Escape from Atlantis

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Welcome Gentle Beings! Welcome to the Arena, greatest attraction of this, the greatest Market in all the multiverse. I am your host, High Lord R'fell, the master of ceremonies for these games. Today we have many wonders before you. Brave warriors and strange beasts from across the myriad universes and dimension! Ready now to fight and to die for your amusement! We have a particularly fine selection for you, bought from many far shores. Place your bets, and remember that slaves and creatures similar to these are for sale in the market below. let the games begin!

Episode 1: The Arena of Doom

You have been kidnapped, perhaps by accident, perhaps by design. You may have stumbled through a random hole in reality or you may have been abducted by interdimensional slavers. Whatever the reason you have found yourself here, in great enchanted stone cells beneath some alien arena. In the fast approaching morning they will send you out onto the sand to be killed for the pleasure of the alien monsters that run this place.

Perhaps though, you can find a way to escape and return to your home. . . if you can survive The Arena of Doom


You have 17 points to divide between 5 attributes

Luck (Acts as fate points)

In addition to these you have two SPECIAL POWERS. This is a general form of ability that is specific to you. For instance you might have superhuman attributes, or come from a society with a very high level of technology and understanding of science. You might possess powerful magic or a tough hide or some other superpower. In general though, remember you got captured so don't make it too powerful.


((This is heavily based on Rifts, which is owned by Palladium just for copyright purposes cause Palladium is big on that))

Charlie (Screwball) - A phoenix who is very lost. Again.
Voja Kjata (Peel) - Confused college girl from the amazon space future.
The Explorer (BM) - Mind Flayer wizard-explorer, just on another adventure
Nyoom (Aeon) - Hyperactive pixie berserker.
Margot Fuller (Exhack) - A carbon-manipulating twentysomething from a dystopian world.