Aberrant 2.0 Quantum and Mega-Attributes

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Mega-Strength now provides (due to the alteration of damage adds and how they work):

  • +5d to Strength-based damage rolls (hand to hand, melee, and throwing) per dot
  • 5 automatic successes to rolls involving raw physical power (lifting, throwing, jumping, etc), or 1 automatic success to any other strength-based roll (mostly attacks).
  • A damage add of [2 * Mega-Strength] to Strength-based damage rolls.
  • One -0 Health Level per dot (being impossibly strong and having your frame reinforced by quantum energies to lift impossible weights provides some minor durability benefits)


Mega-Stamina now provides:

  • Doubles the Nova's lifespan per dot (x2 for M-Sta 1, x4 for M-Sta 2, x8 for M-Sta 3, so on and so forth.)
  • Increases the Nova's healing rates per dot as noted in the core book.
  • 1 x -0, 1 x -1, 1 x -2, 1 x -4, and 1 x Incapacitated Health Level per dot.
  • +1B/1L natural soak per dot.


Mega-Appearance comes in two forms, which color the Nova's appearance in general. One makes people want to get close to you, another makes people want to keep their safe distance. Both are limited by appearance.

  • Mega-Appearance (Enticing) is the default, which grants Style bonuses and is generally attractiveness of a more conventional sort. It might be sexy attractiveness, or object d'art attractiveness, or so on, but it's generally aesthetic, harmless beauty, adding +1 to Style rolls per dot.
  • Mega-Appearance (Dangerous) is the predatory beauty of the tiger or another apex predator. It may still be beautiful, but it is regal and intimidating, rather than friendly and enticing. This replaces Mega-Ugliness, and grants +1 to Intimidation rolls per dot.

Mega-Attribute Clarification

Each Mega-Attribute counts as 2 dots of the relevant Attribute when calculating static values (besides for initiative, where they count for 1 dot), but grant 1 success to all rolls based on that Attribute. No Attribute-increasing ability (save Node Spark) can grant a character Mega-Attributes anymore. Mega-Attributes are after all, powers rather than physical abilities, and you can't get Mega-Strength via bulging biceps or high-end artificial musculature.


Some novas have mega-attributes which only work in a very narrow manner. These focused attributes are bought as Level 1 powers, may not have Enhancements, and only work with a single ability or power. Furthermore, they do not give any of their other bonuses. So for example, buying Focused Mega-Stamina does not grant additional soak, increased healing, or additional health levels, Focused Mega-Strength does not provide the bonuses to damage and lifting, etc.

Novas may upgrade these Focused Mega-Attributes to full ones via the "upgrading powers" rules.

Quantum Pool

As a clarification, 1 Aggravated HL sacrificed provides 2 temporary Quantum points. These Quantum points can be spent above and beyond normal Quantum expenditure for the turn-they do not count towards the Quantum/turn limit.

Quantum Flux

A nova gets a 'free' Quantum point to spend per turn for every dot of Node he/she possesses + 1 (or the instar rating of the node). So a nova with Node 0 gets 1 Quantum per round to spend free, while a nova with Node 5 gets 6 per turn. Spending any amount of Quantum under this is essentially free.

Quantum and Soak

In Aberrant as written, Novas can spend 1 Quantum (up to their permanent Quantum score) to roll 1 die and add successes to soak for 1 turn. This is an incredibly inefficient and unpredictable defensive method, which is essentially pointless for most characters.

Instead, in this system, a Nova may always pay 1 or more Quantum (up to their Quantum limit) to subtract 1 health level of damage from a single attack after soak, to a minimum of 0 levels. This is generally significantly more efficient.



Each Dot of Permanent Taint provides the following advantages:

  • Aberrations: The Nova gains beneficial body modifications (large size, acute senses, hardened skin, etc.) per dot of Permanent Taint at higher levels. This body modification must generally relate to the power/etc. the Taint was used to purchase, and generally have an interplay with the Nova's negative aberrations. At Taint 3-5, each point of Taint grants 2 XP worth of modifications, at Taint 6-8, each point grants 4 XP worth, and at Taint 9+ each point grants 8 XP worth.
  • Reduced Cost: Taking a power or level of Quantum Tainted reduces its cost by 3 NP (at chargen) or half (after chargen) at the cost of 1 permanent Taint. This can give a power negative cost at chargen.
  • Transhuman Ascendancy: The quantum energies coursing through the Nova mutate her body far past human limits, both for good and for ill. At Taint 4, a Nova chooses one attribute. This attribute no longer has a rating cap, and any body modifications or merits which adjust or eliminate this rating cap (such as Exceptional [Attribute] or Inhuman [Attribute]) are converted back into XP. Every point of Taint above 4 removes the rating cap from an additional attribute.


However, each Dot also has the following disadvantages:

  • Social Issues: A Nova suffers +1 difficulty on all social rolls for every 2 points of permanent taint (above 2) he or she gains. This applies for all social rolls, including intimidation-the Nova is just so fearsome the opponent is driven catatonic or desperately tries to make a stand rather than telling the Nova what he or she wants. There is something fundamentally wrong with high-Taint Novas that makes social interaction difficult. This penalty is waived against 2nd Generation Novas, cancels out at a 2-1 basis against other Novas (1 point of Taint-derived social penalty a Nova possesses cancels 2 points of Taint-derived social penalty against that Nova), and finally can be reduced by Soothe or other similar Enhancements. Finally, the difficulty penalty caps at the Nova's permanent Quantum score. High-taint low Quantum Novas may be horrific monsters, but the inherent uncomfortableness of the wrong informational template doesn't exhibit itself.
  • Taint Radiation: At high Taint levels (8+) the Nova radiates Taint radiation, which can poison baselines and give Taint to nearby Novas. With one scene of constant exposure, a Nova or baseline with permanent Taint less than half that of another Nova must roll (Stamina + Resistance) at the end of the scene, the difficulty being half the difference between the Taint levels of the two Novas (round up). Failure means a Nova takes 1 point of temporary Taint + 1 more point for every 2 points of permanent Taint a Nova has above 10, while a baseline gains 1 level of permanent Taint and the advantages and disadvantages of said.
  • Aberrations: The Aberration system is used as normal for disadvantageous or inconvenient changes. These changes are merely paired with beneficial ones. Aberrations are generally actual flaws which are inconvenient, crippling, or sometimes both.

