Aleksandr Vanator

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Character Info

Name: Aleksandr Vanator
Player: OmegaPaladin
Nature: Caretaker
Essence: Pattern
Tradition: Knights Templar
Demeanor: Judge


"I had long dreamed of being a hero or soldier as a child. In church, I read tales of soldiers who fought for the Lord, not for some fallen nation or the greed of a king. When I mentioned that to the priest, he told me I should contact a society in the Church. And thus I found myself being groomed to be a member of the Society of Leopold. However, my fate was not to be an inquisitor - a Knight took me on as an apprentice, and I rapidly became one of the Soldiers of Christ. I fought countless demons and vile spirits, striking them down with holy wrath. And so I would have remainder, if not for my vision.

I do not hate the Order, although I know they have declared me an apostate - worthy only of death. I still treasure the cross, sword, and Bible I was granted as I joined the order. It's a reminder of why I am here."

Primary Archetype

The Odd Man Out
Talisman 5
Lore (Spirits) 3
Lore (Templar) 3
Four Free Points
Probationary Member

"One night, I had a dream. An Archangel appeared before me with a flaming sword, and he was great and terrible to behold. He bade me come with him, and I felt my fear leave me. We flew beyond the sky, beyond the realms that surround the Earth, past the gates of Heaven and Hell. And then I saw them - hordes of cyborgs, inhuman warriors, fleets of warships: the might of the Technocracy standing before Earth. (All Templar know of how the Technocracy butchered our order to serve their false gods - now we know where that led) Behind them I saw the unholy tracing of demonic sigils, and the ghostly image of a monstrous web linking them all.

No warriors arose from my order, the Church, or the Traditions. Earth, cradle of mankind stood undefended. And then you appeared. First just a few, then an entire fleet of warships rose forth from Earth. Warriors brave and true, from all nations, some who were only part human, some even from the Traditions, but on all of their armor I saw the symbol of the Void Engineers. The Archangel took me to the fray, and offered me his blade. As I took up the sword, I awoke, and I could understand the Lord's power like never before.

I spoke to my Knight-Captain about my vision, and he claimed it was a lie. He threatened to imprison me for suggesting we investigate! I knew then that my order would never stand with the Void Engineers, so in the dark of night I stole priceless treasures of the Order so that I could do battle with what you call Threat Null. It was a long and arduous journey, but here I am. I serve your will, and through it the will of the Lord."

Secondary Archetype

The Scholar
Prime Sphere +1

"I could write tomes of sacred lore, I could create weapons of holy might, I could do many things, but I chose the gun and the sword. Why? Because if I will not fight, who will go in my stead? Who will risk death so that I can sleep safe and sound? A better man than me, no doubt. I must protect all mankind from the monsters you call Threat Null. It is my calling, my mission."


Arete: 5

Willpower: 5



Strength: 3
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 3


Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 2


Perception: 4
Intelligence: 4
Wits: 4


Alertness: 3
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 3
Brawl: 1
Dodge: 5
Intuition: 1


Drive: 1
Demolitions 3
Firearms: 5
Heavy Weapons: 1
Meditation: 4
Melee: 5
Pilot: 1
Research: 1
Stealth: 1
Survival: 1
Technology: 3


Cosmology: 3
Enigmas: 3
Investigation: 3
Linguistics: 1



Demons 2
Spirits 3
Knights Templar 3

Medicine: 1
Occult: 3


Entropy: 1
Life: 3
Mind: 1
Prime: 5
Spirit: 1
Time: 2


Time: Meditation / Visions
Life: Laying on hands / meditation
Prime: Holy Symbols
Mind: Discipline / Revelation
Entropy: Light, The Gaze that reveals imperfection
Spirit: The Unseen World


"The Lord has given us many weapons to destroy monsters. Some are of steel, others of flesh, and some purely of faith. I bear all three. The new demons shall fall before the Wrath of God, embodied in the Prime. His gaze is a piercing light, that reveals all imperfections both abstract and material. However, the Lord loves all his creations, even those who turn away from him. He grants me the ability to heal wounds and draw upon the strength of Angels. The Lord also reveals many secrets to those who serve Him - the nature of the unseen world, what lies in the future, the hearts of men, and all of the arcane and scientific arts.


Talisman: 5
Talisman: 3
Avatar: 4
Dream: 4
Library: 1



Probationary Member
Hunted (Knights Templar) 3
Echoes (Knight/Warrior Monk) 2

MJ12's Status Panel

  • Quint 4 / 4
  • WP: 5 / 5
  • Paradox 0
  • Tass: 0
  • Free XP: 0
Healthy -0
Bruised -0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5

Freebie Points

Arete 5 (-10)19
Entropy 1 (-4)15
Mind 1 (-4)11
Flaws (+5)14
Attributes (-12)
Abilities (-4)