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Character Sheets


Name: Marius Hanaar
Profession: Arcanotechnician
Virtue: Imaginative
Flaw: Cruel

Agility: 4
Intellect: 10
Perception: 8
Presence: 4
Strength: 4
Tenacity: 8

Actions: 1 Action
Movement: 7 mph (17/4 ypt)
Orgone: 14
Reflex: 7
Vitality: 11
Drama Points: 10

Skill Points: 22
Language - English: Expert (free)
Literacy - English: Expert (2)
Regional Knowledge: Novice (Free)
Education: Adept (1)
Munitions - Energy Weapons: Adept (3)
Technician - Computer Systems: Adept (3)
Arcanotechnician - D Engines: Adept (3)
Occult: Adept (3)
Dodge: Novice (2)
Marksman: Novice (2)
Artist: Student (1)

Egghead - Arcanotechnician (2)
Common Sense (2)
Authority: (1)


Code: I will not lie, I always keep my word (1) (This unit has suffered too much from lies and distrust- no more)
Big Ego: Believes the work he does to be far more important then who get stepped on in the process (1)
Duty: 2 (The Military)
Fanatical: 1 (They deserve to know the truth, I won't coddle them)
Watched: 3 (The Arcane is a subtle, maddening force, whether in engineering or the greater universe)

AR Eyeglass Monitor Display
Wireless Communication Earpiece
Portable Holo-Interface Unit
Hornet SI Sidearm

Magick (3 cheat):

Ward Against Sorcery
Ward of Corporeal Protection
Eldrich Faculties


Given Name: Asami
Family Name: Kuge
Allegiance: NEG
Mecha Pilot
Concept: energetic and cheerful young pilot
Virtue: Energetic
Flaw: crazy

Agility 8
Intellect 5
Perception 8 (3 Cheat)
Presence 5
Strength 5
Tenacity 6

Skills (2 Cheats)
Armed Fighting Novice
Athletics Novice (Acrobatics)
Fighting Novice
Dodge Adept (Mecha)
Languages English Adept
Language Japanese Adept
Literacy Novice
Marksman Adept (Mecha)
Observation Novice
Pilot Adept (Mecha)
Regional Knowledge Novice
Support Weapon Novice
Medicine Novice
Savoir Faire Novice
Survival Novice

Qualities Alluring 3 (1 Cheat)
Fast 2
Wealth 1
Driven 2
Authority 1

Damaged 2 (Friends dragged off by Deep Ones)
Duty 2
Manic 2
Phobia 2 (Deep Ones)
Vengeful 2 (a JSDF General)

Secondary Stats
Actions 2
Movement 15 MPH
Orgone 10
Reflex 8
Vitality 10
Drama Points 10

Equipment: Standard pilot equipment
An MP15-9
A laptop
A Cell Phone
A locket containing pictures of her dead friends

Mecha: Storm


Atticus Kane
Virtues: Courageous, vengeful
Concept: The Sword that Slices Evil (NEG Mecha pilot)

Agility 7
Intellect 7
Perception 7
Presence 3
Strength 5
Tenacity 7

Actions: 7
Movement: 6
Orgone: 10
Reflex: 7
Vitality: 10

Drama points: 10
Fearless Points: 2

Skills 6 cheat skill points
Armed Fighting: 3 1 (focus on Mecha Close Quarters and personal swords or whatever)
Athleticism: 2
Dodge: 3
Computer: 1
Communications: 1
Intimidation: 2
Fighting: 2
Observation: 2
Marksman: 3*
Pilot: 3*
Support Weapons: 1
Survival: 1
Plus the free skills

Code: 3
Keep thy word, accept any challenge, protect the downtrodden and the needy, avenge personal insults, avenge deaths of friends and love ones, never turn a back on friend in need.
Truly Honest: 2

Authority: 2
Fearless: 2
Alluring: 1

Mecha: Gladius
1 Katana (composite)
1 Sentrytech MKV armor
1 Cellphone


Vanessa Lindisfarne
Profession: Mech Pilot
Virtue: Courageous
Flaw: Impatient
Concept: Never give up, never surrender!

