Call of Cthulhu: Big in the 80s

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There are those who stand between the darkness and the light. Those who oppose the dread inevitability of the return of the Old Ones.

You are not one of those people.

You are those who have found out the dark secrets that lie behind the skin of the world and found them oddly comforting. You are ones who have looked out at the great terror of the Old Ones and found a light within it. Something that can be worshipped. Not simply the self serving imaginings of priests and emperors.

You are Cultists.


It's 1989, you are a resident of a small coastal town in Japan with a terrible secret. Something is buried under the town, a Princess of one of the ancient, godlike races from before humankind existed. You, and those like you, serve her, and protect her tomb, fearful of the day when she will rise once again, and hoping that in that time your devotion will mean something. For many years you have made ritual devotes to the Princess and she has stayed in her tomb, occasionally granting you boons, and the knowledge to trade with the Deep Ones off the coast.

Recently, someone new has come to the town and seeks to upset the balance of what was before.

Character Creation

Build a character from here. Your stress is irrelevant. You have already accepted the true nature of the world. Contact me and we can talk about spells that you may know.

To replace skills you would get from being educated at Saint Yves, you gain education x4 to spend on whatever you want that is justified by your character idea.