Chaos and Conspiracy

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It is the year 20XX. A global world. A closed world. There is no getting out of it. New technology has continued to transform the way we live, to improve human minds and human bodies. To create greater and greater inequalities. Humans have mixed themselves with machines, have engineered their genes, have replaced their blood and bone with nanotechnology. Each new technology costs. Every augment is a debt. A debt born into the very person.

As technology accelerates, society seems to have degraded. New forms of economic management fail to appear, and poor people become more and more desperate. Terrorist groups, revolutionary militias and fanatical cults perpetuate. The middle classes of society are equally desperate, faced with a constant struggle simply to stay where they are, with an increasing amount of wealth owed to providers and maintainers of augmentation, it is hard to rise, and increasingly easy to fall.

For those who, by bad luck fall between the cracks opportunities become have become fewer, and stranger. People do things they would not previously have considered.

You are augmented young people who have just had that happen. Through bad luck, bad augmentation choice and a crash in the bond market while you were in the final stages of your education, you are unemployable now however, you have been made a strange offer.

White Arrow

White Arrow is not where you would have thought to be employed. They are a perennial parent group, a corporation that binds other corporations together. Not uncommon, but few have such a business. White Arrow is a military and security service provider. A PMC, mercenaries. Entities under their control provide a clearing house for nano-refresh troops to fight for the European Union in North Africa and the Middle East, replace corrupt police forces in North America. They are body guards to Chinese businessmen and Russian oligarchs. The world is full of dangers, and White Arrow are among the foremost in the field who profit from dealing with them.

You'd vaguely heard about them before. MSSPs are not popular, even if they are becoming an increasingly vital part of the modern world. Certainly, you never thought you'd be recruited for such a place. You just weren't that kind of person.

You're desperate though, and so you've sent them an offer.

But there is, as ever, more to it than that.


There is something in your past that would mean you would not get the job, even as you were desperate for it. Maybe you were in a student group in college with the wrong politics. Maybe some of your qualifications or augmentations were a bit too non-standard. A company like White Arrow only accepts certain people. You were desperate enough to apply anyhow however. Maybe they wouldn't notice. They're the only people not demanding two years experience.

A few days before your interview, you received an email from an anonymous source. The sender, who called themselves twenty, are widely known on the net. They have exposed various massive corporate and political frauds. Now, they have made you an offer. If you will infiltrate White Arrow and report back on certain facts, they will erase those things in your past which would prevent your employment. You have been put in contact with one another, and told to work together as a cell

As the game opens, you are about to meet.


On its way