After the Chaos: A small scale post apocalyptic fantasy RPG

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Your lives have been ones of poverty and boredom. Low status people in the domain of an independent noble, you're determined you won't be this way forever. Rather, you've decided to set out into the world to seek your fortune.

Eighteen years ago the world was devastated when the strange comet, Elris bought a storm of chaos to the world. This destroyed the old kingdoms and transposed various parts of the world with other, stranger areas. These and the ruins of the old empire offer rich pickings to bold explorers, such as yourselves. Unfortunately you're badly equipped and low on skill.

Hopefully this will quickly change.

Rules: Begin by choosing your class and description. Everything else is filled in later.


Each session you get 1 XP. This can be spent to gain 1 additional dice in one power.
Every adventure you gain one additional level. This allows access to additional powers and you may gain more powerful powers.

Loot List

Stuff Jehanne Has

A really cool Shrine Maiden Sword +1 attacks +2 defence

The Mansion

x1 Inheritance 500 gold
x1000 other gold in assorted stuff
numerous paintings
numerous scandalous clothes (female)
numerous elegant clothes (male)
Assorted furnishings
Assorted furnishings
assorted silk hangings
assorted fine food
assorted maids
Assorted scandelous items
a large library of preChaos books, including medical law, history and magical theory (8 dice of library on these topics)
500 GP worth of spell components
x4000 GP in credit notes
assorted even more scandalous clothing (female)
strange mechanical stuff applied to water wheel