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'The City', Cazador-on-Thule. Built over (and eventually consuming) the vast aqueducts built by the ancient Thule empire that flow into the parched Umlauss lowlands. Second, but largest, city of the young Umlauss Republic, full of fresh glassbox skyscrapers growing like crystalline fungus on the cavernous redbrick of centuries past. Home to CHALICE, secret paramilitary organisation funded by the black budget of the Reizei Conglomerate, with a remit to protect humanity against the horrors that still stalk the night.

A miniseries. Genres: action, (body) horror, splatterpunk. Looking for four or so who can make 9 GMT.

Character Creation

Setting is 'Yharnam in 2020'. Characters are crack monster hunters. They do not need to be human, but nonhumans will be mistrusted and kept on a short leash, possibly literal. To compete with the horrors of the night, humans use blood-based combat drugs. Magic and the like exists, but for PCs (and particularly humans) should be fairly low-key. Consider having a magic tool rather than doing it yourself.

You have 25 points (max 10 each) to divide between:

  • Power is your physical might. You roll it to do damage with appropriate attacks, move objects and jump gaps.
  • Finesse is your reflexes and small-scale precision. You roll it to hit with most attacks.
  • Agility is your speed and mobility. You roll it for evasion and some movement.
  • Stamina is your toughness. You roll it for resisting poisons and pain and so on. Max hp is Stamina x2.
  • Insight is your ability to perceive the world around you and see through the mists of confusion.

Additionally you have 5 points to assign to:

  • Skills are specialities with a rating from 1 to 3, such as 'sniper rifles' or 'bluffs'. They add dice when relevant, and may be needed for some tasks. You have 5 points to distribute.

And everyone starts with 5 Blood:

  • Blood is your supply of the specially treated blood for transfusion that allows humans to surpass normal limits. It diminishes with use but can be replenished. Using a point of blood drops the target number to 3, and must be declared ahead of time.

Everyone has two Special Features, be they a special tool (a sacred sword), a special skill (blood alchemy), or a special ability (monstrous regeneration).


President Rin Reizei (NPC)

Inheritor of the Reizei Conglomerate, and reviver of CHALICE which had become defunct under her late father. A blood magus from a powerful line, committed to defending humanity against the darkness.

Chino Matsuri (NPC)

Reizei's secretary.

CHALICE Operatives (NPC)

Bridge bunnies and goons with guns. Well-trained, with five dice in their field of expertise.

Mary Silverwood

You have 25 points (max 10 each) to divide between:

  • Power 6
  • Finesse 4
  • Agility 4
  • Stamina 7
  • Insight 4
  • Skills
MMA: 2
Well Read 2
Socialite 1

5 Blood

  • Special Features:
Superhuman Strength 5 autosuccesses on a strength or damage roll.
Supernatural Regeneration passive regaine 1 HP/round
Echo of Whisperer


Not the leader.

Power 3
Finesse 5
Agility 6
Stamina 3
Insight 8

Blood: 0/5
Old Blood: 1/3

Underworld Connections 1
Manipulation 1
Thule Lore 1
CHALICE Secrets 1
Stealth 1

Special Features
Shadow Walker - Adds 1-3 autosux to stealth attempts.
Eldritch Sense - Adds a new sense.
Feline - Now a catgirl!

Operative "Scarecrow"

A vetran CHALICE soldier and instructor. Known for slipping into deranged rants and war stories halfway through his lectures. Accumulated so many war wounds that he is essentially made of prostheses by now. Powered by blood alchemy, more or less looks like a knight in a black trenchcoat by now. How much flesh is exactly left in there, nobody knows, but it turns out you can stuff a lot of weapons in there. Likes this job a lot. Like, a lot. Disturbingly single-minded sometimes. (well, a lot of times)

  • Power 7
  • Finesse 2
  • Agility 1
  • Stamina 9
  • Insight 6
  • Skills
Automatics 2
Explosives 1
Squad Command 1
Blood Theory 1

5 Blood

  • Special Features:
Walking Arsenal
Walking (Artificial) Tank
  • Scarecrow NEO - High Mobility Chassis "ARCLIGHT"
  • Power: 4
  • Finesse: 5
  • Agility: 6
  • Stamina: 4
  • Insight: 6

Ylem Barmecide Atticsalt


Power 5
Finesse 5
Agility 5
Stamina 5
Insight 5

Blood: 5/5


Swordsmanship 3 - Unity of self and weapon.
Athleticism 1 - Robust physical training.
Pyrotechnica 1 - Understanding of fire and related natural phenomenon.

Special Features

Exequies-in-Phlogiston Sword - Funerary weapon ignites blood as if it were gasoline.
Hypersonic Fire Glide


Players list what days they can regularly make 9 or 10 GMT here:

  • FBH: All
  • Holle: All but Fridays (when I GM) and Thursdays (during Jardin sessions)
  • Mal: 10 GMT for all except when up for SP. 9 GMT friday and saturday only