Novas gain negative Aberrations with increasing Taint as shown below:

Taint 0-2: 0 pts
Taint 3-5: 1 pt/level
Taint 6-8: 2 pts/level
Taint 9+: 4 pts/level.

Note that this is identical to the body modification gain, but not all Aberrations are physical. Some are entirely mental in nature, or Quantum-based. Novas generally have at least 25-50% (round normally) of their aberrations in mental or quantum aberrations-Taint is associated with M-R node swelling, which can cause various mental illnesses. Aberrations are treated as flaws, save the Nova gains no bonus points from choosing them. With GM approval, flaws from any Storyteller-based sourcebook may be used for Aberrations, if they make sense. The GM has final say on how much each flaw is worth as an Aberration. In general the value of a flaw as an Aberration is equal to the value of the flaw.

Merely cosmetic Aberrations which can be easily hidden are considered trivial, and are worth 0.33 points each (so you need 3 to use one Aberration point). They may be upgraded to Minor if they are so obvious and easily visible that they make it easier to spot the Nova (+1d to all rolls to spot, remember, or track the Nova) or otherwise have minor penalty effects. A Nova may not have more than 6 trivial Aberrations-so past Taint 4, a Nova's aberrations start becoming actual flaws. Similarly, a Nova may not have more Minor Aberrations than their (Permanent Taint - 1) so eventually more damaging Aberrations will be accumulated.

Temporary Taint

This section lists new and altered ways to gain or lose temporary Taint.

Temporary Aberrations

Temporary Taint may inflict temporary mental, quantum, or occasionally physical aberrations on a character. At high levels of temporary Taint (5+), a character gains another Aberration point until she lowers her temporary Taint to a value below 5 by any means (this includes gaining 10 temporary Taint and converting it into a point of permanent Taint).

Quantum Recharging

Novas can unsafely channel ambient quantum energies, recharging 3 Quantum Points instantly at the cost of 1 temporary Taint. This supplements Dying for Power: A very desperate Nova can do truly insane things by taking temporary taint.

Losing Temporary Taint

There are several methods of bleeding off temporary Taint.

  • Novas may bleed off temporary Taint by -that is to say, going 1 session or 1 week of downtime without using powers at more than half strength (including Mega-Attributes) and without botching power rolls allows a character to roll (Willpower) at +1 difficulty. Each net success bleeds off a point of temporary Taint.
  • A Nova may attempt to "reformat" their informational template and burn out temporary Taint. This empties the Nova's quantum pool and fills all but his last Incapacitated level with aggravated damage, but removes all temporary Taint from the Nova's temporary Taint track. Dumping temporary Taint in this fashion is always a spectacle, manifesting in a way which makes "sense" to the Nova. So a fire-wielding Nova may self-immolate, a cyberkinetic may seem to fuzz out into static, and so on.
  • Taint Resistant Novas lose 1 temporary Taint every 24 hours, while 2nd Gen Novas lose all temporary Taint every 24 hours.

Power Maxing

A Power Max requires the character to pay double the cost of the power, although more Quantum can be spent (an additional amount up to the character's permanent Quantum score). The character rolls his permanent Quantum. The character gains 1 temporary taint for a failed max, and 2 if the roll botches. Successes on this roll (if any were rolled) are added to the number of additional Quantum spent and used to buy new features for the power. This is a reflexive action.

  • 1 success buys +1d to the power's dice pool or damage, up to [Quantum].
  • 2 successes converts 1 dice in the power's pool into a success. For powers which have a roll to hit and another damage roll, it converts both part of the to-hit and damage roll.
  • 2 successes buys any desired Extra for the power.
  • 3 successes increases the power's level by 1 for all purposes, including accuracy, damage, and range.
  • 5 successes allows the Nova to alter the chosen power for (Quantum) actions, turning it into a similar but related power. For example, a Nova could pay 5 successes to turn Healing into Biomanipulation, or Bioluminescence into Quantum Bolt.

Power Maxing and Taint

A character may choose to take 1 temporary taint to add an additional point to their power max pool, or 2 temporary taint to convert all dice into successes.

Extras and Enhancements

A character may support up to (Mega-Attribute * 2) Enhancements per attribute at normal cost. Every additional Enhancement purchased beyond this amount costs double (10 XP, or 2 NP). This XP is refunded when the attribute is raised.

New Enhancements

Some of these Enhancements are drastically modified variants of enhancements in the Aberrant Compendium or Fan Companion.


[Attribute] Paragon (Any) : This Enhancement decreases the cost of purchasing superhuman attributes for the chosen Mega-Attribute. The effective rating of the attribute for purchasing additional dots is reduced to (current value - 5), minimum 1. This only affects the cost of purchasing an attribute above human levels (i.e. above 5), and does nothing to cheapen the cost of purchasing an attribute up to 5. At Quantum 5, this Enhancement may be purchased again, reducing the effective rating to (current value - 10), minimum 1-this cost break is only gained when raising an attribute above 10. This Enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
Gifted ([Attribute]) (Any) : This Enhancement decreases the cost of purchasing the attribute which the Mega-Attribute is governed by, reducing the experience cost from (current value * 4) to (current value * 2). This Enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
[Attribute] Specialist (Any) : This Enhancement allows a Nova to reroll 10s in the mundane attribute (Strength for Mega-Strength, Dexterity for Mega-Dexterity, so on) without an applicable quality, and allows the nova to apply his Mega-Attribute dots to any roll, even without a dot in the ability. This enhancement costs nothing and is always on.



