Black Crusade

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Game Information

Test game sometime in November, ATM.

Games on Thursday.
First game on 1st December

Game resumes in Janurary after Christmas Break

Too play the game you'll need a copy of the Core rules of Black Crusade.

Character Coordination/Meeting

November 20th Sunday.

The Black Crusade

The player characters are those who either defied the rotting Imperium of Man and its carrion God-Emperor. Apostates, Heretics, Renegades, traitor Marines. Or perhaps they are those who never stood beneath the Tyranny of the Imperium, a dominion that squeezes the galaxy in the the dying grip of still immense strength. But all these people, mutants or superhuman warriors, thrive, die, and achieve glory outside the bounds of Imperial Space. And quite often within the Imperium despite the efforts of the Carrion-God's deluded followers. Here, around one of the Great Warp Storms that plague the Galaxy, you have come. Perhaps you have never left, and perhaps you had never expected to stay. Welcome to the Screaming Vortex.


Slavers Point
Slavers begun its life as a proud Imperial Cruiser; sometime during the Heresy the Virtue of Man was brought low in events none now remember. Drifting through the warp, wracked with the torments of daemons and a crew gone mad, its broken hulk was discovered generations later embedded in an ancient asteroid, mined out in some eon past. Soon the wreck and asteroid became Slavers Point; a collection of fleshmarkets, bloodsport arenas, and a secure docking and layover point for the piratical fleets that from time to time take shelter from the Holy Fleet within the Screaming Vortex. Ruled under the iron fist of the Anointed of the Taloned Brotherhood.


The Taloned Brotherhood


-Currently no character limitations. There will be a character meeting at some point to coordinate concepts.

Jehzebel Bara-Shelardi Naamellex - Dark Eldar peddler in trinkets.
Finial Frastus - Renegade space pirate in pursuit of immortality.
Casmirre Aphesius - Enigmatic Chaos Sorcerer, and devoted follower of Tzeentch.
Drinthus the Butcher - Aspiring Champion and warlord for Khorne.

Related NPCS

-The Crew and (Prisoners) of the good ship Sublime Predator, may her soul rot.

Tyriza. The First Officer. Ungainly metal prosthetic replacing her lower jaw.


Restore the (Shipname) to its Glory (Undertaking)

Primary Objective: Restore the Ship to GLory
Secondary Objective: Get a ship (completed)
Secondary Objective: Recruit a Crew
Secondary Objective: Gain a profit/cargo
Secondary Objective: Build loyalty amoungst the crew to the Warband
Tertiary Objective: CARNAGE (Started to be fullfilled)

Session XP

Session 1: CAPTAINCIDE. 400 XP