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Planets; Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn.Rocks; The Trojans, the main belt, Pluto. Ideologies; transhumanism, direct democracy, informational freedom. We settled two, adopted the third, we left earth, it's governments, its traditions, its stifling laws behind, looking towards the skies, but the great powers of earth were not willing to leave us be.

Brazil, China, Indonesia, The United States of America, the European Union, India, they all sent their warships to regulate us, to rule us. We had to strike first or see our dreams shattered, we gambled, asteroids flung at the mother world military bases, infrastructure and thousands of unfortunate civilians, doomed by their proximity vanished under the kinetic strikes. It was war, and we lost. Earth still had by far the bulk of the human population, its industry, even wounded, it was a giant. We fought hard, with all the ingenuity and spirit we had, but there were too many. One by one we fell before them.

A few of us managed to take ships, equipped with new, experimental drives capable of carrying beyond the speed of light and fled, taking whatever we could salvage with us, fleeing beyond Sol, ships on automatic pilot, bodies frozen in cryogenic coffins, set not to awaken us for five years of travel.

Resistance is over. Exile has begun.