Cog of War: Your character's biceps are so huge they act as body armor. Novas with this Enhancement are ridiculously muscled to the point where any attack that attempts to hit their vital organs requires shooting through the equivalent of a brick wall. The Nova gains an additional (Mega-Strength * 2) -0 health levels, will constantly be accused of using steroids, and looks more than a little like an overmuscled cover-based FPS protagonist or a mitoid. Novas with this Enhancement seem to also be more likely than normal to become obsessed with chainsaws and chest high walls. This enhancement costs nothing (but your ability to fit through most doors) and is always on.
Cyclone: Weaker foes are as insects to you. A Nova with this Enhancement may pay 1 Quantum point after a successful grapple attack, allowing the Nova a reflexive Crush attack on the enemy immediately after grabbing her. If this reflexive attack kills the victim, the Nova may throw the victim aside casually or make one last use of the broken corpse as an impromptu projectile (aimed via Dexterity + Athletics). This Enhancement may be repurchased once, allowing the Nova to make multiple clinch attacks and throws in one round as long as each clinch successfully kills the victim, until the Nova either fails to kill a target or makes (Mega-Strength + 1) consecutive kills. This Enhancement lasts for a single attack and costs 1 Quantum per use.
Demolition: You are an unstoppable wrecking machine. Novas with this enhancement add 5 to their attack's AP rating for every dot of Mega-Strength against inanimate objects only. This enhancement costs 1 Quantum and lasts for attack.
Ferocity: Novas with Ferocity find that they can put so much violence into their blows that they can shatter armor plate, walls, or even tanks. This Enhancement adds (Mega-Strength) to the armor piercing rating of any unarmed or melee attack, costs nothing, and is always active.
Fist of God (requires Mega-Strength 6+, Quantum 6+): Novas with this Enhancement can punch so hard, you'd think you were hit by a nuclear weapon. When used, the Nova quadruples the AP rating of any unarmed or thrown attack he makes, and doubles the base damage dice. This Enhancement may be purchased one more time at Mega-Strength 8+, Quantum 8+, which lets it quadruple all damage adds to an unarmed or thrown attack, and one last time at Mega-Strength 10, Quantum 10, which allows the Nova to halve enemy soak against unarmed or thrown attacks (round down) before the attack's armor piercing is applied. This Enhancement costs 3 Quantum points to activate and lasts for a single attack.
Hypervelocity: The Nova can accelerate a small projectile to up to (Mega-Strength * 2) kilometers per second via muscle power alone, giving the Nova's thrown weapons unbelievable reach and deadliness. Any projectile massing less than (Mega-Strength) kg can be thrown with this enormous velocity. All small projectiles deal lethal damage, add (Mega-Strength * 2) to their armor penetration, are treated as bullets for dodge/block difficulties due to their immense velocities, and finally have their range increment multiplied by 5. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum point and lasts for a single attack.


Freeflow: Human traceurs can do feats of acrobatics that seem quite impossible to the untrained eye. Nova traceurs can do feats of acrobatics that are quite impossible to the naked eye. When this Enhancement is activated, the nova multiplies maximum jumping distances by (Mega-Dexterity + 1), may run across ceilings, walls, and other objects, and suffers no damage from falls. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum point and lasts for a scene.
Untouchable (requires Quantum 6+, Mega-Dexterity 6+): A Nova with this Enhancement is exceedingly fast and difficult to hit, dodging even speed of light or faster than light weapons, the blasts from nuclear explosions, or other attacks that normally would be undodgeable. The nova may dodge even undodgeable physical attacks, eliminates all penalties for dodging, and may always move just fast enough to dodge an area attack. Furthermore, if a nova fails to dodge an attack, he may pay 1 quantum point to buy an additional dodge success. This enhancement costs 3 Quantum points, plus whatever is spent on failed dodges, and lasts for an action.
Quantum Tunnelling (requires Quantum 6+, Mega-Dexterity 6+): A nova with this Enhancement may take advantage of macroscale quantum tunneling, phasing through seemingly impassable barriers. This enhancement allows a nova to defeat barriers up to (Mega-Dexterity) meters thick, or escape any restraints short of being imprisoned in more solid material than the nova can tunnel through. Note that because this is a form of locational indeterminacy, not teleportation or density decreasing, a nova may not use this to bypass the armor on a vehicle or person, and may only use it to surmount barriers or escape from restraints. This enhancement costs 1 Quantum point and lasts for a single obstacle.
Weapons Master: A Nova with this enhancement is an unparalleled master of every weapon, past, present, or future. This enhancement replaces any weapon's RoF with (Mega-Dexterity * 2) if the weapon normally fires slower, doubles its Range, and allows a Nova to reload a weapon reflexively. For melee weapons, a Nova may increase the maximum Strength a melee weapon can use by (Mega-Dexterity * 2). More importantly, all weapons in the Nova's hands gain +2 accuracy and +2 damage. This enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
Strider: A Nova with this enhancement can move on easily broken surfaces without difficulty, such as thin ice or even water-and running over hostile surfaces deals no damage to the nova. In addition, the Nova may wallrun on any surface for a brief period of time (1 combat round), allowing the Nova to climb to a height or scale gaps with a width of the Nova's sprint speed without a roll, as long as the Nova has a relatively unbroken surface to run on. This enhancement costs 1 Quantum to activate and lasts for a scene.


Blood and Tears: This Enhancement allows a Nova to pour his life into a goal-literally. The Nova may pay 1 aggravated health level instead of any willpower costs, up to (Mega-Stamina) times a scene. This enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
Masochist: Some novas enjoy pain. Others find it a useful tool, focusing them on the task at hand, reminding them that no matter how powerful they are, they are still mortal. Novas with this enhancement gain more than psychosomatic pleasure and ephemeral benefits from pain. When they get hurt, they get better at their job. A nova with this enhancement reverses all wound penalties (turning them into bonuses instead), making them more capable as they draw closer to death's door. This Enhancement removes flaws such as 'Low Pain Tolerance', forcing the character to pay the XP to buy them off, and as long as it is active, allows the nova to ignore wound penalty reductions gained from any and all sources. This Enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
I'll Be Back: You've been pulverised, vaporised, pulped and dissolved, but you just won't stay dead. The nova has (mega-stamina)x5 additional Incapacitated levels. These levels may only be filled with damage capable of incapacitating the nova. The health levels of your corpse are also multiplied by (mega-stamina +1), although mundane resuscitation techniques will not work beyond the standard track, as the body is beyond the reach of medical science. This enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
Marathon Man (requires Mega-Stamina 6+, Quantum 6+): Where other people get tired from repetitive work, you just get warmed up. This Enhancement allows a Nova to reverse difficulty penalties due to fatigue, transforming them into additional successes. The Nova does not need to roll Stamina + Resistance to gain these 'fatigue bonuses', instead automatically failing resistance rolls. The nova may gain a number of bonus successes or dice equal to (Mega-Stamina). However, this enhancement requires the nova to continuously work on the task at hand, and stopping, even for a minute, resets the bonus. This Enhancement costs 3 quantum points to activate and lasts for a single extended task.
Indestructible (requires Mega-Stamina 6+, Quantum 6+): Some Novas are nearly immune to weapons fire, laughing off even nuclear warheads without dying. This Enhancement allows a Nova to reduce all rolled damage after soak, halving the number of health levels filled with bashing, lethal, and aggravated damage as a result of hostile attacks (round final damage up). At Mega-Stamina 8, Quantum 8, the Nova may purchase this again, dividing all damage by 3 (after soak is factored in and damage is rolled, as usual), and at Mega-Stamina 10, Quantum 10 the Nova may purchase this one last time, dividing all final damage by 4. This Enhancement costs 3 quantum points to activate and lasts for a single attack.
Robust (M-Sta): Novas with this Enhancement are particularly adept at taking a terrible beating without dying, and gain an additional (Mega-Stamina * 2) -0 Health Levels. This Enhancement may be purchased up to (Mega-Stamina) times, costs nothing, and is always on.