Actions: 2
Movement: 13 mph (32/8 ypt)
Reflex: 8
Orgone: 11
Vitality: 11
Drama Points: 10 (+2 Fearless, +2 Driven)

Insanity: 0


Agility: 8
Intellect: 5
Perception: 8
Presence: 3
Strength: 4
Tenacity: 8

Skills: 34 (20+2 human +12 cheats)

Armed Fighting- Adept
Athletics- Novice
Communicaitons- Student
Dodge- Adept, mecha focus
Fighting- Novice
Languages (English)- Expert
Literacy: Novice
Marksman- Adept, mecha focus
Observation- Adept
Pilot- Adept
Regional Knowledge: Novice
Support Weapons- Novice
Survival- Student


Authority- 1
Acute senses (sight)- 2
Driven- 2
Fearless- 2
Fast- 2
High Pain Threshold- 3
Latent Parapsychic- 4

Duty- 2
Fanatical- 3 (unhesitatingly wiling to die in defence of Earth and the NEG)
Skinny- 2


CS-40 Defender

Sentrytech MKV armour

Broadsword mech


Although a native of Britain, Vanessa Lindisfarne has not been home for some years, having been posted all over the world by the NEG. This is not something she objects to; although physically unimpressive, she is absolutely determined to do her part in the defence of humanity, overcoming physical tests that she by all rights should have failed by sheer grit and determination (and, perhaps, a mild subconcious manifestation of somatic parapsychics). This fanatical dedication to the cause has not waned, and Vanessa can usually be counted upon to be one of the first in and the last out of combat.

This devotion, while in many respects a desirable thing, certainly has an adverse effect on her social life; many people feel awkward around zealots, and conversely, those zealots are unable to fathom a viewpoint that is not their own. Moreover, Vanessa is not a particularly attractive woman in the first place; although not ugly, she is gaunt and unappealingly skinny.


Name: Michael Olav
Allegiance: NEG
Profession: Mecha Pilot
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Arrogance

Attributes: 35 pts + 3 pts (6 cheats)

Secondary Attributes:
2 Actions
Speed 27/6 ypt
Orgone 11
Reflex 6
Vitality 11
Drama Points: 10

Skills: 22 pts + 9 pts + Free

Language Skills: 3 pts
English: Expert (Free)
Chinese: Adept (3 pts)

Academic Skills: 5 pts
Literacy: Adept (1 pt)
Regional Knowledge: Novice (Free)-North Carolina, Hong Kong
Computer: Student (1 pt)
Education: Student (1 pt)
Medicine: Student (1 pt)
Persuade: Student(1 pts)

Military-Related Noncombat Skills: 10 pts
Armorer: Student (1 pt)
Athletics: Novice (2 pts)
Communications: Student (1 pt)
Survival: Novice (2 pts)
Stealth: Novice (2 pts)
Observation: Novice (2 pts)

Combat Skills: 13 pts
Armed Fighting: Novice (2 pts)
Dodge: Adept (3 pts)
Marksman: Adept (3 pts)
Fighting: Adept (3 pts)
Support Weapons: Novice (2 pts)

Assets: -1 skill pts
Authority: Lance Corporal (1)

Drawbacks: +10 skill pts
Dark Secret (1): Yeah that was a pretty fucked up training exercise. They hushed it up because they needed every soldier they could, but if someone found out, there'd be a lot of hatred and lawsuits coming his way.
Duty (2): Mecha pilot.
Code (2): I cannot fail in my service. I cannot turn my backs on my comrades. I will leave no one behind for the enemy.
Ineptitude (Medicine) (2): Well, this in part explains why that ended up so FUBAR.
Fanatical (3): I signed up for the defense of humanity, and I will accomplish that with my life if necessary. My life means nothing when there are billions of lives at stake.

Total Cheats: 6 (6 used)

Equipment: Sentrytech Mk. V Armor, Composite Combat Knife, RMG-14 Heavy SMG w/laser sight, Silenced UT-9 Stinger, Claymore Mecha

Background: Michael Olav signed up for special operations training when he joined the military, and looked like he'd have succeeded in getting into that, but a horrific training accident that the investigation showed was his fault killed that career. With too much bad blood in that area, but a need for additional men and materiel on every front, the investigating board sealed their records and reassigned him to another unit.

As a mecha pilot Michael is driven-some would say fanatical-but people wonder why someone with such an array of skills and no obvious mental flaws has been repeatedly passed up for promotion and why he doesn't seem to be at all happy about his lot in life.

