Exalted: Mal

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Next Session: Sometime next week.


Five Corners - The circle's unabashedly womanising lesbian Eclipse. Seems to split time between being Team Mom and Team Annoying Little Sister.
Resolute Orchid in Sparrow's Shadow - The circle's Serious Martial Artist. All Dawn caste, all Serious.
Wandering Amber - Mild Wyld mutant Night caste in search of his(!) lost love. A daiklaveman.

In the Last Episode of Exalted: Mal

The circle drove off some knights and men-at-arms of a nearby lord who were looking for escaped serfs. The serfs were from the next valley to the north and fleeing some vague superstitious sign about a plague breaking out next Calibration. The party appears to have declined to spelunk and are off to a city.


An offscreen village west of Potos. The elder's daughter (App ●●●) had her marriageability compromised by our very own Five Corners.

An unassuming large village of a couple hundred somewhere in the Hundred Kingdoms with the distinction of being the start location. (All good adventures start in Potos.) It has decent travellers' amenities like an inn-tavern, a smith, a market, horses and so on. The top village sweetheart is White Butterfly, the shoe-mender's daughter (App ●●●●).

Maze of Potos Spring
A weak (●) but very old manse in the forest a short distance south of the village of Potos at a natural spring thought to have holy properties by the locals. There are plenty of wells around, so the spring is a source of water only for special or festive occasions. The ground water forms a big sparkling blue pond (always wholesome no matter how many kids run around kicking up mud). The spot where it continually wells up is grown with water lilies. Behind this spot, is the tunnel leading to the manse, which takes the form of a circular stone maze under a hill. The maze's enchantments have worn down over the millenia, but still requires ten accumulated successes to solve, even for repeat visitors, although the manses hearthstone is (probably quite intentionally) a Labyrinthine Eye. The tunnels are narrow and short due to heavy silt buildup on the ground and the stone walls are covered in heavily worn engraving patterns. Its hearthroom is a circular chamber where ambient light continually ripples against the walls as if looking up at the surface of a pond from underwater. It has a vaulted ceiling and an opening leading to a cave system deeper underground. A long time ago, the entire maze and manse may have been underwater. Presently, the water level has fallen (partly from Fire season) so it is damp but dry and spiderwebs are thick all over.

Kiko Village
Another unassuming village on the path south from Potos towards Pandora. Hit by a smelly chimera.

House Rules

Melee Patches

Let's experiment! Subject to adjustment over time.

  • Regular and Reaper Daiklaves can be wielded in two hands for additional cool, gaining +1 to Damage, Defense, and Rate.

Base Stat Changes

  • Reaper Daiklaves have +2 Defense rather than +1.
  • Grim Cleavers have +1 Accuracy rather than +2.