Director Xavier Crane

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A former instructor at Ares Hall, Xavier Crane had officially retired from the service to write history and take care of his family. That was not entirely true - he was supervising certain projects where the UN wanted to keep some distance established and plausible deniability.

Now, with AEGIS on the move, he is heading back into the saddle.


  • Captain Dan Escorda - A former protege turned intelligence advisor. He often takes field command of intel ops.
  • Katelyn Crane - His adopted daughter and strategic advisor. Her past is somewhat mysterious, but her insight into matters is often priceless.
  • CPO Wanda Nowicki - One of the Janissaries that he personally helped train and raise, this Espatier views Director Crane like a father, and he considers her part of his family. Technically, she's his bodyguard, but she provides detailed

Task Force

The UN forces are being assembled under the command of Admiral Eli Maxwell.

Starbase System:


  • Ares Hall
  • Long ARM
  • Espatiers