Total XP: Dead
Unspent XP:


Kamishirasawa Kaede
Kaede is the heiress of a large industrial foundation and her allowance alone makes her a millionaire. She is obsessed with mecha and therefore became a mecha pilot but ironically hates the majority of those in service today because they are so ugly. She used her influence to get a BAE Sutherland specifically imported for her use. Though rather flaky seeming on the surface, she can be a serious and mature soldier, a good pilot and shooter, and has a knack for being observant. Once done with piloting, she intends to become a mecha designer. Kaede is quite anorexic and feeds mostly on dietary supplements.

Profession: Mecha Pilot Total XP
Unspent XP

Agility: 7
Intellect: 7
Perception: 7
Presence: 7
Strength: 3
Tenacity: 5

Actions: 2
Movement: 5
Orgone: 11
Reflex: 7
Vitality: 9
Drama: 0

Skills: 33+2 specializations
Artist: 3 (Otaku; specializing Mecha Modeling)
Athletics: 1
Computer: 1
Education: 1
Feat (Agility): 3 (free)
Hobby: 3 (Mecha Models; Dieting; Craft Disturbing Image)
Language (English): 1
Language (Japanese): 4 (free)
Literacy: 2 (1 free point)
Misdirect: 3
Observation: 3
Performance: 1
Pilot: 3
Regional Knowledge: 1 (Japan) (free)
Savoir Faire: 1
Trivia: 1 (Anime; specializing in Mecha)

Armed Fighting: 1
Dodge: 3
Fighting: 3
Marksman: 3

Assets/Drawbacks: 0
+2 Alluring
+2 Authority
+4 Elite
+2 Wealth

-2 Ineptitude: Armed Fighting
-2 Skinny
-2 Compulsive Behaviour: Pills
-2 Tired
-2 Duty: Military

BAE RPI13 Sutherland
Size: Tiny

Control Response (Agility) +1
Sensors (Perception): 0
Frame (Strength): 2 (-1 damage)
Multi Task Systems: (Actions): 0
Warning Systems (Reflex): 0

Sensor Systems
Broadband Audio
Radar/IFF Targeting (+1)
Ejector System
Life Support
Manipulator Arms
Jump Pods

Ground Speed 60mph (148/36 ypt)
Acceleration Code C [2/2]
Jumping Distance [10/5]
Enhanced Land Speed (double)

Integrity 5
Armour 1/1
Damage Control Systems 1/turn

Weapon Systems
2 Stun Tonfa (small)
2 Slash Hawks (Treat as Tentacle Sheathe)
Carried weapon – Small Charge Beam


Ogadai Naranbaatar


Growing up among the ranks of Mongolia's dwindling rural castes in the wake of the last global war, and coming of age amidst the chaos of the alien landings which so suddenly swept away everything north of his country's borders, Naranbaatar enlisted in the rapidly ballooning Mongolian army. Propped up with Chinese lend-lease, the armed forces grew to a level of disproportionate militarism unseen since the Mongol Empire.

Naran's quick fingers, small frame, and experience keeping ancient vehicles rolling over the steppes made him a quick choice for Armor. After a brief period as an enlisted gunner, his talent running a tank has granted him a commission, and far more authority than he has the brains to rightly command.

He has an eager demeanor, and is famed for being a bit too wired by nature. He took to drinking to compensate for his energetic nature, and has trouble functioning without a hip flask to keep his nerves dulled enough to function.

Virtue: Nimble

Flaw: Inexperienced

Agility 6
Intellect: 6
Perception: 8
Presence: 4
Strength: 4
Tenacity: 8

Actions: 2
Movement: 11 mph
Orgone: 12
Reflex: 8
Vitality: 11
Drama: 10

Skills: (30 + 2 specs)
Armoring - 1
Athletics - 2
Communications - 1
Computer - 1
Demolitions - 1
History - 1
Language: Mongolian - 4
Language: English - 2
Language: Mandarin - 2
Munitions - 2
Pilot - 3 (AFVs / AG vecs / trucks) (spec: tanks)
Survival - 1
Technician - 3
Armed Fighting - 1
Fighting - 2
Marksman - 3 (spec: tank guns)
Dodge - 3
Literacy- 2
Regional Knowledge: Outer Mongolia 2

Fast - 2
Wary - 2
Authority (Mongolia Defense Forces - Armor) - 3

Habit - Alcoholism -2
Duty -2

All Cheats: 12 more skills



Yuki Fuji
Rank: Lieutenant, NEG, XXIV Mobile Assault Corps.
Profession: Xamel Pilot
Total XP
Unspent XP
Virtue: Honest
Flaw: Gloomy

