Endurance, +2 Response, +1 Perception (You have three custom cybernetic mods that you can describe)

Veteran - Expert Soldier. Physically, these warriors are not much better than the average soldier, having the standard combat mods. However, they are supremely skilled. Often recruited from special forces, these are the masters of the art of combat, and they can act on reflex while others have to think. Excellent at training and leadership, as well as planning. +1 Perception, +2 Response, +2 Intellect, +1 Charisma, +2 Integrity (Receives double the normal number of rerolls and starts with 10 extra XP)