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Aleph Abilities

As a character's Aleph potential increases, they can unlock an increasing number of abilities and will have more mental energy to use their powers. Alephs have an aleph point pool and a number of ability slots equal to their power level. Aleph points are fully regenerated every session for the time being.


  • Powers will probably scale with Aleph level more.
  • Rebalance cost of ability slots vs enhanced ability vs Aleph power level.

Ability List

Abilities require expending an aleph point to use unless specified as a passive ability. Some cost more than a single slot. Additional slots can be bought with CP/XP on the usual scale (1, 3, 6, 10 etc). Subject to rebalancing.

Enhanced Ability

Some Alephs have unusually narrow repetoirs but are extremely powerful at what they do. This costs no slots on its own but doubles the slot cost of another ability. Generally speaking, an enhanced ability is doubled in intensity or otherwise scaled up in effectiveness in a logical fashion and ignores any vague qualifiers specified in the effect in your favour.

Newtype Flash

When in immediate mortal danger, even when unaware or only vaguely aware of it, you may suddenly get the instinct to dodge, get out of the way, or otherwise remove yourself from danger instinctively. Once per turn, you may spend 1 aleph to shift the damage class of a hit down by one.

Trick Shooting

Channel aleph powers into killer instinct causing critical damage with a hit you've made. This can also be used to shoot down x (based on perception?) enemy funnels.

Limit Break

Everyone can go a bit beyond their usual their abilities with an adrenaline rush. This goes way further. When in desperate straits, you can really push yourself way beyond what you ought to be able to manage, to the extent you may well seriously damage your physical body. Stock footage of a seed exploding into a rainbow optional. Spend 1 aleph to gain an immediate full action.

Body Control

You can meditate and fortify your body with your own psychic potential, letting you purge your body of poisons, heal at an accelerated rate and go without air, food or water for extended periods of time. Spend 1 aleph per turn or all your aleph for a scene. If you are injured without an obviously gigantic, plot-related or crippling wound, you can give up aleph regeneration once and just wake up covered in bandages that fixed everything.

Peak Senses

By concentrating, you gain a momentary level of peak human awareness. Once per scene, you may spend 1 aleph point on any roll of Perception you ask for and get a natural 20.

Spatial Awareness

You have tremendously heightened spatial awareness. Pay 1 aleph and halve all penalties from being attacked by multiple enemies or weapons systems. Alternatively, given the requisite physical capacity and weapons systems, you can launch effective all range attacks to apply this penalty onto enemies.

High Level Control

You are exceptionally talented with controlling and receiving feedback from machine interfaces. Doubles the number of funnels you can effectively control (from around 6 per Sazabi or nu-Gundam to the 10+ class) and opens the way for piloting mobile armours.

Suppressed Presence

Passive ability to hide your presence. You can make your quantum brainwaves more difficult to detect, even by other Alephs and having a high Aleph level makes you less noticeable instead of more. This is often a mark of an Aleph who is fundamentally shut-in or afraid.

Aggressive Pressure

You propogate an intense aura of killing intent/will to fight. This manifests as a feeling of pressure felt by other Alephs and may make even make your mono-eye glint more than usual or normal people feel uneasy if it's especially strong.

Empathic Detection

You resonate empathically with other Alephs in a particularly strong manner. You can usually feel one if he or she is nearby, although being around other Alephs regularly may provide some cover from your senses. You may also be able to judge their moods or emotions. Passive ability.

Mind Trick

These are not the droids you're looking for. After you interact with someone and spend 1 aleph, their immediate next 2d10 judgement roll comes up with a result of their Clarity + Aleph (An average human is going to get 1-3). If attempting to use on multiple targets, they stack Clarity. Well designed systems meant to prevent human error (such as nuclear reactor controls) should be considered to grant significant bonus Clarity.

Char's Allure

Minimum Aleph: 4
Requires Empathic Detection
Newtypes tend to be drawn to one another but Alephs respond to you particularly strongly. GM interpretation applies but mechanically, this could be considered a natural 20 for a roll of personal magnetism. Only works on Alephs.


Minimum Aleph: 5
Requires Empathic Detection
You can communicate telepathically with other Alephs, and at higher levels, all humans, and finally, anything that has a mind.

Empathic Manipulation

Minimum Aleph: 5
Requires Empathic Detection
You can manipulate the emotions of those around you, reinforcing the words or actions of you or others. For an additional slot, you can affect greater numbers. You can calm a crowd with a reasonable speech, or inflame them with a rousing diatrabe.


Minimum Aleph: 6
Requires Empathic Manipulation or Telepathy
You can cloud the minds of others, filling them with the cotton-candy confectionaries of their wildest dreams or darkest nightmares.

Inspirational Aura

Minimum Aleph: 6
Requires Empathic Manipulation or Telepathy
Your merest presence kindles the fighting spirit in those around you, giving sheep the courage of lions. Scales up based on Aleph level.

Mental Domination

2 slots
Minimum Aleph: 8
Requires Empathic Manipulation or Telepathy
With just the power of your will you can enforce your thoughts upon others, though this is taxing, tiring, requires physical contact and can result in nasty psychic backlashes.


2 slots
Minimum Aleph: 7
Out and out scrying. This may or may not be a voluntary, controllable thing, but you can sense events with amazing acuity without being anywhere near them.