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I'm looking to coordinate a CK2 MP game. If you're interested in joining, put your name, the times you'd be free to play and the expansions you have below. I'm looking to run it on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday on account of work, but other times are a possibility.

Screwball: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday any time (GMT), possibly others. All Expansions.
100thlurker: Any day of the week, any time (EDT). Not interested in Old Gods or Sunset Invasion.
Norseman: Any day of the week, any time (GMT) so long as it's not between 3AM and 10AM. I have all expansions but would prefer to start in 1066.
Exterminatus: Sunday, Saturday, Friday preferably. Can do other days relatively short. 3:00 (PST/PDT) is the best time or when I log onto the chat. All Expansions.
Silence/Koffee: Saturday is probably the best bet for me. All expansions.