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System Overview

Element Zero is a lightweight RPG ruleset for the Mass Effect universe. The following is some quick-and-dirty and probably non-systemic rule components.

All resolution is done via D20 dicepools, normally ranging from 1-6 dice.

The target number is determined by taking the item/skill/power's base target number and then applying modifiers to it, positive and negative. Correctly determining the base values is important.

The effect of each sux is variable - some things may provide more of a bonus than others.

Stats/training provide base dice pools, with some equipment adding or reducing dice pools.

Kinetic barriers = additional hit point buffer and target number penalties (deflection). Loosing shields means losing the deflection bonus.

Armor = multiplies hit points, acts as damage reduction after shields are penetrated.



Heavy Pistols

M-3 Predator
Manufactured by Elanus Risk Control, the Predator is valued as a powerful, deadly, and relatively inexpensive weapon. While it is not generally deployed in the military, due to commonality of kinetic barriers, it’s still very popular in the Terminus Systems where these defenses are less common.

Fire Mode: Snap (+0)
Accuracy: 10+
Damage: 3 (+1)
Doubles Barrier deflection penalty; inflicts -1 damage to Barriers.

M-6 Carnifex
The Carnifex is a favored sidearm of mercenary leaders and Eclipse mercenary tech specialists. An expensive but powerful weapon. Its marketing materials feature a charging krogan with the slogan, "Don't you wish Carnifex was at your side?"

Fire Mode: Snap (+0)
Accuracy: 12+
Damage: 5 (+1)
Doubles Barrier deflection penalty; inflicts -1 damage to Barriers.

Submachine Guns

M-4 Shuriken
As kinetic barriers have grown in popularity, so has the popularity of submachine guns. Manufactured by the Elkoss Combine, the Shuriken machine pistol has a reputation for being deadly and easy to use, but is weak against armor.

Fire Mode: Auto (+3)
Accuracy: 12+
Damage: 2 (+2)
Inflicts double damage to Barriers.

M-9 Tempest
The commonality of kinetic barriers has led to increased demand for rapid-fire weapons like the Tempest. Produced by Elanus Risk Control Services for the Eclipse mercenary band, the Tempest is an expensive but deadly addition to anyone’s personal arsenal.

Fire Mode: Auto (+4)
Accuracy: 13+
Damage: 2 (+2)
Inflicts double damage to Barriers.

Assault Rifles

M-8 Avenger
A common, versatile, military-grade assault rifle. Accurate when fired in burst shots, and deadly when fired on full auto. The Avenger is effective at penetrating shields, armor and biotic barriers. The modular design and inexpensive components of the Avenger make it a favorite of military groups and mercenaries alike. The Avenger has a reputation for being tough, reliable, easy to use, and easy to upgrade.

Fire Mode: Auto (+3)
Accuracy: 10+
Damage: 2 (+2)

M-15 Vindicator
Manufactured by Elanus Risk Control Services for the Blue Suns mercenary group, the Vindicator is quickly gaining popularity in the Terminus Systems.

Fire Mode: Auto (+1)
Accuracy: 12+
Damage: 3 (+3)

M-96 Mattock
The Mattock is a semi-automatic hybrid weapon with an assault rifle's low heat production and a sniper rifle's punch. Though it does not have a sniper rifle's precision scope, marksmen favor its increased power over that of an assault rifle to bring down hardened targets. Its lack of a full-auto setting is advertised as a feature rather than a shortcoming since it curbs a soldier's tendency to spray inaccurate fire under stress.

Fire Mode: Semi-Auto (+0)
Accuracy: 13+
Damage: 5 (+3)


Shotgun damage doubles for every success, with maximum damage equal to their damage cap.

M-23 Katana
Common military shotgun. Deadly at short range, but ineffective at long range. Very effective versus shields and biotic barriers, but weak versus armor. Manufactured by Ariake Technologies, the Katana is a common mercenary weapon, and is also popular on colonies with Varren infestations.

M-27 Scimitar
Manufactured by Ariake Technologies, the Scimitar features twin mass effect generators, giving it a more rapid rate of fire than a traditional shotgun. This weapon was created for the Eclipse mercenary band, but it is rapidly becoming popular with Blood Pack mercenaries as well.