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Physical Body Modifications

Mental Body Modifications

Social Body Modifications

These Are The Old Bodymods

Note that these are the 2.0-compatible body modifications (as 2.1 is a prototype) and have not been changed from then. The 2.1 revisions are above.

General Notes

Body Modifications are any traits that provide permanent, inhuman alterations of a character's form, giving them new permanent abilities. Body modifications often take the forms of cybernetic or surgical modification, but a nova's powers influence the appearance and specifics of their body modifications, which may often defy scientific scrutiny (tendrils of energy, etc). Body modifications, though, are unlike powers in that they are always a part of the Nova. They can still have effect even when a nova is dormed down, allowing for useful surprises, and although no match for actual powers in both cost-effectiveness and power, can provide additional edges.

Experience costs with a slash between them means there are two versions of the modification with different costs.

Attribute Bonuses

Attribute bonuses from body modification apply to mundane uses of the attribute, but not quantum power effects (the sole exception is the accuracy of certain powers, like Quantum Bolt or Disintegrate or Stun Attack). On the flipside, they don't increase the cost of increasing the attribute. A character with Strength 4 and two purchases of PSE (Strength + 2) pays (4 * 4 = 16), not (6 * 4 = 24) XP to buy a new dot of strength, and if she pays for that new dot, should list her strength as 5 + 2, rather than 7.

New Background

New Background: Enhancement: A Psion or neutral with this background has submitted their body to cybernetic or biotechnological reconstruction, augmenting their natural abilities with additional modification. Enhancement provides a character with 10/20/34/48/60 XP of body modifications to be distributed as a character sees fit. This is one of few the methods a Psion or neutral may attempt to compete with Novas-jacking up attributes via Enhancement and hoping for the best.

Enhancements Above 5: Enhancements may be raised above 5 in the case of unethical experiments like the Huang-Marr project, exhumans, superscience experiments, or people who make a living out of fighting superhumans like Novas. Enhancement ratings of 6-10 provide 74/90/108/128/150 XP for body modifications.

Nova Enhancement: Novas may not support Enhancement-their bodies channel Quantum via their M-R node, but Nova powers are much less subtle and their side effects course throughout the body, the Nova's only protection being their complete immunity to their own superhuman ability. A Nova must pay the full XP cost to purchase their body modifications without being able to take advantage of the greatly reduced cost of the Enhancements background, representing either the Nova growing the body modifications of their own volition, or acclimatizing to the surgery, integrating the augmentations into their own self-image.

General Bodymods

Inhuman (Attribute) (6 XP per attribute): A character with Inhuman (Attribute) can raise one physical, mental, or social attribute (chosen during the purchase of this body modification) to any level, ignoring normal caps, as long as the character has sufficient experience. This body modification may be bought up to 9 times, allowing the character to raise all their attributes to any level. This is normally a Nova-only body modification, although it may not be in certain games.

Implant Only

These body modifications can only be purchased via Enhancement.


Counter-Intrusion Mesh (8 XP): To defend against enemy intrusion into a user's cybernetic implants, this bioapp was created. A organic mesh with electrokinetic abilities, this biotech implant counteracts enemy electrokinetics (and cyberkinetics). The Counter-Intrusion Mesh adds +2 difficulty on all rolls to affect the user's augmentations via subversive powers such as electrokinesis and cyberkinesis. If formatted, this bonus increases to +4. The mesh is a bioapp and has Tolerance 2.
Noetic Shielding (15 XP): Noetic shielding is an anti-aberrant system implanted into anyone who might see direct combat with Aberrants. It adds +2 to the difficulty of all attempts to affect the user with Quantum powers, and +4 to all soak values (bashing, lethal, and aggravated) for the user against quantum powers. If formatted, it adds +4 difficulty and +8 to soak against quantum powers. This shielding system is a bioapp, with Tolerance 3.



Physical Structure Enhancement (4/8 XP): The character gains +1 to a physical attribute. In Novas, PSEs manifest themselves in a variety of ways, from the scientifically plausible to the totally supernatural. PSEs cost 4 XP if raising Strength or Stamina, and 8 XP if raising Dexterity. A character may not have more than +5 in a single attribute from Physical Structure Enhancement.
Long-Lived (2/3/4 XP): The character has a significantly longer lifespan. At 2 XP, the character's lifespan is doubled (to ~160-200 years with 21st century medical care), increasing the time in his or her prime by ~70-90 years. At 3 XP, the character's lifespan is quadrupled (to ~320-400 years with 21st century medical care), and most of this increase is again, in the prime of his life. At 4 XP, the character is biologically immortal and will stay in their prime forever, aging ceasing as soon as they hit biological maturity at around 20-25. This body modification also provides the benefit of improved disease and cancer resistance, adding +1 to Stamina to reduce the effects of diseases or toxins.
Augmented Strength (8 XP): The character has drastically superhuman strength from non-quantum sources-an example would be a full conversion cyborg using nanotube actuators. Each purchase of Augmented Strength adds [1] to the character's strength, giving 1 success on Strength rolls involving brute force or adding +2 to Strength for weapons handling purposes, and increases the character's lifting capacity by 100%-one purchase doubles it, two triples it, etc. Every 2 purchases adds a damage add of [1] to unarmed attacks made by the character. A character may only purchase this body modification if their normal Strength is above 5, and may purchase this modification only once per dot of Strength above 5.


