Exalted: Romance of the Dragon Kingdoms

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Romance of the Dragon Kingdoms

Useful Stuff

[Name Generator]

Remember, folks, your Exalts get 50 starting XP. You're not *total* newbies...you're just not the A-Team yet.

Addendum: We'll be starting in Nexus. Contact me on IRC to discuss a hook for your character to be there.

Addendum II: Silence needs to post his charsheet. Feel free to remind him if you see him active.


Forgotten Calm - BM - Chosen of Serenity
Jinn Zion-Cexaiha - Shrike - Night Caste
Whispering Scarlet Sunrise - Oseng - Twilight Caste


Endlessly Reflecting Mirror - high-level Chosen of Secrets

Spare Parts

Wandering Dreams - Oseng - Chosen of Journeys


Zeke = Any time after 1800 PST on weekdays and anytime on weekends.

BM = Any time after 5 pm EST, on weekdays. I would prefer at least a few day's notice to make arrangements.

Oseng = Any time after 6 PM central on weekdays or on the weekend. The only exceptions are Monday and Wednesday due to my university schedule, I will probably not be able to play on those two days. Like Bossmuff I would prefer a day or two's prior notice.