Bangkok on the Run

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Your friend Lawan is dead, legally at least. Nightclub owner, fixer and schollar, everyone liked Lawan. Her runs were profitable and the conversation interesting. However in the shadows alliances like that don't last. Eventually the heat got too much, the police algorithms too close, and you all went your separate ways. Lawan went straight and opened the nightclub she'd always talked about.

Now it appears she's dead. Or at least, that's what the email from the lawyer says. You all stand to benefit in her will, providing you can present yourself at the Water Lily, Lawan's club for the reading of the will.

You all need the money, and more than that you might be able to find what happened to your old friend.

Bangkok in 2072

Bangkok was always a city ahead of its time- in the early 2010's it was a world capital in home invasions, gang violence and motorcycle theft despite also being the capital of a fairly prosperous South-East Asian country. Climate change, pollution, Awakening and corporate warfare have each taken their toll.

Although the towers rise higher and the mess of half-flooded canal sprawl is even bigger now that the sea level has risen, the city is essentially unchanged. Wealthy expatriates and old money powerbrokers live in megacorp arcologies in the city center, adjacent some of the poorest people in the country. The old city is a bustle of motorcycles and pedestrians packed into two-hundred year old streets and alleys lined with vendors, sliced up by the handful of major roadways used by the wealthy. Even the rail network is a patchwork of decaying ground-level trains used by millions, above-ground rail that allows its riders to hang high above the mess of the city and the rapid-transit that threads the city and connects corporate enclaves out at the fringes.

It's a busy city, a living city, where the rule of law looms overhead but never touches down on the streets. Where anyone can vanish, reinvent themselves and start fresh. Where everything is a commodity. It's a city where living is cheap but life is cheaper.

It's Bangkok.


Street Sam: Aki Ono FBH
Face: Doctor Citrine Shrike
Mystic: Treplia Cuspin (Screwball)
Decker: Isabella Sintawichai MJ12
Rigger: Noam Ben-David (Koffee)