Armor Piercing (1-10 XP per weapon modified): The character's natural weapons are equipped with superior armor penetrating characteristics, adding 1 point of Armor Piercing per point of AP. Remember that AP affects non-Impervious power-granted soak and armored soak, but not natural soak.
Fangs(1 XP): The character has semi-retractable fangs, which can retract partially to look like cute little fangs or extend to puncture skin. These fangs allow the character to make a Brawl-based bite attack at +1 difficulty dealing (Strength + 0L) damage. A must for your Nova vampire wannabe.
Strike Faces (2 XP): The character has hard and dense solid plates over the knuckles, knees, and elbows, adding +1 to unarmed strike damage.
Retractable Blades (1-5 XP): Implanted (or ingrown) retractable blades cost 2 XP per every +1L damage they do. Str + 1L damage blades are worth 1 XP, while Str + 5L damage blades are worth 5 XP and tend to be the length and mass of longswords. Retractable blades are difficulty +2 to detect when retracted and have AP:1 by default. Retractable blade damage is considered armed and does not stack with unarmed damage increasers.
Predator Jaw (6 XP): The character's jaw and teeth are modified and optimized for tearing through flesh and crushing bone, allowing the character to make bite attacks with Brawl, which are at +1 difficulty and deal (Str + 4L) damage with AP:2. Bite attacks can also be used in the middle of a grappling attack. The strengthened, hardened jaw is generally obvious.
Shears (3 XP): The character's jaw can dislocate and has augmented musculature and hardened, sharpened teeth, allowing the character to bite through most materials. If the character can bite a target (during a clinch, for example), these shears take 1 turn to set up and cannot be used as part of a multiple action (they are designed for power rather than speed) but deal (Str + 5L [2]) damage with an AP rating of (Strength). Mega-Strength adds +2 to the AP rating per dot.
Integrated Weapon (4/8/12 XP): Baselines with cybernetic replacements and Novas which desire it may end up installing or outright growing integrated weapons. The character may have to reload the weapon from a hidden port, or may generate ammunition in his or her body. The former allows quick reloading and ammunition variety, while the latter requires no feed port to load magazines into, but the character only regenerates (Stamina) rounds of ammunition per hour and chooses a single ammunition type to use. It costs 4 XP to integrate a pistol or SMG sized weapon (conceal J or below), 8 XP to integrate a long arm such as a shotgun or assault rifle (anything conceal O or below), and 12 XP to integrate something completely absurd such as a heavy machine gun or anti-tank missile launcher. Any weapon significantly larger than a HMG (i.e. with a mass more than 50 kg) cannot be integrated due to size reasons. Integrated weapons are difficulty +2 to detect when retracted.
Quills/Spines (5 XP): A Nova with this has a coating of spines on his body, is naturally edged, or otherwise can easily cause harm to someone he or she touches. The Nova's unarmed attacks now deal lethal damage, and anyone who touches the Nova more than casually takes (Stamina)L damage (up to 5L). Repurchasing this enhancement once either makes the damage voluntary or increases the damage cap to 10L. Repurchasing this enhancement twice adds both benefits.
Caustic Blood (4/6 XP): The character has blood that is hostile to people around him and the environment as well. His blood may be acidic, full of flesh-eating enzymes he alone is immune to, or smart nanotech that spontaneously combusts when it touches an enemy. Whatever it is, if he takes lethal damage, his blood sprays (levels of damage taken) meters, dealing a base of 8L damage with AP (2) to everyone inside the radius. At the ST's discretion, certain types of lethal damage such as lasers or fire may prevent this from happening. Toxic blood costs 4 XP if indiscriminate, 6 XP if it only damages things the Nova wants damaged (the aformentioned combusting smart nanos). It may be stacked up to (Stamina/2, round up) times, each additional purchase adding +1 to AP and +4L damage.
Toxin Generation (6 XP + 2 XP/additional): The character possesses the ability to generate and store a deadly biotoxin. The character is immune to his own biotoxin, and generates (Stamina) doses per day, storing up to (Stamina * 2) doses. Upon purchase, a single biotoxin and method of delivery are chosen. After purchase, the character may choose additional toxins or delivery methods for 2 XP each. Delivery methods are listed below.
Nematocysts: Transfers toxin upon skin-skin contact.
Bodily Fluid: Transfers toxin upon exposure to bodily fluid (saliva, blood, etc.)
Envenomed Weapon: Toxic natural weapons (e.g. bite, claws, etc). Each purchase of this delivery method envenoms a single natural weapon.
Toxin Effuser: Can exhale the toxin.
Bioelectrical Dynamo (2/8 XP): The character generates a surplus of electrical power, which may be conducted through the body. The cheaper, 2 XP version is useless for attacking, but allows a character to damage or reset exposed circuitry, power a lightbulb, recharge a laptop, or other useful minor tricks. A character with the 8 XP version generates more power and can channel more of it, allowing her to deal either Str+6B damage (up to 2xStamina times/hour), or Str+6L damage + 6d EMP (once/hour). Using the lethal damage mode deals 2 unsoakable bashing health levels to the user. The more expensive variant also reduces the damage of electrical attacks by 1 health level post-soak and grants an immunity to tasers due to improved insulation.


