Black Pearl Gate

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God is dead and the cosmos is collapsing. The remnants cling to existence around the gate of black pearl that stands at the centre of the universe. Through it there is the final resting place of God and His creations. None who have entered have ever returned, but still people do. Some in pursuit of a way to rebuild. Some in pursuit of answers before the lights go out. Some hoping to find a new world. Some in pursuit of a better end than slowly crumbling to nothing on the near side. Now, four five last are entering, the last great warriors and sages of the heavenly city. What will they find, and what will they do?

A series of four or five sessions, inspired by Lightning Returns, D* Souls, and the Epic Level Handbook and Immortals' Handbook 3.5 supplements.

Character Creation

Legendary heroes, all. The whole cosmos is collapsing down to the zero point, so you might be from anywhere or anywhen in the universe.

  • Description: What is it like to encounter you?
  • Attributes: 20 points to spread between base stats. Resolution is stat + d20.
    • Might: Your physical power.
    • Skill: Your speed and finesse.
    • Intellect: The power of your mind and the extent of your knowledge.
    • Integrity: The rigour and grounding of your principles. Resists mental attacks and the dissolution of mind.
    • Each stat has a quality, actions in accordance with your quality gain a +2 bonus.
  • Miraculous Power: How did you shape the world, when it existed?
    • Pick a field of phenomena that you can modify, and how you do it. Think Mage spheres.
  • Mythic Artefacts: What relics of the world that was do you still carry?
    • Describe two artefacts. They grant a +2 bonus when used for an appropriate task, and also have a single specific power that you can use.
  • Background: Specify these to add flavour.
    • Principles: There is little to stand on now except what you find in yourself. What are those things, if any?
    • Legends: What mighty deeds did you do? Do the stories match the reality?
    • Regrets: What have you done that you wish you hadn't? What didn't you do that you wish you had?
    • Memories: What do you remember, even now it has gone?
    • Reasons: Why are you entering the Gate?