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AE Timeline



The Holy Suebi Empire

Theme: High Space Opera
Cues: Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica
Favored Milieu: Heavy Metal

Before the Godswar and Ragnarok, the Suebi Allthing was one of the core constituents of the great Rutasan Accord; old, rich and conservative. Indeed, the capital world itself of Neue Arthas lay inside the borders of the Allthing.
After Ragnarok, the Allthing was shattered. Terrorized by magical war-beasts, homes scorched by vast weapons of war, abandoned by the malfunctioning god-machines, humanity nonetheless hung on and, in a way, thrived. In its place was the Holy Suebi Empire; an empire of blood and iron built from the scattered survivors of one of the most heavily populated parts of the known space. Built in the image of its founding emperor-saint Beowulf Steiner the Empire was a bastion of stability in the tumultuous half-millenia following Ragnarok.
The stability has faltered of late though, and the House of Beowulf's has failed to guide the Empire effectively for well over a full lifetime. Instead the Electors rule now and while they nominally still pay lip service to the Empire, in most ways they are effectively independent states all squabbling for preminence. Some taboos and ancient laws exist merely until a major state too strong to be brutalized for breaking them does exactly that, while others such as the longstanding hostility towards 'witches' remain as strong as they did in the day of Beowulf Steiner.


Volstagg is large gas giant surrounded by orbiting space stations. The world is rich in ether and served as a major fuel provider for the Kaiserliche Sternmarine since before Ragnarök. The space stations are operated by a clan who send mining ships into the Volstagg’s atmosphere to gather ether for processing and to hunt the various beasts which make their home in the world’s turbulent air currents. It is dangerous work which lends itself an air of romanticism with the men and women who plunge into Volstagg as brave as any of the Emperor’s soldiers with many a song of the brave “Wind Riders of Volstagg.” A dozen moons orbit Volstagg containing a wealth of materials and home to mining colonies which also feed the HSE’s industries. Each clan acts as its own independent entity and gather in their own assembly to elect their system’s Jarl to speak for them in the Imperial Diet. The current Högtalarejarl is Lizbeth Lalli, a rather moderate woman who would prefer to see any potential succession issue resolved quickly as her world would be the first target in any future war.


Theme: Conventional Scifi
Cues: Babylon 5, Gundam, SBY
Favored Milieu: Heavy Metal

The Verge

Theme: Posthuman Space
Favored Milieu: Infospace


(approximate, years before present) Union of Progressive Peoples formed in the late Imperial Period.

~1000-750 - Union of Progressive Peoples
~750-550 - Centralized Union (periphery splinters off due to conflicts, waystorms, etc)
~550 - The Overturn
~550-440 - New Men
~440-430 - War of Repudiation
~432 - Flight of New Men to Zorya
~430-150 - Cylord dominance
~410 - Sack of Mir
~400 - Landing on Iskandar
~380 - The Burning of the Books (Iskandar)
~150 - Mastery sweeps Cylords out of the Verge
~140-125 - Mastery takes several treaty ports on Polyarny
~125 - Mastery takeover of Polyarny
~50 - unrest against Mastery occupation increases substantially
~40-33 - Ground war of occupation
33 - Mastery 'localizes' the conflict and pulls troops out
33-32 - Collapse of Mastery-backed government
32-Now - Polyarny People's Republic

The Tsardom of Iskandar Constitutional monarchy with strong monarch Founded by a rogue (if such a term can be used) Cylord disgusted with the infighting between the other Cylords; takes followers and whatever civilians they can grab or recruit and sails south for Iskandar where the latter are dumped and told 'congrats you're all peasants now' while the Cylord proclaims themself the new Tsar of Iskandar. A generation later once everyone is settled, the Tsar orders all history burned and many other books transcribed, falsifying a new history of Iskandar and wiping the record of any connection with the (former) UPP and the Cylords. The true history remained a closely guarded secret by the royal house. Iskandar today is a fairly conventional constitutional monarchy, with a powerful crown and an upper house of nobility.


The bureaucratic center of UPP and the capital after the Overturn, Mir saw widespread fighting at the end of the War of Repudiation. Two decades later it was sacked by several Cylords, as a result the fragile truce between these warlords broke and the collapse of the former UPP worlds into a techo-barbarian dark age became irreversible. It was fought over repeatedly during the three centuries of Cylord dominance and it was a rare decade that it was controlled by a single one of the cyber-warlords. Today Mir is a world of survivors, of scavengers and the shreds of the broken Cylords. Struck briefly by clone-Sanjaks at the end of the Mastery's campaign against the Cylords, even then Mir was all but de-industrialized. Today little exists beyond blacksmiths and the forlorn remnants of the Cylords scrabbling through the tree-encrusted glories of ancient centuries.


Polyarny was a somewhat peripheral world to the old UPP, though it was never cut off from the core worlds such as Mir. Unfortunately, like so many others it fell prey to the nomadic Cylords, with its resources and people plundered over the centuries. Devolved into the techno-barbarism and pastoral sedentarism that characterized the former UPP 'Cylord Steppe' and many other worlds, Polyarny was ripe for capture by the victorious Mastery; something of a high-water mark for the Mastery, the distant empire exerted control over the locals for most of a century. The colonial government could only last so long however, and as the Mastery's grip weakened the flames of revolution were kindled. While governed by the Popular Front of Polyarny since the end of the revolutionary war three decades ago, Polyarny's government is indisputably controlled by the All-Regions Party. Already the recipient of significant military aid smuggled in during the revolutionary war, Polyarny has since undergone a military-industrial revolution with technology transferred from Zorya.


Zorya was settled four centuries ago by elements of the New Men fleeing the Cylord's War of Repudiation,

The Former Mastery

Theme: Torn Apart Empire
Favored Milieu: Sword and Starship

The Drifts

Theme: Pith Helmets and Beasts
Favored Milieu: Steam Trek


The Steppe

The Scabland

The Badia

The Sapmi

Thousands of years ago the Sapmi was a mildly prosperous corner of space split between a number of polities and faiths. Unfortunately some long forgotten dispute escalated far beyond whatever petty issue sparked it and with their powers, the Gods of Asgard cursed the entire region. As the years rolled into decades and decades into centuries, the stars of the Sampi dimmed, ever so slightly. And so the crops failed, the snow fell in summer, the glaciers advanced and the seas froze. By the Godswar they were all but vacant with their original inhabitants having long since departed to warmer and richer worlds, a state of affairs that has not changed in a millenia.
Life, however, finds a way. As the seas closed and the air chilled, the flora and fauna was forced to adapt or perish. And so they adapted - or perished. The biota on these worlds has adapted itself to the arctic conditions in myriads of ways.