Eclipse Phase: the bleeding edge

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Out beyond Neptune, at the very edge of the solar system, the sun is merely a bright star. In the darkness, rock, metal and frozen volatiles spin and turn through the void, following a clockwork that has existed since long before life on earth begun, and may exist long after.

It is more than twenty years since the Fall, when a singularity driven by rogue military AI consumed the old order on earth and Mars. Inside the orbit of Neptune, Cold War rages as the surviving powers compete for dominance of a world beyond the death of old certainties. Secret societies and byzantine conspiracies flourish as a social order that has never recovered from the Fall seeks to reassert itself. On Earth, remaining nations send out orders into the void they're too weak to enforce and cower amid the ruins of cyclopian machines they do not understand.

Rather than taking the risks of living in a major habitat threatened by war, outbreak or stranger things, a growing percentage of humanity is moving into smaller groups, old space ships, orbiters and the like which allow for an existence with a smaller group of trusted individuals, linked together by only informational pathways. They travel the edge of the system, only sometimes moving inwards to trade or pick people up.

You are a group of those individuals.


Ask the GM for the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Rulebook and generate as written. Do not worry about buying morphs or equipment as you will be able to gain them later on.


The edge of the system can be a harsh place, and forty years after the apocalyse you are all skilled people. You don't need to have planned everything up front, but up to three times a session you may "flashback" to to establish that you did something earlier. This possibly involves a short RP scene.


How well do you know your fellow crew? Each of you has a secret you haven't told the others. If you can't think of one, then the GM can give you a secret you don't even know about yourself.



You are a group of people who wish to escape the scramble and tyranny of the inner systems. Perhaps you are revolutionaries, perhaps you are criminals. Either way you have pursued the idea of escaping the inner system for a while. Now, a way out presents. You have discovered telemetry coming from an old, pre-fall station named Outer Transit 998, operated by the Kenyan government. OT998 is known to have survived the war uninfected by Titan corruption, as part of the Kenyan Blackout which saved much of their technological infrastructure. Unlike most of these systems, which were brought back online by AF-12, OT998 failed to reactivate, now however, one of you group (choose who) has found a way to remotely activate it.

The station shows that there is a resleeving facility on site, as well as several space craft large enough to carry a group of friends like yourself to a new life in dock. All you need to do is transmit your consciousnesses out to the facility and claim them.