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Work for us and anything the world offers can be yours


How did the world go wrong? Was it inevitable? The result of too few resources and too many people? Or was it the result of human short-sightedness, greed and poor planning? Has it ever been any different? Has the softness of memory erased the war, the terrorism, the plague and horror and starvation of earlier time, leaving only a rose tinted illusion of better days?

Whatever the cause the chains of the past remain admantine, you can only try to live in the present. For many, that present is a bleak place. Despite great strides in technology, vast numbers of people live in poverty. War, disease, and political corruption are rife and life is often cheap and marginal.

With hope in short supply, you must grasp whatever of it you can find, even if it's strange. It's said that a network overlays the world, spreading through information systems and between people: Brahma. No one knows where the organization came from, no one is saying who is behind it, but many wish to join the network and give their time, labour and resources to it for a simple reason: It is said that those who work for Brahma will be granted any wish that is possible in the world.

You are amongst those lucky few who have been chosen for recruitment.

The World of 2050