Scarification (1 XP): The character's skin is thick, scarred, and callused, adding +1B/0L armored soak. This often comes with being horribly deformed (as the flaw).
Tough Skin (3 XP): A character with tough skin has armored skin that can ward off small-caliber bullets and glancing knife blows, adding 1B/2L armored soak. Tough Skin does not increase penalties for wearing additional armor.
Subdermal Armor Mesh (6 XP): A character's skin is heavily reinforced, adding 2B/4L armored soak. This armor is not inherently visible, but greatly alters the texture of the skin, meaning that it can be discovered by touch. This replaces tough skin and has the same interaction rules with other sources of armored soak.
Dermal Plating (6 XP): A character with Subdermal Plating gains 4B/4L armored soak, but the armor is obvious to onlookers if the character wears skintight or revealing clothing, as it takes the form of heavy bone, metal, or chitin plates under the skin. As a cybernetic implant, dermal plating is generally done via implanting self-healing ballistic plastic plates just below the skin. Dermal plating counts as armor for the purposes of armor stacking.
Exoskeleton (8 XP): A character with this body modification has no visible skin, replacing it with hardened metal or chitin plates that give him 6B/6L stackable armored soak, but counts as worn armor for the purposes of armor stacking and has a -1 armor penalty. This modification replaces Dermal Plating.
Reinforced Armor (3 XP): This body modification further adds additional armoring to the character, thickening dermal pates or adding even thicker plates to a character's exoskeleton. Reinforced armor adds +2B/2L to the soak the character's dermal plating or exoskeleton provide, but the increased armor (especially around joints) restricts movement no matter how flexible it is, giving the armor an effective penalty of -1.
Low-Friction Skin (2 XP): The character's skin on all parts of the body save the soles, fingers, and palms is modified to be extremely slippery to the touch and hard to get ahold of. Mostly useful for martial artists, this enhancement adds +1 difficulty for any attempts to hold the character, and +1d to slip through tight spaces or restraints, if it should be necessary. This generally gives the character's skin a "wet" or "oily" sheen to it which is distinctive close-up.
Sharkskin (2 XP): The character's skin is covered in hard sharp ridges, allowing for better grips on objects. Attempts to disarm the character are at +1 difficulty, as well as any attempt to knock her down or move her as long as she is barefoot. The character may also cause distracting and painful surface wounds (damage 1B) by roughly brushing against someone, and gains +1 to Dexterity for swim speeds due to superior hydrodynamic qualities.
Energy Shunts (6 XP): The character has implanted thermal superconductor shunts which evenly distribute and disperse the heating effects of energy weapons, reducing damage from energy attacks by 1 success after soak.
Thermal Capacitor Mesh (6 XP): The character's skin is impregnated by a thermal weave that can store and safely jettison excess heat, reducing damage from flame-based attacks by 1 success after soak.
Low-Profile Armor (6 XP): The character's armoring is altered to look and feel natural. Transforming the large plates of dermal plating into dense intramuscular and subdermal meshes with the same texture as human tissue, allowing low-friction skin or sharkskin to be turned off, and other modifications allow the character to disguise their modifications, adding +2 to any Awareness roll difficulties to detect them. Heavy exoskeletons may not be disguised.
Hyperdense Skeleton (6 XP): A hyperdense skeleton is abnormally heavy and solid, sometimes just out of increased bone density but it is not uncommon for a Nova to end up with bones plated in some sort of dense heavy metal such as adamantium. Novas with hyperdense skeletons add +1 damage to unarmed melee attacks, 2B/1L soak, and because of the greatly reduced chance of breaking limbs, doubles the character's safe fall distance. Terminal fall damage stays the same, as the increased skeletal mass also increases terminal velocity. Purchasing hyperdense skeleton twice allows the Nova to deal +2 damage with unarmed blows due to the hardness of his skeleton, increases the Nova's soak against damage by 3B/2L instead of 2B/1L, and renders the Nova's bones practically unbreakable, tripling safe fall distances.
Flexible Skeleton (6 XP): A Nova with a flexible skeleton has a skeleton that bends rather than breaking under extreme stress, which grants increased blunt trauma tolerance. If the Nova would take bashing damage, that damage is reduced by 1 level (minimum 1 level) after soak as bones bend momentarily rather than snap. Furthermore, as only soft-tissue damage is inflicted, the Nova heals Bashing damage as if it was 1 level lower.
High Tissue Density (3 XP): A character with this body modification is roughly twice as dense as the norm, which is inconvenient if you want to swim but otherwise useful for survival. High tissue density grants +2B/1L soak from tougher internal tissues. Unlike most other body modifications, this is natural soak. This enhancement may be purchased twice, increasing the soak bonus to 3B/2L and tripling the character's mass.