Agility: 7
Intellect: 6
Perception: 8
Presence: 5
Strength: 4
Tenacity: 6

Actions: 2
Movement: 6
Orgone: 10
Reflex: 6
Vitality: 10
Drama: 10

Armed Fighting: 1
Athletics: 1
Fighting: 1
Dodge: 3 (Mecha)
Hobby (cooking): 1
Language (English): 4
Language (Portugese): 2
Language (Japanese): 1
Literacy: 2
Marksman: 3 (mecha)
Observation: 2
Pilot: 3
Regional Knowledge: 2 (Brazil)
Support Weapons: 3
Survival: 1
Trivia: 1

Luck x2
Authority 3
Commendation 1 - Pusan Campaign Medal
Famous Incident 1 - part of the force covering the evacuation from Pusan.
Duty 2
Slow Healing
Debt 1

6x TACMS missile pods - 200 km range

Hex packs; multiple smaller missiles
1x Shimmer-III SAM
6x FIM-150 Stinger
6x RPG-27esque

Current loadout
2x RPG pods
1x Stinger pod


Cheng Li


Born in the overcroweded Dalian Arcology, Li is but one of a long line of soldiers of the Cheng family. Upon reaching the age of majority he enlisted in the Chinese army, opting for training as a mounted-infantry officer. His assignment to the 501st Motor-Rifle Division proved to be a mixed blessing, allowing him to accrue experience fighting along the Manchurian front, but has left him a bloodthirsty leader of men.

Virtue: Courageous

Flaw: Violent

Profession: Soldier

Agility 7
Intellect: 6
Perception: 8
Presence: 4
Strength: 4
Tenacity: 8

Actions: 2
Movement: 11 mph
Orgone: 12
Reflex: 8
Vitality: 11
Drama: 10

Skills: (30 + 2 specs)
Observation - 1
Athletics - 2
Communications - 1
Computer - 1
Demolitions - 1
History - 1
Language: Mongolian - 2
Language: English - 2
Language: Mandarin - 2
Munitions - 2
Pilot - 2 (AFVs / AG vecs / trucks)
Survival - 1
Technician - 3
Armed Fighting - 3 (spec: infantry battle rifles)
Fighting - 3
Marksman - 4 (spec: infantry battle rifles)
Dodge - 3
Literacy- 2
Regional Knowledge: Northern China/Manchuria 2

Fast - 2
Wary - 2
Authority (People's Liberation Army - Infantry) - 4

Habit - Alcoholism -2
Duty -2

All Cheats: 12 more skills



Name: Sergei “The Sybarite” Dolokhov Age: 36 Allegience: NEG Profession: Intelligence Agent (Combat Scout/Contract Employee) Virtue: Optimistic Flaw: Irreverent

Fleeing the destruction of his homeland, Dolokhov found himself in Southern China and ended up as a contract sniper for the NEG military and intelligence forces. He has served both in straightforward combat capacities and as a more freelance, less traceable operative.

Dolokhov is open about his opinion of the Aeon War and the invasion of the Migou – he regards both as an unmixed blessing, lifting him out of the un-heroic drudgery of modern life. He visibly enjoys every aspect of his life – from long days staked out with his rifle hunting enemies to his hectic, high-profile, hedonistic off-duty life in Shanghai.

Agility – 9
Intelligence – 4
Perception – 9
Presence – 4
Strength – 4
Tenacity – 8
(+1 human, +2 cheats)

Actions – 3
Movement – 6 (11 mph)
Orgone - 11
Reflex – 7
Vitality - 11
Drama Points - 10

Skills (20 pts)
Armorer – 1
Athletics – 2
Demolitions (Booby Traps) – 1
Language (Russian) – 4 (free)
Language (English) – 2 (not free)
First Aid – 1
Observation – 1
Regional Knowledge (Moscow – European Russia) – 2 (free)
Streetwise – 1
Stealth – 2
Survival – 2

Combat Skills
Fighting (Kung Fu) – 2
Dodge – 2
Marksman (Sniper Rifle) – 3

Assets (5)
Acute Sight
Night Vision

Drawbacks (5)
Dark Secret (3)
Habit (2)

Night Vision Goggles
Binoculars w/ Compass
Wireless Comm Earpiece
Medkit w/ Bioscanner
SSG-6000 (High Power UV Scope, Laser Sights)
M-6 Pistol Grip Shotgun
Sentrytech Mk IV Light Armor