Angle of Attack: Various forms of protection may deflect attacks, making it nearly impossible to hit someone. A nova with this Enhancement, though, can easily offset these protective barriers, slipping through them unimpeded. Against powers which increase the difficulty of attacks, the nova may reduce their difficulty increase by (Mega-Perception), down to a minimum of 0. This Enhancement costs 1 quantum point and lasts for a single attack.
Move Reading: The nova is instinctively and constantly evaluating nearby people and objects for threatening movements. When the nova is attacked, he may reduce any dodge difficulties against fast-moving attacks, speed of light weapons, hidden attackers, or even spread/area attacks by up to (Mega-Perception), down to a minimum of 0. This Enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
Zoom and Enhance: Like Poirot, you notice everything. Novas with this enhancement notice the faintest fear in someone's voice or the one grass blade out of place, and they can analyse a crime scene days after the fact. They may add (Mega-Perception) dice to any roll to notice clues or gather evidence, and ignore up to (Mega-Perception) difficulty penalties from disruption of a location they are investigating. This enhancement costs 1 Quantum and lasts for a single roll.
Achilles's Bane: A Nova with this Enhancement can find and exploit weak points far better than any baseline can, adding (Mega-Perception) to the maximum number of successes on an attack roll that apply as extra damage. For example, a Nova with this Enhancement and Mega-Perception 3 could apply up to 8 additional successes on an attack roll as additional damage, rather than only 5. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum to activate for an action.


Oracle (requires Mega-Intelligence 6+, Quantum 6+): A Nova with this Enhancement is so brilliant, they can calculate the future to near-perfect accuracy. A Nova with this ability may spend 3 Quantum points to reroll up to (Mega-Intelligence) failed dice on any roll, as they have seen the future and know potential points of failure or weaknesses in their plan of action. Alternatively, the Nova may spend 1 Quantum point to not take a failed action or transform a botch into a normal failure.
Emulation: A Nova with this Enhancement can emulate other, simpler minds with sufficient data, creating fully formed models which can be used to better manipulate or appeal to the subject. The nova gains (+Mega-Intelligence) bonus dice to any social roll as long as the nova has had enough research information (a detailed facebook page, a personal diary/journal, hours of constant social interaction, or any other way to find out their likes and dislikes and general personality) and at least twice the other party's intelligence (noting again that each dot of Mega-Intelligence counts as 2 dots of regular Intelligence). This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum point and lasts for a single roll.
Submind: The nova has enough spare processing ability to create fully-formed intellects, lesser than the Nova but still human-level in intellect. A nova with this enhancement can create 1 submind at Mega-Intelligence 1, doubling this number with each additional dot of Mega-Intelligence. Subminds have half of the Nova's mental attributes (round down, minimum of 1) and no mental Mega-Attributes, but possess all of a nova's abilities, and may make full use of the Nova's physical and social attributes if given control. Subminds do not have any body, but may be used to take over the managment of Concentration-duration powers, remotely control equipment (with the proper neural interfaces or cyberkinesis), or any other purely mental feat. This Enhancement costs 1 quantum point per scene to sustain, and last until the nova stops paying the quantum cost. At Quantum 6+ and Mega-Intelligence 6+, a repurchase of this Enhancement gives the nova's subminds Mega-Intelligence 1 and all the nova's Enhancements.
Simultaneity (requires Mega-Intelligence 6+, Quantum 6+): The nova's brilliance is such that he can work on a half-dozen or more problems simultaneously without losing any concentration. When active, the Nova's mind splits into (Mega-Intelligence) identical copies, which have all the nova's mental and social attributes and abilities, as well as all the nova's Mega-Attributes. These minds are entirely identical and do not allow the nova to act as an assistant to himself-but do allow the nova to do six things at once, as long as the nova has methods of interacting with the environment (telekinesis, computer-controlled remotes, telepathy, quantum constructs, and so on). Furthermore, if active, attempts to control the nova or influence his mental state require the power to successfully affect a majority of the nova's mental copies before they have any affect, although this provides no resistance against mind-reading. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum point and lasts for a scene.


FTL Reflexes (requires Mega-Wits 6+, Quantum 6+): The nova's nerve impulses now travel faster than light, carrying information back through time. The nova always acts first and declares last, unless facing another FTL Reflexes-enhanced nova (in which case both of them determine initiative order normally and everyone else goes behind them in normal initiative order). Furthermore, all characters without FTL Reflexes, Pretercognition, or any other form of causality violating information transfer add +2 difficulty to all rolls made to attack or defend against the nova in question, and the nova can ignore any attack difficulty penalties from Hypermovement or other similar powers. This Enhancement costs 3 Quantum points and lasts for a turn.
Indomitable: Novas with this Enhancement have superhuman willpower, withstanding mental stress which would crush lesser men and taking it in stride. This Enhancement adds +1 success to all willpower rolls, costs nothing, and is always on. Note that this does not alter the costs of improving willpower, nor does it give the Nova additional points of temporary willpower to spend. This Enhancement may be stacked up to (Mega-Wits) times.



