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This is the page for BM's Numenera game, to be run on Sundays at 5pm EST (10pm GMT), weekly. Basic information about the setting will be placed here, as well as session summaries and any administrative details.

The pretentious title will in fact come in the game. The game will be set in the Beyond, so any characters from the Steadfast will have traveled there. Details on the area will be forthcoming.

The game will be limited to five players, due to management issues. Character sheets should be posted in the discussion section for review; accepted characters may be linked directly here.


In the Black Riage, on the border of the Steadfast and the Beyond, a Wound has opened. Seismic activity has split a massive canyon into a sheer mountain cliff. Preliminary explorers have seen ancient structures in the mountains, and strange creatures moving along the cliffs. Margr and other denizens of the area have been seen heading in that direction, out of curiosity or desire for plunder. The prospect of new numenera is too much for explorers and Aeon Priests to ignore, and adventurers are already looking in the Wound's direction.

Session Lists

XP Legend

Discovery XP: X -a point form list of XP-worthy discoveries, with 1 XP per unless otherwise noted
Interventions listed in point form (1 xp for subject, decides one recipient for 1 xp)
Each player has totals, combining Discovery XP and Intervention XP

Session 01

Lucilla, Allan, and Zermaniko, along with their guide Carol, head into the Wound in the Black Riage to explore the canyon. Margr attack them in mid-climb, forcing them to run into a facility in the wall, sealing the door and leaving Carol behind. Inside, they find a basin full of metal filament mold, which appears to consume flesh and spores, spreading when an infected margr explodes into spores. The party escapes further into the facility, through a cavern filed with mold-covered towers.

Discovery XP: 1 - Found filament mold in partial containment
Intervention (Carol Taken, award to Aeon (Zero as recipient)
Intervention (Massive mold growth, aware to Oseng (Zero as recipient)
Zermanikos 3 xp
Lucilla 2 xp
Allan 2 xp

Session 02

Party ran into Yion, in a crystalline cell block, and found entrances into a control room. Managed to seal out mold spores by using electricity to shock them into bloom. Yion finds a cybernetically augmented corpse, and cut the components free after it begun twitching. and then travelled deeper to explore. Found a healing chamber, and several augmented Margr there attack after a failed attempt to ambush them. After a fight, they're killed, and the augmented one was salvaged for components, as another skeleton was found, robotic appendages trailing from it's mechanical components. Attempts to salvage it wake it, and it appears confused and lacking senses, with Lucilla only able to talk due to her machinery affinity. Her name is Sari, a baker from a settlement, and the party taker her with to get her remains home.

Discovery XP: 3 - electrically-charged glass with containment potential, facility map pillar, healing and upgrade chamber (With sentient skeleton cyborg)
Intervention (Body awakens, award to Exhack (Zero as recipient)
Intervention (Mold outbreak on Lucilla's robes, award to Aeon (Oseng as recipient)
Zermanikos 4 xp
Lucilla 4 xp
Allan 4 xp
Yion 4 xp

Session 03

The party escaped the ruins to find a cliff leading down, and a group of heavily infected margr standing on the precipice. After attempting to swing around and create a distraction, half the margr plunged to their deaths, the other half attacking the hanging party and one exploding in mold, spraying spores all over Yion. After dealing with them, the party follow Sari's directions and find a terraced town on a hill, beneath a large structure. At the gate, they're stopped by the guards and an augmented woman, the sheriff, who detains them. She personally take Yion away from the rest, after observing her with her metal eye.

Discovery XP 1 - Village of Vitahauss.
Intervention: (Yion infected with Spores (Allan as recipient)
Intervention: (Lucilla grabbed by margr trying to climb up the cliff and pull her down (Zero as recipient)
Intervention (Yion taken away by the Sheriff for testing (Lucilla as recipient)
Zermanikos 2 xp
Lucilla 2 xp
Allan 2 xp
Yion 3 xp

Special Addendum: Yion is interrogated and studied for her infection by the Sheriff, and manages to win her trust with some clever words.

Special Intervention for Yion 2xp (makeup for missing first session)
Yion 2 xp

Session 04

The party are told by the Sheriff that they can explore the town, save for the Temple, the Vitahauss itself, and the private residences. They head out and find Sari's bakery as she screams about her sister, and the party head inside to find it loaded with bread, despite the cake on the sign. The sister, Evli, is friendly, but concerned by meeting a foreigner, and doesn't seem to remember her sister or that the bakery ever sold cakes. After getting her to accept shins for money and buying bread, they head out, examining the strangely perfect bread. Short session due to missing persons.

Discover XP 0
Intervention: Denied (Sari pushes out of her bag and makes noise)

Session 05

The party explores further, and inspects a produce store. The vegetables are perfect, despite the irregular heat of the store, and Lucilla checks in the back to find a large man throwing bags into a large kiln. She gets his attention, and asks him about produce as Yion sneaks in to inspect the bags. The man becomes agitated quickly and seems to think Lucilla's lack of knowledge of their food and settlements constitutes mental illness, and goes as far as to grab her to 'bring her to the temple'. She breaks free, as Yion opens a bag partly to find a black metallic powder inside, which she takes in a vial and sneaks out as the rest leave. They meet up to inspect the vial, and locate the two ways out of town, and a black portal like the ruins before guarded by two soldiers. They return to the Sherrif's office to sleep, and she arrives to give them boxed lunches of meat and vegetables, which are hot and curiously perfect. The party eat little and rest, to awake to the sounds of shouting outside: "Damaged! Damaged!"

Discover XP 2 (the 'food powder')

Zermanikos 1 xp
Lucilla 1 xp
Allan 1 xp
Yion 1 xp