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An Aberrant game about Novas who don't really fight crime and sort of just take advantage of their fabulous new powers to get rich and famous. Why are these people even hanging out?

Up to you!

Will probably nab a weekend timeslot.

Also: Probably sounds an awful lot like Rexberrant.


Use Aberrant Revised, as of the most current revision. Rules may change as they get updated by MJ.


  • Baseline Tier: Elite
  • Nova Tier: World Shakers
  • Sheets completed before the first session and worked over with the GM get 3 NP gratis.


  • Nova XP and Baseline XP are separate, although each session will give both at a baseline.
    • Extensive power use, successful powermaxes and taking taint or aggravated damage for more Quantum will (probably) reward more Nova XP.
    • Good roleplaying and extensive skill/ability use will reward Baseline XP.


Ms. Amazing
White Jade
Chang Ling
Clinton-Man-Clinton man, Clinton man. Does whatever Clinton can.