Unsettling: Your very presence is enough to throw someone off their game. With a few carefully worded or intoned phrases, you can cause even the most eloquent to start tripping over their words and failing to impress. Roll Mega-Manipulation when this Enhancement is activated. Each success adds +1 difficulty to another character's social attribute-based rolls. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum and lasts for a single roll.
Better To Be Thought A Fool...: Some people are very, very good at making others look like bumbling incompetents. Novas can take that to the next level. A nova with this Enhancement can interfere with anyone's attempts to look, act, or sound qualified in any area-even if they are, in fact, qualified. This Enhancement reduces the effective (attribute + ability) total of the victim by Mega-Manipulation, as long as the roll is being made solely to show off or otherwise impress. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum and lasts for a single roll.


Xenophile: Attractiveness is based off of dozens of cues, some conscious, many subconscious, that work to create the whole of someone's appeal. Against alien life forms, compatibility is unlikely, but Novas with this enhancement can entirely bypass this, allowing them to be attractive to those they find attractive. This Enhancement allows a Nova's appearance score to apply normally and fully without penalty to sapient characters the Nova wishes to appeal to, no matter their normal race, biological incompatibilities, or sexual orientation. This Enhancement is always on and costs no quantum points.
Addictive (requires M-App 6+, Quantum 6+): The Nova's words are like opium, his very appearance as addictive as heroin. To use this Enhancement, a Nova spends 1 Quantum point and rolls Appearance against the Stamina + Resistance of an unfortunate victim. Success addicts the victim to the nova's presence, forcing her to succeed a Willpower roll, with a difficulty penalty of the nova's Mega-Appearance/2 (round up), to do anything which may endanger her ability to sate her addiction. Spending 1 Willpower point, similarly, will allow a character to overcome their addiction for a scene. The character will undergo withdrawal if kept from the Nova for more than a day, and will only be cured by being out of the Nova's influence for up to (Mega-Appearance) days. During this time, their dice pools are all halved, rounded down.
Heartstopper (requires M-App 6+, Quantum 6+): Mega-Appearance Novas are all beautiful. A Nova with this Enhancement is the most fascinatingly beautiful thing many will ever see, to the point where even a glance can be fatally distracting. The Nova spends 1 Quantum point to use this Enhancement, rolling her Appearance against the target's Willpower. Success means the victim is successfully distracted, suffering a difficulty penalty equal to the net successes rolled. The penalty fades at the rate of 1 per combat round in combat, or 1 per day outside of combat.

Altered Enhancements

Some of these Enhancements are from the three Mega-Attribute books: Brainwaves, Forceful Personalities, or The New Flesh.


  • Accuracy: replace system with: Accuracy adds +1 to the accuracy of all Nova powers, and increases the Nova's maximum aiming bonus by 3, to (Perception + 3), as well as adding 3 extra dice on the first turn of aiming. Accuracy may be purchased more than once to stack the improved power accuracy, but not further increase aiming ability.
  • Adaptability: Adaptability renders the Nova biologically immortal and adds (Mega-Stamina) dice to any roll to resist toxins or diseases which the Nova is not immune to.
  • Catfooted: replace system with: Catfooted adds 1 success to any contested Stealth roll, and all attempts to track the Nova's footprints without superhuman senses automatically fail as long as the Nova does not botch her stealth roll. This costs 1 Quantum and lasts for a scene.
  • Crush: replace system with: Crush turns all unarmed (Strike/Kick/etc) damage lethal by default (a character may still choose to do bashing damage instead). In addition, a Nova with the enhancement may pay 1 Quantum and wind up his attack for a turn to add 1 to the attack's damage add, to a maximum of the Nova's quantum/turn limit or (Mega-Strength * 3), whichever is lower. When charging Crush for additional damage, the attack may take the form of a Smackdown (Str + 6 damage) or be aimed for 1 or more turns, instead of being a normal strike.
  • Durability: replace system with: A character with Durability may spend 1 Quantum per round to downgrade up to (Mega-Stamina + 1) health levels inflicted on him per attack during that round from lethal to bashing or bashing to stun. Repurchasing this Enhancement allows the character to downgrade damage from aggravated to lethal as well.
  • Fast Tasks: On extended rolls which require effort and knowledge, divide the timeframe of a roll by (Mega-Dexterity). Simple tasks such as painting or gardening can be completed in one combat round (3 seconds). When Fast Tasks is active, a Nova may take advantage of their increased speeds, reloading, drawing, or changing ammunition for weapons as a reflexive action.
  • Hardbody: Hardbody only affects Mega-Stamina soak, giving the Nova an aggravated soak score equal to his Mega-Stamina score normally, or twice that if the Nova also has Resiliency.
  • Physical Prodigy: replace system with: +1 success to any Athletics, Performance, or other rolls based on physical prowess. This does not affect combat or dodge rolls. However, Physical Prodigy adds a bonus die to all Athletics rolls, including dodge.
  • Rapid Strike: Rapid Strike adds [Mega-Dexterity] dice to any melee damage roll.
  • Regeneration: In addition to being able to regenerate bashing and lethal damage in-combat for 1Q/HL, a Nova with Regeneration heals (Mega-Stamina + 1) levels of bashing or lethal damage per hour and heals half that many levels of aggravated damage each day outside of combat. Regeneration allows a Nova to regrow missing limbs or organs in (30/Mega-Stamina) days. Regeneration may be purchased twice, which doubles its passive out-of-combat healing rates, allows it to function even if the character is Incapacitated, as well as allowing the character to regenerate from Aggravated damage. Aggravated damage costs 5 Quantum/health level to heal in this fashion.
  • Shockwave: Shockwave deals (Strength + [Mega-Strength * 2])B damage to an area [Mega-Strength x 10]m in radius, and forces a Strength + Athletics roll at Difficulty 3 to stay upright or fall prone.
  • Thunderclap: Thunderclap deals (Strength + [Mega-Strength * 2])B damage to soft targets in an area [Mega-Strength x 10]m in radius, and those in that radius must roll Stamina + Resistance, difficulty equal to the number of levels of bashing damage they have taken, or be deafened. Surgery is required to repair this damage in baselines, but Novas regain their hearing immediately after healing the bashing damage.