Enhanced Antibodies (2 XP): The character gains +1 automatic success to resist poison or disease.
Filtration System (2 XP): The respiratory and digestive system of the character is enhanced with biochemical filters. A character gains +2 to resist any toxins or diseases with this body modification. Against weaker chemical agents such as tear gas or alcohol, the character may automatically succeed the required resistance rolls.
High-Efficiency Lungs (2 XP): Characters with this body modification can extract oxygen from the air much more efficiently, adding an automatic success to endure strenuous physical activity, and can hold their breath for far longer, quadrupling the intervals required for drowning and suffocation to deal damage.
Nictating Membranes (2 XP): A character with this body modification adds 1 success to resisting blinding (as Sensory Shield) or eye irritants. This body mod provides limited protection against bright flashes (such as flashbangs), and when combined with the filtration system, a character becomes mostly immune to riot agents.
Blood Hyperoxygenation (2 XP): The character has blood which can carry significantly more oxygen than normal. The character gains 1 automatic success on any rolls to endure strenuous physical activity, as she can sustain activity for longer, and 1 additional Incapacitated health level, as it takes a lot more damage to the heart and a lot more blood loss to kill the character. The character's hyperoxygenated blood provides them an hour's worth of oxygen storage as well.
Redundant Organs/Vital Organ Shielding (3 XP): A character may gain additional toughness by increasing body redundancy, adding either 1 -0 and 2 -1 HLs or 2 -2 HLs and 2 -4 HLs per purchase. As an alternative, a character may instead provide comparable increased toughness by selectively armoring his vital organs. A character may buy a number of this body modification equal to his Stamina + 2.
Regenerator (4 XP): A character with this body modification heals faster than normal, reducing healing times by 1 category. Baselines with this body modification may heal crippling injuries (such as those from aggravated damage) without the need for prosthetic replacement or cloned body parts.
Dispersed Organs (4 XP): A Nova with dispersed organs gains improved resistance to called shots, whether because of organ redundancy or because he just doesn't need them any more. Called shot bonus damage is halved. Purchased twice, the Nova takes no additional damage from called shots. Each level of Dispersed Organs adds +1 difficulty to all medical rolls to treat the Nova. The second level of dispersed organs is not available as a surgical modification.
Trauma Tolerance (8 XP): The character has fast-clotting blood, a multiple redundant circulatory system, a decentralized heart, and so on. The character automatically stabilizes himself when dying (with no need for assistance) unless wounded further, and gains another 1 -4 and 2 Incapacitated health levels.
Unliving (20 XP): The character is no longer mostly made of something with the same properties as a human body. Unliving characters may no longer spend WP on physical tasks, as their bodies are no longer capable of functioning at anything other than peak normal performance at all times, but instead may pay 1 lethal health level to overstress their bodies for the same effect. They also soak lethal damage with full (rather than half) Stamina, convert all Dying health levels into Incapacitated ones, and automatically succeed all fatigue rolls. Unliving characters also are resistant to hostile environments, with an immunity to toxins and diseases, do not need to breathe, and go inert rather than die from insufficient nutrition. Unliving characters may choose a different source of nutrition and a different 'medicine' skill, such as a Frankenstinian monster which uses Art (Sewing) to repair itself or a full-body cyborg which uses Engineering (Mechanical) for repairs and requires electrical power.


