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The Arbehen Dominion stands at a crossroads. A state based on loyalty, dedication, and camaraderie finds itself beset by one of the most menacing forces ever to be conceived - The Crimson Empire. The Creators and their creations, along with a number of outsiders, are gearing up to face a war like to other. As their lovingly crafted civilization is plunged into the crucible of war, the result is uncertain, save that nothing will ever be the same.


All created Castes are conditioned to love and serve the Creators, though the devotion is not mindless or slavish. A bioroid can and will disagree and criticize a creator if it is justified, and will complain if mistreated, but they will do so as if the creator was a family member.

Creator Caste
The most important thing to realize about Creators is that they are the only group that can create more Arbehen people, both by being fertile and having control over bioroid production. This is the reason for their name, and one basis of their rule. Recent research in conjunction with the Tarans has revealed that all of the Creators have some degree of psionic ability, not just those with the Gift of naturally controlling their abilities. They also are the least modified of the castes, though superior psitech and cybernetics are allowing them to catch up without disrupting the Gift.
Servant Caste
Servant bioroids are small, neotenic designs that are considerably more advanced than baseline humans. A Servant bioroid is created with the ability to do their job as well as an experienced worker from most other cultures, and they continue to improved over the course of their lives. Servant are neuters, though they usually adopt a gender of convenience, and they dwarf the other castes in terms of numbers. They are carefully designed to lack a desire to rule, and to enjoy their jobs. Servants take pride in serving within government institutions, often indirectly playing politics through their advice. Every Creator is assigned a servant at birth, known as a Retainer, who looks out for them growing up and helps the parents raise their child, going on to become a personal valet/aide for the adult.
H.E.W. Caste
Hostile Environment / High Endurance Worker bioroids are a recently introduced caste of bioroids developed by multi-caste working group convened after the Battle of Haven. The H.E.Ws are unique for being the only non-humanoid caste (outside of Soldiers rigged as fighter or tank pilot modules). They resemble a very large raccoon, commonly moving on all four paws, which are highly dextrous with fully opposable thumbs. They are immensely strong and quick, and almost as bright as a Servant. This, along with excellent senses and a hide that is design for exposure to hard vacuum, makes them quite capable of work on the battlefield. New HEWs are starting their service, and many Retainers and Servants hope to transfer into a HEW nullbody, as the two designs are similar in mental architecture.
Soldier Caste
Soldier bioroids come in a variety of types, all cybernetically enhanced far beyond human. The average soldier is normal human size, but vastly different in appearance. Outside of bodyguard and police units, they are designed solely for practicality, often having modular limbs and MMI ports easily visible. Fighter pilots are often simply a pilot module that plugs into the fighter. Body guard, police, and leader units often look like humanoid suits of sleek metallic power armor. Most are highly intelligent, with a comprehensive knowledge of tactics and the art of of war, as well as the use of their chosen weapon systems. They all are extremely tough mentally and physically, and very agile for their size, with extraordinary reactions.
Infiltrator Caste
Masters of deception and disguise, they are recent developments of the latest in cellular biotechnology. They can disguise themselves as almost any humanoid with a combination of morphing technology and holographic projections. They also possess omni-savant capabilities that let them assume completely different personas as cover identities. They are very capable in combat, with the ability to manifest weapon from their very flesh, as well as being skilled in all elements of covert operations. If there is any flaw in their design, it is in their minds - they push the limits on even the best transhuman neurology.
The Outsiders
Foreigners are welcome in the Dominion as long as they do not cause problems. From the first Taran delegation, to the Talosian mission, to the North Sector Bureau Office Complex from the Foxes, there are plenty of people visiting, trading, and studying. The major augmentation corporations do a good business with them, as did the shipbuilders until recently. The most notable group has been the flood of minor magi and similar workers from the Sylvan Commonwealth. The demand for magically-skilled labor remains high enough that the workers have not yet caused a disruption in the economy or society.

The Gift and Psitech

Recent research has shattered a number of illusions regarding the Gift. First, all people seem to possess psionic abilities - even bioroids. Bioroids and others lacking in natural control of the Gift can be granted limited control using psitech implants, though the net result is usually only basic sensation. Additionally, the use of psitech devices by the naturally gifted has broken the limitations on what the Order believed was possible.