  • Awe-Inspiring/Face of Terror: Both Enhancements are now a single Enhancement, "Face of Divinity". replace system with: This Enhancement gives +(Mega-Appearance) dice on social rolls where looking impressive is especially useful (commanding/etc), as well as on rolls where inducing terror may provide an advantage (for example, on torture). In especially fitting situations, a character may be able to add 1 success to the roll along with the bonus dice. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum and lasts for the scene.
  • Commanding Presence: replace system with: +(Mega-Charisma) bonus dice on social rolls which use superior rank or social class as an element of persuasion. In especially fitting situations, a character may be able to add 1 success to the roll along with the bonus dice. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum and lasts for the scene.
  • Fade: replace system with: The Nova adds +(Mega-Appearance) bonus dice to stealth rolls made against non-autonomous electronic surveillance. The Nova's ability to effectively "photoshop" herself out of things like reflections, computer images, or whatnot have no effect on autonomous systems such as living beings or AI surveillance. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a scene.
  • Immaculate: replace system with: The Nova gains an additional +(Mega-Appearance) dice for Style rolls to look good, and never gets dirty. Notably because they never get dirty, they gain +(Mega-Appearance) bonus dice to resist disease, in the rare event that a disease capable of overwhelming a Nova's immune system exists in the environment. This Enhancement costs nothing and is always on.
  • Incognito: replace system with: The Nova subtracts -(Mega-Appearance) dice from any attempt to identify him or her by memory or descriptions created by these memories. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a scene.
  • Inquisitor: replace system with: The Nova adds +(Mega-Manipulation) dice to any Sway roll based on Interrogation or finding the truth. This explicitly does not work for creating false confessions, despite the name of the Enhancement. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a scene.
  • Inspiration: replace system with: Pay 1 Quantum point to give a person or group +1d to accomplish an action that you have led them towards. This dice bonus lasts until the task is completed or for (Mega-Charisma) days, whichever comes first and can apply to any roll directly related to the goal. Multiple sources of Inspiration do not stack. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a scene.
  • Natural Agitator: replace system with: Pay 1 Quantum point to make a social roll via Charisma + Relevant Social Ability, creating Casual Sway, which as a difficulty of (Average Wits). Difficulty is further increased by +1 for a crowd of 11-100 people, +2 for 101-1000 people, and another +1 for every tenfold increase in a group's numbers. Members of a group may roll their average Willpower to resist beyond that. Success creates points of Casual Sway applicable to the entire group. Note that as Casual Sway, Natural Agitator cannot be used to get a group to do something which it isn't already inclined to do.
  • Pedagogue: replace system with: +(Mega-Charisma) bonus dice to all Instruction rolls. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a roll.
  • Persona: replace system with: The nova may overlay a completely false personality over his or her own at the cost of 3 Quantum points per scene. This personality temporarily overwrites the nova's Virtue and Vice with its own and can only be detected with a successful Rapport roll with a difficulty of +(Mega-Charisma + 3), or Telepathy roll with a difficulty of +(Mega-Charisma + 1). As a side benefit, the Nova may use this to become a better actor, gaining +(Mega-Charisma) additional dice to any acting rolls.
  • Persuader: replace system with: Reduce the target's willpower by (Mega-Manipulation) when calculating the amount of Casual Sway needed to start creating Intimate Sway, minimum 1 effective Willpower. Costs no Quantum points and is always on.
  • Seductive: replace system with: +(Mega-Charisma) bonus dice to rolls made to create Sway via sexual attractiveness. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a scene.
  • Seductive Looks: replace system with: +(Mega-Appearance) dice to any Sway roll where additional sexuality could be an additional advantage. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a scene.
  • Trickster: replace system with: +(Mega-Manipulation) to any roll made to create Sway that would convince a character of a fundamental untruth or otherwise deceive them. In especially fitting situations, a character may be able to add 1 success to the roll along with the bonus dice. This Enhancement requires 1 Quantum to activate for a scene.
  • The Voice: replace system with: Spend 1 Quantum to make a Sway roll via Manipulation + Relevant Social Ability, creating Intimate Sway, which has a difficulty of (Opponent's Wits). The victim may roll Willpower to resist. The timeframe of this action is 1 combat turn, but this can only be applied to one target and only may apply once per scene. Sway generated by The Voice cannot have its duration extended at all-it only lasts for the instant in question.


  • Body Awareness: In addition to the minor benefits gained, Body Awareness also gives anyone operating on or attempting to treat the Nova in question +(Mega-Perception) additional dice to their medicine rolls as long as the Nova has had time to advise the doctor in question (or the Nova is treating/diagnosing himself). More critically, when diagnosing or treating a Nova with Body Awareness who is capable of giving real-time advice, a doctor can reroll all failed dice in his dice pool once. Rerolled dice which come up as failures may not be rerolled.
  • Discerning Mind: replace system with: +(Mega-Intelligence) dice to any roll to resist Sway. Furthermore add +(Mega-Intelligence) to the character's Willpower when determining the points of casual way necessary to create intimate sway.
  • Eidetic Memory: The Nova may in effect have up to [Mega-Intelligence + 3] "phantom" dots of knowledge abilities stored in his memory, with no single "phantom" ability having a rating higher than (Mega-Intelligence/2 or 3, whichever is lower, round up) dots. These dots act as the ability in all respects, but are not actually purchased.
  • Electromagnetic Vision: The Enhancement stays in effect for a scene. Adds (+Mega-Perception + 1) dice for sight rolls instead of +3d.
  • Hyperenhanced Hearing: The Enhancement stays in effect for a scene. Adds (+Mega-Perception + 1) dice for hearing rolls instead of +3d.
  • Inventive Genius: replace system with: +(Mega-Intelligence) dice to any roll made related to inventing or developing a new technology. Inventive Genius is always applicable for gadget construction.
  • Mental Prodigy (Any): replace system with: +(Mega-Intelligence) dice to any roll made related to the field in question. Mental Prodigy: Tactics still adds +3 Initiative.
  • Multitasking: replace system with: Multitasking reduces multiple action penalties by (Mega-Wits). Multitasking is a permanent Enhancement which is always on and costs no Quantum points.
  • Quickness: Quickness actions may explicitly not be split into multiple actions, and moreover allow all actions, including the use of Quantum powers. A Nova may not take any more Quickness actions than he or she has Mega-Wits.
  • Razor Wit: replace system with: A use of Razor Wit can add +(Mega-Wits) to the difficulty of any action related to the insult in question until the opponent succeeds. Alternatively, Razor Wit can be used as a directionless taunt, forcing an opponent to roll Willpower at a difficulty of (+Mega-Wits - 1) or else attack the Mega-Witty comedian in a fit of rage. Enemies with Hormonal Imbalance (Rage) or any similar flaws suffer from both effects automatically, and add any difficulty penalties to keep their temper in check to the difficulty of the Willpower roll. Razor Wit costs 1 Quantum point per cheap shot.
  • Node Resistance (was originally Taint Resistance): Node Resistance now reduces the mental disorders gained from high Node by 1 per level of Mega-Intelligence, rather than reducing the Taint gained from Node by that amount.
  • Unfazeable: replace system with: +(Mega-Wits) dice to any roll to resist Sway. Furthermore add +(Mega-Wits) to the character's Willpower when determining the points of casual way necessary to create intimate sway.