Foot Anchors (4 XP): The character has powerful spring-loaded barbed spurs in his feet which are primarily used to anchor the character to any surface with a soak rating less than (Strength + 5). When anchored, any attempts to move or knock back the character are at +1 difficulty with one foot anchored, or +2 difficulty with both feet anchored. In addition, these anchors can be initiated immediately after connecting with a physical attack, adding an additional +1 difficulty to a kick attack but adding AP:2 and a damage add of [1] to the kick itself. If a foot anchor is used as a weapon, damage is lethal.
Ultralight Body (6 XP): A character with an ultralight body has high-efficiency muscle tissue and porous bones that halves his weight, which reduces his natural soak by 2B/1L (min 1B/0L) but halves all falling damage, adds +2 to dexterity for movement purposes, and doubles jump distances. If bought twice, the character masses 1/4th as much, using tissues comparable to carbon nanotube or aircraft composites in strength/weight ratio. This eliminates the soak penalty, adds +4 to dexterity for movement purposes, quarters falling damage, and quadruples jump distances.
Physical Overclocking (6 XP): The character's physical abilities are overcharged, pushing her close to the redline at any given time. The character gains +2 to Strength and Dexterity but any attack which successfully penetrates the character's soak deals an additional level of damage, as her body is close to breakdown and any damage could send it over the edge. This may be bought twice, giving a character an enormous +4 to Strength and Dexterity but causing any attack to deal an additional two levels of damage if it pierces soak.
Improved Grip Strength (6 XP): Someone with this bodymod has incredible strength that they cannot actually use outside of controlled circumstances. Having a cybernetic arm with carbon nanotube musculature might be an example of this-the arm might be a hundred times stronger than a human arm, yet if the user attempted to exploit that strength to lift something, it'd just rip right out of the socket. Improved grip strength adds +1 automatic success to Might rolls to control a grapple, +[1] damage to any crush attack, and may be stacked up to (character's Strength) times.
Adrenaline Overproduction (4 XP): The character has the ability to flood his system with stimulants, increasing movement speed and strength for a short period of time. This body modification allows a character to gain +1 strength and +1 dexterity for a combat round. Using adrenaline overproduction deals 1 unsoakable bashing level of damage per activation to the user.
Burst Strength (8 XP): The character is enhanced to have extreme levels of short-duration strength and speed. As a cybernetic or biotech modification, this can be done by drastic alterations to muscle contraction speed, artificial muscles, or more exotic methods such as electromagnetic rams. Novas have their own explanations and drastic physiological alterations to support them. The character adds +2 to Strength for the purposes of movement, throwing, and melee damage.