No longer limited to simple foresight, this aspect of the gift can break through the timestream and see both future and past. When combined with other senses, it greatly aids in intelligence gathering, and it can even be applied to large devices such as a ship's sensors. With appropriate psitech devices, an Adept can even shift out of the ambient timestream, making everyone unaffected seem to barely move if at all. This reverse effect can also be used to freeze an object in stasis.
Beyond the mere awareness of other people's minds is the awareness of other people's souls. Also referred to as ghosts, these are the true essence of being, and represent the psionic core within all sentient life. This has vastly advanced the understanding of psitech devices, and allowed for the use of psi-amp implants for the non-Gifted, but that pales in comparison to the ability to contain and transfer souls. This allows a dead person to inhabit a nullbody shell and live again. With the use of psychic beacons linked to hyperspace, this can even be done over great distances of space, though it is still difficult to perform, requiring much strength of will from the soul.
Telekinetic control always seemed bizarre - the force did not produce an opposite reaction most of the time. The recent research revealed that it in fact warped space itself. This control over the fabric of space can also be used to grant a superior sense of space in three dimensions, useful for pilots, mechanics, and strategists. This is in addition to the more traditional uses of TK, including moving oneself and making barriers. With proper psitech devices, someone can perform fine manipulation of circuitry or toss a hyperfighter. The most experienced users can open and close hyperspace portals, letting them cross distances in an instant.

Stat Block

Population 3 (5 pts)
Transhumanism 4 (6 pts)

Normal humanity is a distant memory, with bioroids and a caste system only limited by a preference for the human form.

Infrastructure 4 (3+1 pts)

The entire society has mobilized for war, with countless factories processing materials both imported and from native sources.

Growth Potential 3 (2+1 pts)

Most of the space that was inside the bubble was rich in habitable worlds and colonies

Military Support 3 (3 pts)
Space Fleet 3 (2+1 pts)

The various wars with the Qalbeq remnants and the Iron Hives have kept the Soldiers on their toes

Diplomacy 2.5 (3 pts)

The combination of normal humans and excessively cute assistants should be enough to keep most nations neutral.

Espionage 2 (2 pts)

The recently formed Ministry of Forewarning has begun applying the full resources of Dominion society to intelligence, and the new espionage bioroids are showing their value in the field.

General Advancement 1 (4 pts)

No glaring weaknesses here

Unique Technology 3 (5 pts)

Some of the technology of Arbehen is mind-bending for other powers, including inertialess drives, incredible combining fighters and ships, as well as some fairly bizarre weapon technology. (General theme - anime space opera)

Emergent Technologies 1 (1 pt)

The use of nanotech is becoming more common, though usually on a primitive level. AI development is somewhat limited due to Servant worries about being replaced.

Magic 3 (4 pts)

The Gift is mostly the province of Creators. Recent work with Tarans has greatly furthered their understanding of the Gift and other magic, and large numbers of Sylvan immigrant mages have swelled the population.


Starting Points 490 pts Current Points 596.25pts (52pts Bases) Fleet Support 720pts

Size 1 HyperFighter Squadrons
  • The HyperFighter is an advanced long-range strike and patrol craft designed for independent operations. The design focuses on engines and weapon firepower, generally operating as a bomber or patrol boat in packs of 4
  • 67 (67 pts)
Size 2 Bases
  • The number of Multi-Fighter squadrons is considerably more than can fit aboard carrier vessels. The combining multi-fighters are capable of assuming any role for strike craft, but they lack the range to travel beyond the system they are based in.
  • 26 (52 pts)
Size 5 Destroyer Squadrons
  • Destroyers are noted for their armament - every weapon is a pursuit beam. The heavy pursuit beams are dangerous against escort vessels, and the standard variant is lethal to strike craft.
  • 37.5 (240 pts)
Size 7 Cruiser Squadrons
  • Dominion Fleet Cruisers are designed to serve as the main component of fleet battlelines. They carry heavy, turreted primary beams and a number of secondary batteries, along with pursuit beams and point defense guns.
  • 20.25 (140 pts)
Size 8 Explorers
  • Each explorer is a mobile base for exploration and diplomacy, with universal translators, research labs, and diplomatic conference areas. The ships are completely self-sufficient, with docking bays and considerable weaponry. The necessities of war have turned two of these vessels in covert operations vessels, with superior sensors, advanced cloaking systems, and facilities for special operations troops.
  • 6 (48 pts)
Size 10 Dreadnoughts
  • The standard multi-role battleship of the Dominion is a well-balanced mix of armor, firepower, and mobility. It is notable for having a fighter complement to allow for independent operations.
  • 7 (70 pts)
Size 15 Flagships (Aurore Victoire, Mardan)

Two unique superships. The first was designed to be the ultimate battleship, with a full loadout of weaponry and a spinal mount megacannon. The other was designed as a vast carrier for all types of fighters, as well as long range drones and superior C3I gear. Anti-fighter defenses on both vessels are very heavy.