New Powers


Level: 3
Quantum Minimum: 3
Dice Pool: Varies
Duration: Varies
Effect: Character can manipulate Eufiber with increased aptitude. The Colony has this power at rating 10 (Mastery 3) and several of its minions have this power to lesser degrees.

Description: This power allows a Nova to manipulate eufiber to an increased degree, allowing for further enhancement, finer control, and even several offensive options. Weave provides a list of techniques, one of which a character masters per dot of Weave. Like all suite powers, unmastered techniques cost double Quantum and suffer a +1 difficulty penalty. Characters may choose from the techniques listed here, or make up their own, with the Storyteller's permission and approval.


Dice Pool: Weave
Duration: Permanent
The Nova's eufiber is more resistant to external control attempts. Add +1 difficulty per dot of Weave to any attempts to take control of, alter, or disable the Nova's eufiber. Against chemicals such as Eu-freeze, roll Weave. Success on the roll prevents any effect. Fortitude is an automatic technique learned when a character takes the Weave power at any rating.


Dice Pool: N/A
Duration: Permanent
The Nova's attuned eufiber draws quantum out of ambient sources and does not need as much Quantum. Reduce the quantum/day requirement of Eufiber by 1/day per dot in Weave, to a minimum of 0 Quantum/day. Efficiency is an automatic technique learned at no cost when a character takes the Weave power at any rating.


Dice Pool: N/A
Duration: Permanent
The Nova can channel additional quantum into her Eufiber, hardening it even further on a temporary basis. The Nova may spend quantum points to harden her Eufiber's structure and cancel out incoming energy of any sort, adding +3B/3L/3A soak to the Nova's Eufiber per quantum point spent for 1 turn as it tightens around the Nova in an impenetrable carapace. The Nova may spend up to (Weave) quantum points this way per turn.

Electronic Interface

Dice Pool: N/A
Duration: Permanent
The Nova may warp his Eufiber to a more extreme degree, creating microfine tendrils that can work on very small scales, computer interfaces, and other tools capable of working with electronics. The Nova's Eufiber is now not only capable of replacing simple tools, it can replace most electronic ones, adding +1d to any attempts to bypass electronic security or hack computers per dot in the background.


Dice Pool: (Stamina + Weave, automatic)
Duration: Maintenance
The Nova can channel additional quantum into her Eufiber, supercharging its characteristics and improving its ability to enhance and protect the wearer. The Nova pays the power cost and gains a pool of (Stamina + Weave) points to enhance his physical characteristics. Each point may buy an additional +1B/1L/0A to the Eufiber's soak, +1 to Strength or Stamina, or +1 to an ability Eufiber enhances. Increasing Dexterity by 1 or increasing soak by +1B/1L/1A costs 2 points.


Dice Pool: (Manipulation + Weave)
Duration: Maintenance
The nova can absorb eufiber into his body, allowing him to gain its full bonuses in effectively any situation. The successes rolled on the (Manipulation + Weave) activation roll is the difficulty to detect the eufiber by close examination, as casual examination is insufficient to detect it.


Dice Pool: Weave, automatic
Duration: Permanent
The Nova gains additional control over the shapeshifting of his Eufiber and has integrated it deeper into his body, allowing it to create more complex systems such as surrogate organs, skeletal reinforcements, filtration systems, and other biomechanics. The Nova may manifest up to (Weave) physical body modifications via the use of her Eufiber. Any health levels gained from the use of this power are temporary and injuries that fill those health levels will be retained on the Nova when the power is deactivated, resulting in potentially life-threatening situations. Eufiber may not emulate mental or social body modifications and may not change the wearer's size.


Dice Pool: N/A
Duration: Permanent
The Nova learns to rearrange the structures in Eufiber into processing elements, turning it into a full-fledged computer system. The Eufiber becomes a powerful computer system that has an effective Intelligence equal to the Nova's Weave score and all Intelligence-based abilities equal to the Nova, allowing it to function as a lab assistant, hacking aid, or other system. As it is a computer, not a human mind, it possesses eidetic memory and gains an automatic success on all mathematics related rolls.

Forced Symbiosis

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Weave
Duration: Instant
The Nova may forcibly attune another Nova or baseline to Eufiber against their will. The Nova rolls (Manipulation + Weave) against the opponent's (Stamina + Resistance). Success means the parasitic eufiber bonds to the unwilling host, failure means the Nova must try again. Forcing this symbiosis means the Eufiber is bonded to the host and the host gains all its benefits (and penalties). Baselines bonded to Eufiber gain its benefits until it runs out of power, after which the material is essentially inert.

Forced Attunement

Dice Pool: Weave
Duration: Instant
The Nova may attune another colony of Eufiber, assimilating it. The Nova rolls (Weave) against a difficulty equal to the Eufiber's rating. Success means the Nova takes control of the Eufiber, which adds a bonus success to all attempts to manipulate it, allows the Nova to use powers that target his own Eufiber colony (such as Enhancement and Transfiguration) on it, and renders it immune to the Nova's powers as well. This change of ownership is permanent.


Dice Pool: N/A
Duration: Permanent
The Nova may see through the eyes of any Eufiber he has attuned as if he was there, and talk through it to the wearer.


Dice Pool: Manipulation + Weave
Duration: Concentration
The Nova may take over the body of an opponent wearing Eufiber. Subversion works similarly to Domination, except it adds a number of dice equal to the target's Eufiber rating to the roll (and uses Weave instead of Domination), is resisted by (Stamina + Resistance) instead of (Willpower), and is not affected by Psychic Shield. As Subversion only affects the physical body it may not be used to get the victim to tell you information or take any mental actions.