Environmental Adaptation

Environmental Adaptation (6 XP): The character is adapted to a type of environment, chosen at the time of purchase. Example adaptations are listed below. This modification can be purchased multiple times, each time adapting the character to a different environment.
Aquatic: The character gains a pair of gills along the side of her chest which allow her to breathe underwater normally as long as the gills are exposed to water (a simple modification of most swimsuits will allow for this, as will loose-fitting clothing), and the ability to drink saltwater without harm. The character is also streamlined, losing all body hair save on her scalp and eyebrows, gaining slightly webbed feet and hands and elongated toes. This allows her to swim at her normal running speed.
Arctic: The character is extremely resistant to cold due to antifreeze in his blood and additional heat-storage capacity, adding +1B/1L soak against cold-based attacks and adds +1 success to any roll made to resist extreme cold.
Desert: The character becomes particularly efficient at storing food and water, doubling the intervals which dehydration and starvation affect him. In addition, the character adds +1 success to any roll made to resist extreme heat.
Forest: The character's arms are elongated and strengthened, allowing him to swing through trees at his normal running speed and adding +1 strength for the purposes of climbing, grasping, or crushing. The character also is made more resistant to most toxins, adding +1d to any roll made to resist toxins, and has somewhat toughened skin which has no mechanical effects but is more resistant abrasion and other minor abuse, such as splinters and thorns.
Microgravity: The character is adapted to low or zero-G, gaining an effective 2 dots of Microgravity Ops due to alterations to their sense of balance. Characters with microgravity adaptation are immune to nausea from sudden changes in acceleration (or gravity) as well.
NBC: The character is much more resistant to radiation, disease and poison damage, gaining +1 automatic success to resist the deleterious effects of radiation, or the potency of diseases and poisons. Self-repairing chromosomes and superior error-checking mean undirected radiation damage is generally considered to be one level lower (Aggravated to Lethal, Lethal to Bashing, Bashing stays unchanged). Intense radiation, such as the neutron flux of a enhanced radiation warhead or standing inside a reactor core without protection, is still aggravated.
Vacuum: The character's skin becomes thicker, tougher, and smooth to the touch, a vacuum sealed poreless membrane, and the character gains membranes which can seal the lungs and eyes off. The character may recycle oxygen from carbon dioxide, allowing him to hold his breath for up to (Stamina * 30) minutes. The character is also hermetically sealed, making them largely immune to skin contact agents, and adds +1 automatic success to resist the deleterious effects of radiation due to better radiation shielding.
Manipulator Feet (2 XP): The character's feet are designed with opposable "thumbs" and elongated digits which allow them to be used for fine manipulation and tool use.
Photosynthetic (2 XP): The character can photosynthesize. This may, but does not always, turn the character a shade of green-a Nova's physiology can adapt melanin to photosynthesize if it has to. With sufficient water, a photosynthetic character doubles all intervals for starvation.
Broadened Diet (2 XP): The character's diet is broadened via alteration of the digestive system, reducing the difficulty of all Survival or Endurance rolls to avoid the effects of hunger/thirst by 1, as the character can subsist on more sources of water and food without issue (tainted/brackish water, rotten food, grass cellulose, etcetera). Each further purchase broadens the character's diet further, adding an additional -1 difficulty per purchase.
Chromatophores (4 XP): This augmentation adds rapid color-changing and pattern-matching ability to the character, giving her +2d to all stealth rolls as long as she is either essentially naked or wearing clothing/equipment which can also blend into the surroundings. Chromatophores can be purchased twice to add a further +1d to all stealth rolls (due to faster and more precise color-matching) and the ability to display fast-moving patterns, turning the character into a living video screen.
Metabolic Reactor (16 XP): This augmentation provides a character a very small fusion reactor (~50 kg) in their body, as well as various methods of converting its electrical power to recycle waste products. Functionally, a character with this modification can survive essentially indefinitely on the hydrogen in water and needs very little else. Furthermore, the reactor provides a few dozen kilowatts of spare power, allowing the character to power various internal or external systems up to a small electric scooter. This body modification does not exist as a cybernetic implant in Aberrant-only in the Trinity era is it available for non-Novas.


Glider (4 XP): Characters with gliding wings can glide at their normal running speed. This allows them to descend from any distance safely, move long distances without touching the ground, and other aerial movement. A character generally descends 3.3 meters a second (10 meters a turn) when using these wings.
Reaction Control System (6 XP): Whether it's cybernetically implanted or ingrown, having a set of thrusters capable of minor acceleration and attitude control greatly help zero-G maneuvering. The character can slowly maneuver in zero-G without the need for an external source of thrust, although the reaction mass has to come from somewhere. Peak thrust for this system is generally somewhere around 0.1G maximum, disallowing powered flight. However, they give the character an additional 0.5 meter of vertical and 2 meters of horizontal jump distance.
Wings (12 XP): A Nova with flight ability can fly to a limited extent-not nearly as fast as a Nova with the Flight power, and with an obvious and easily visible cause (such as internal rocket thrusters, gigantic feathered wings, or the like), but fly nontheless. A character with 1 purchase of Flight may fly at their normal running speed, and if the Nova has the Flight power, the Nova gains a further +1 to the power's rating for speed and maneuverability. Each purchase of flight increases the character's flight speed by her normal running speed (so 2 purchases means double normal running speed, 3 means triple, etc). and adds another +1 to the effective rating of the Flight power for speed/maneuverability.
Adhesive Grip (6 XP): Using Van Der Walls force to attach the character to walls, a single purchase of this body modification allows the character to walk up walls at his normal walking speed. Purchasing this body modification twice allows the character to move more or less normally on said walls and even ceilings, running up them at full running speed.
Enhanced Movement (2 XP): The character's legs are augmented, adding +1 to dexterity and strength for movement purposes. A character may stack this enhancement up to (Strength or Dexterity, choose higher) times, additional purchases adding ever more inhuman qualities to the character's legs.
Springs (4 XP): This body mod adds spring-like structures to the character's limbs which greatly increase their power. This enhancement halves fall damage from controlled falls, adds +1 to unarmed damage, and doubles the character's vertical and horizontal jump distance.