  • 2 (30 pts)

Dramatis Personae

  • Commodore Pierre Jourdan - Commander of the ADS Explorer Midlothian. Made first contact with the Tarans.
    • Cecily-8A0DC - Pierre's Retainer. Likes magic!
  • Adept Raymond Idrac - friend and colleague of Pierre, Gifted in Awareness and Transmission.
    • Jacques - Raymond's Retainer
  • Maurice Deleuze - Head of the recently formed First Contact Division.
    • Louise - Maurice's Retainer. Has fox ears now!
  • Director Phillipe Aragon - Head of the Ministry of Forewarning
    • Claude 99330A - Phillipe's Retainer.
  • Alice 99369A - Monitor specialist serving the Ministry of Forewarning
  • Mistress Ferro - Ancient member of the Order, Highly Gifted in Awareness
  • Senior Captain Luc Bressard - Former commander of the ADS Channahon
    • Maurice - Luc's Retainer
    • Captain Becker - Chief Soldier Officer on the Channahon
  • Yardmaster Galois - Head operator, Mardan 2 Naval Yards
    • Jean - Galois's retainer
    • Colonel Massena - Head of Mardan Naval Yards Security Detail
  • Duchess Genevieve Colombeau - First Lady of the Admiralty, Governing Council member, and centuries old Heading the Crusade, because she can.
    • Marie - Genevieve's retainer. Almost as old as Genevieve.
  • Captain Emile Fourcade - Flag Captain for the Duchess
    • Melanie - Emile's retainer
  • Admiral Martel
  • Adept Oesterle - CO of the special operation vessel ADS [i]Salin's Vengeance[/i]
  • Captain Le Blanc - CO, ADS [i]Admiral Besson[/i]
  • Lt. De Maurier - XO, ADS [i]Admiral Besson[/i]
  • Mathilde Dumaine - Foreign Minister of the Arbehen Dominion.
    • Anders - Mathilde's retainer.
  • Executive Marcel Dumier - Head of government and head of state for the Dominion.
    • Kara - Dumier's Retainer
  • Captain Garnier - CEO of Garnier Interstellar, Captain of the megafreighter [i]Antares[/i]
  • Captain Amelie Morello - Redheaded Ministry Agent and Privateer captain
    • Pierre - Captain Morello's retainer.
  • Marcel Volescot - Chief of reconstruction efforts in the Mardan system.
    • Adrienne - Marcel's Retainer. Struggling to avoid PTSD
  • Alain Volescot - Marcel's son, very gifted math student running into trouble.
    • Marillia - Alain's retainer
Adept Lucien Vartan
The youngest living person to become a certified initiate of the Sevenfold Path (the composite martial art of the Order), Lucien is driven to master combat as an art and a science. As an Adept, he is telekinetic with some ability in sensing minds, but the mastery of reality manipulation among the Lotus Monks fascinated him. The Masters of the Order were equally fascinated, and ordered him to enter the monastery as a student - and order he was more than willing to accept. Like almost all of the Arbehen Creators, he is constantly accompanied by his Retainer, Adele, who shares his passion for the martial arts, without much ability due to her diminutive size.
Colonel Denard
Veteran Reconnaissance Soldier, with decades of experience in special operations. He led a team of operatives that successful rescued a megafreighter crew from pirates on a Qalbeq-controlled planet, and recaptured the megafreighter, with only two friendly casualties, despite being the only Dominion assets in the system. His primary specialty is in marksmanship, and he maintains a friendly rivalry with the chief sniper instructor for the Dominion military. While he has the large armored frame of a Soldier, his skill and cyberware make him as stealthy as any scout/sniper. The only notable gap in his experience is soft infiltration and advisory roles. Demeanor is professional, but jovial - he loves a bit of gallows humor, and has plenty of stories to tell when off duty.
Sergeant Darlan
A younger Reconnaissance Soldier who saw action in the battle of Haven and raids by the Crimson. Notably, he served as part of the interrogation of several HaLloth captives, and he speaks fluent QuiLloth and Red Speech. His experience tends toward close range fighting and boarding actions, though he worked with Col. Denard as a spotter in the last major Iron Hive incursion. An inquisitive type who reads all the mission briefings and doesn't miss a thing.
Agent"Saphir" EF268
One of the identity-shifting Infilitrators, she has spent the majority of her entire short life studying the HaLloth. Her relaxed appearance is that of a Dominion noblewoman with striking blue hair. The name "Saphir" is a codename she chose for this mission, being easier to recall than a hexadecimal identifier. She is extremely well-trained in all aspects of covert operations, and committed to memory every piece of intelligence related to the HaLloth. Loves a good explosion now and then.
Agent"Aconit" EF2C9
Another Infilitrator, though not nearly as much of a specialist as EF268. He is skilled at all aspects of covert operations, with a particular love of CQB and martial arts. His natural skill is assuming the identity and appearance of nearly anyone. His relaxed persona is that of a human soldier in uniform