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Weave
Duration: Varies
The Nova may slowly rewrite the mind of a victim wearing Eufiber, influencing their thoughts. Imprinting works identically to Hypnosis on short time periods, but over long time periods (months, years, centuries) may be used to slowly brainwash the subject, rolling (Intelligence + Weave + Target's Eufiber Rating) against the subject's (Stamina + Resistance) every month. The total number of successes required range from 1 (making them like or dislike a minor thing that they previously were ambivalent about) to 5 (minor changes) to 20 (editing memories) or even 100+ (total personality rewrite).

Iron Maiden

Dice Pool: Wits + Weave
Duration: Concentration
The Nova can turn the opponent's Eufiber from protective aegis to cancerous threat, growing needle-fine probes into the body that erupt into organ-shredding monofilament webs. The Nova rolls (Wits + Weave + Target's Eufiber Rating) against the subject's (Stamina + Resistance) at the beginning of her action as long as she is maintaining the power. Each net success the Nova rolls becomes one level of unsoakable lethal damage. Outside of combat, this can be used as a torture method.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Weave
Duration: Instant
The Nova can drain an opponent's Eufiber quantum storage, rolling (Stamina + Weave + Target's Eufiber Rating) against the subject's (Stamina + Resistance). Each success drains a point of Quantum from the opponent, which is immediately stored in the eufiber or discarded into the environment as an effect that thematically represents the Nova's powerset (so a fire-based Nova's excess quantum would scorch the surroundings, an ice-based Nova might freeze nearby objects solid, etc.)


Dice Pool: Strength + Weave
Duration: Instant
The Nova may also weaken an opponent's Eufiber colony, turning it from staunch friend to useless parasite. The Nova rolls (Strength + Weave) against the subject's Eufiber rating. Each success subtracts 1 from the Eufiber's effective rating. The actual Eufiber rating still improves the Nova's powers, such as Iron Maiden, but the Eufiber's benefits are lost. This lasts for as long as the power is maintained. Eufiber temporarily reduced to a rating of 0 provides no benefit whatsoever. Crippled Eufiber 'heals' at the rate of 1 dot a day.


Level: 1
Duration: Instant
Range: Self
Quantum Minimum: 2
Dice Pool: Wits + Arsenal
This power allows a Nova to store certain types of items in an alternate dimension for retrieval on demand. Upon purchase, the type of item stored in an arsenal has to be chosen, such as "ranged weapons" (covers all sorts of firearms, heavy weapons, etc), "explosives" (rockets, grenades, their launchers, and so on), "tools" (various toolkits and medical/engineering equipment), "melee weapons" (blades, clubs, etc.), and so on. Only items of this type can be placed in an Arsenal. Under no circumstances can an Arsenal store unwilling objects or living beings, and while inside the Arsenal the effects of aging and whatnot are stopped.

Arsenal allows the storage of (Wits + [Arsenal*2]) different individual items in this pocket dimension, as long as each has an individual mass less than or equal to (Wits + Arsenal + Quantum) * 5 kilograms. These items may be retrieved as an unrolled action. To attune an object to a Nova's Arsenal requires approximately ten minutes of familiarization with the object and its use, and under no circumstances can a Nova commit a weapon or device he or she believes to be immediately dangerous to his or her Arsenal. A Nova can attune and commit a railgun or a block of C4, for example, but a nuclear bomb with 30 minutes on the timer cannot be added to her Arsenal.

If a Nova loses this power by any means (Disrupt or Dormancy being the most common), the weapons in this pocket dimension reappear in normal space, scattered unpredictably in a 10 meter radius around the Nova.

Versatile: A Versatile Arsenal may store two types of item in them, such as "guns and grenades", "tools and guns", "tools and food", or so on.
Oversize: A nova with this extra may store oversized items. Oversize items take up (Mass/Maximum Arsenal Mass) slots in a Nova's Arsenal, rounded up.
Bottomless Reserves: A nova with this extra may store ammunition in their Arsenal for weapons which require it. Muscle-powered or placed weapons and tools that tend to be expended in use (such as throwing stars, grenades, explosives, antibiotics) are counted as ammunition, but self-contained systems that happen to be expendable do not.
Reflexive: As normal, but particularly useful here.
Explosive Ordinance Disposal: A Nova may now commit immediately dangerous objects to his Arsenal, such as containers full of acid about to crack, nuclear bombs with live fuses, a bundle of dynamite with a lit fuse, or so on. These items can only be stored for up to (Arsenal) days and then are involuntarily expelled from the dimensional pocket, so it's a delaying method rather than a cure.

Radiant Conversion

Level: 5
Duration: Concentration (Quantum + Power Rating rounds to charge)
Range: (Quantum + Power Rating) * 100 kilometers
Quantum Minimum: 8
Dice Pool: Wits + Radiant Conversion
This power allows a Nova to convert a small percentage of a discrete object into electromagnetic energy at 100% efficiency, creating the rough equivalent of a very large nuclear weapon. When activated, the character rolls (Wits + Radiant Conversion), adding a number of automatic successes equal to Quantum, and charges the power for (Quantum + Power Rating) rounds, during which the character must concentrate on charging this power and may take no other action. Losing concentration at this point causes the Nova to take (Power Rating * 2) unsoakable levels of aggravated damage due to channeling so much energy and wastes the activation cost. This bomb is assumed to vaporize everything in a 1 kilometer radius per success rolled, and destroy almost anything which isn't as tough as a tank up to a distance of 5 kilometers per success rolled, although a sufficient combination of size, toughness, and distance can provide protection. As this is a strategic-level weapon, its effects on characters are best left handwaved. The object at the center doubles all post-soak damage from this power use. Note that although the character is immune to being converted, the character is not immune to the effects of the now-converted matter.

Characters with sufficient cover caught in the secondary radius are capable of surviving, although they will almost certainly be picked up and flung bodily at extreme speeds (up to 40L [10] damage, decreasing by 8L [2] per [successes rolled] kilometers) and take significant amounts of radiation damage (20A [10], decreasing by 5A [2] per [successes rolled] kilometers). Characters caught in the fireball are likely instantly dead, unless they have an incredible amount of lethal and aggravated soak (ideally a lethal soak of 100+ and an aggravated soak of 50+) in which case they "merely" retain (Quantum + Highest Defensive Power Rating) health levels after being directly exposed to a multigigaton fireball, with all other HLs filled by aggravated damage.