Note that any size-reducing body modification cannot be granted by enhancement (outside of pulp story "shrink rays" or the like). Attribute decreases from size modifications may not reduce an attribute below 1 outside of Strength (which can be reduced to 0). Characters with size-reducing body modifications are immune to fall damage. A character may not have both size-increasing and size-reducing body modifications, and all size-modifying body modifications replace lower-level ones (so Huge replaces Large, and Lilliputian replaces Miniscule which replaces Tiny, and so on).

Large (6 XP): A character with this modification is roughly twice the mass of an average person and about 25% taller, or about 180 kg and 2.25 meters tall, adding +1 to strength and +1 to Size. Large characters gain +2 to Dexterity for movement purposes only.
Huge (12 XP): A character with this modification is four times the mass of an average person and around 2.5 to 3 meters tall, gaining +2 Strength and +2 to Size. The size of a huge character is both an advantage and a disadvantage-they gain gain +50% to movement speed and lifting capacity, but are much more obvious.
Humongous (18 XP): A character with this modification is eight times the mass and twice the height of an average person, gaining +3 Strength and +3 to Size. Furthermore, their size doubles their lifting capacity and movement speeds.
Gargantuan (24 XP): A character with this modification is sixteen times the mass and 2.5 times the height of an average person, gaining +4 Strength and +4 to Size. Due to their huge size, they triple their movement speeds and their their lifting capacity.
Small (3 XP): A character with this body modification is about 1/8th normal mass and roughly half as tall/wide/thick, reducing Strength by 2 and halving movement speed and encumbrance/lifting ability. Small characters gain -3 to Size.
Tiny (5 XP): A Tiny character is roughly 1/64th normal mass and 1/4th normal dimensions, reducing Strength by 4 and reducing movement speed and encumbrance/lifting ability to 25% normal. Tiny characters gain -6 to Size.
Miniscule (8 XP): A miniscule character is 1/512th their normal mass and 1/8th their normal dimensions, reducing Strength by 6, also reducing both movement speed and encumbrance/lifting ability to 1/8th normal. Miniscule characters have -9 to Size.
Lilliputian (10 XP): Lilliputian characters are roughly 1/12th height and mass pretty much nothing, reducing Strength by 8 and reducing movement speed and lifting ability to 1/12th normal. Liliputian characters have -11 to Size, making it extremely difficult for such characters to pose a direct combat threat. At the ST's discretion, Lilliputian characters may be vulnerable to "attacks" which do no actual damage to normal-sized people, like being pelted with pebbles, having a thumbtack dropped on you, and so on.


Climbing Claws (1 XP): Small, catlike retractable claws are terrible weapons (Str - 2L damage, minimum 1L) but useful as tools. Not only do they make great can openers, but also add 1 automatic success for climbing rolls.
Concealable Pocket (1/3 XP): A small concealed pocket is built into the character. The 1 XP version can store a tiny tool such as a syringe, a PDA, or a magazine of ammunition, while the 3 XP version can store anything with conceal J or below.
Bioluminescence (1/3 XP): The character can emit light. The basic, 1 XP version allows for the character to emit any color of light at a brightness enough that they can fully illuminate a dark room as if it was daylight. The enhanced, 3 XP version allows the character to selectively emit light, allowing for the use of bioluminescence for countershading (reducing stealth difficulties by 1 in brightly-lit areas) and communication by projected light patterns.
Drug Glands (4/8 XP): A character with this modification possesses the ability to produce drugs, chosen with the purchase of this modification. The character may generate up to (Stamina) doses a day and may store up to (Stamina * 2) doses, using them as desired. The 4 XP version allows for the use of any conventional drugs (such as stimulants, nootropics, and so on), while the 8 XP variant allows the production of Nova-based pharmaceuticals such as Red 7, Mite, and Soma.
Multitools (4 XP): A character with this modification possesses an integrated set of precision tools for various purposes, reducing all penalties from insufficient tools by 2, to a minimum of 0.
Tentacles (4 XP): Tentacles are flexible appendages which extend up to (Stamina) meters. Each purchase of this body modification grants 2 or more tentacles, which either do Str + 4B or Str + 2L damage, depending on their makeup, and can grasp and manipulate objects at (Dexterity - 2). Repurchasing this bodymod increases the number and flexibility of these tentacles, adding +1 meter to their maximum extension per repurchase and an additional +1B damage, as well as making them slightly more supple (reducing the manipulation penalty by 1). Tentacles may not have manipulate objects with a dexterity dice pool higher than the Nova's own.
Multiple Arms (8 XP): A Nova with multiple arms reduces multiple action penalties by 1 per pair of additional arms he or she possesses. A Nova may support up to (Stamina or Wits, choose lower) sets of multiple arms, which does not count Mega-Attributes for the total.
Multiple Legs (6 XP): A Nova with multiple legs adds +5 to Dexterity for purposes of ground movement speed, and being able to kick with more than 1 leg increases kick damage by 1 per purchase. Like Multiple Arms, a Nova may support up to (Stamina or Wits) sets of multiple legs, and Mega-Attributes do not count for limb support.
Hyper-Flexible (4 XP): The character can bend and dislocate her limbs in disconcerting ways, which add +3d to any roll which may benefit from this superhuman flexibility. Rolls which are generally valid include Stealth, Legerdemain (for contortion or escaping restraints), and certain types of Performance rolls.



Mental Augmentation (4/6 XP): The character gains +1 to a mental attribute. Like a PSE boost, these affect all mundane uses but do not improve the effects of quantum powers, and do not increase the cost of the attribute. A character may not increase any attribute by more than +5. It costs 4 XP to improve Perception by 1, or 6 XP to improve Wits or Intelligence.


Acute (Sense) (2/4 XP): A character with Acute (Sense) at the 2 XP level gains +1d to all Perception rolls based on that sense. The 4 XP level of Acute (Sense) grants +2d to all Perception rolls based on that sense.
Alternate Sensory Mode (5 XP): Each time this is purchased, a character gains an alternate sense, such as lateral line sense (the ability to sense the electromagnetic fields of others), echolocation, infrared vision, and so on. Some examples are listed below. Besides for their special features, an applicable alternate sense provides additional sensory data (and a +1d to Perception rolls when the sense is applicable in addition to one of the normal five), and may allow a character to ignore difficulty increases in certain circumstances, as well as giving additional options to gain sensory data.
Echolocation: Character may navigate through the world without sight by using echolocation, negating optical stealth.
Lateral Line: Allows a character to make Perception + Awareness rolls to sense neural activity at a range of 10m (100m in water).
Thermal Vision: Character may sense heat and cold. +2d circumstantial bonus to detect hot things on a cool background or vice versa.
UV Vision: Character may see in UV spectrum. Often used to find UV-fluorescent materials or other tools.
High-Mag Vision: Reduces the difficulty of ranged attacks at Medium/Long/Extreme range by 1. Up to x10 magnification.
Increased Peripheral Vision: Gives the character 360 degree peripheral vision, adding +1 automatic success to detect surprise attacks.
Motion Tracker: +1 success on rolls made to detect any moving objects within 30m.
Radar: Character has millimetric-wave radar, allowing sensing through wood and thin materials but a reduction in image resolution (no ability to discern fine details).
Rangefinder (4 XP): The character can precisely judge distances and velocities, reducing the difficulty of all ranged attacks by 1 at Medium/Long/Extreme range. Under certain circumstances, this difficulty reduction may apply to other abilities, such as Pilot, Drive, or Athletics.
Improved Kinesthesia (6 XP): The character's kinesthetic senses are precisely tuned to give them near-perfect balance, adding an automatic success to all non-dodge Athletics rolls based on movement or precise positioning. The character also can confidently move at full speed in even extremely hostile terrain (such as ice, or a tightrope) without a roll.
Exotic Sensory Mode (8 XP): A character with this modification has exotic sensory modes covering multiple spectra, which are specialized to assist him in a specific task.
Electromagnetic Field: +1 success to rolls made to detect powered-up electronics. Character can sense all powered electronics and powerlines within 100 meters.
LANSA: A successful Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty +9 - target's [Quantum + Taint]) detects a Nova. Range is 30 meters.
Lifesigns: +1 success on rolls made to detect living beings. +1d to Medicine rolls.
Materials Analysis: Analyzes chemical composition and makeup by touch, smell, or taste. +1 automatic success to all Science(Chemistry) rolls to identify substances.
Terahertz Radiation: Character may see through thin non-metallic walls and detect cybernetic implantations or other metal objects in living beings. Range of 50 meters.
Weakpoints: -1 to enemy soak for aimed shots, +1d to maintenance rolls.


Daemon (4 XP): The character has a nonsentient but autonomous subroutine running in her mind, that she can assign to one of various duties while she does something else-including sleeping. Common uses for a Daemon are alerting a character to ambush, tidying up the house while in REM sleep, or other relatively simple tasks. Daemons have all of the character's physical abilities, but none of the character's mental or social abilities, and are considered to have a Charisma and Manipulation of 0 and an Intelligence of 1.
Bifurcated Mind (6 XP): The character can sleep while aware of her surroundings, owing to a modification allowing her to shut half of her brain off like a dolphin when sleeping. While "asleep", a character is considered to have half (round up) his mental Attributes and Mega-Attributes, and all actions are at +1 difficulty due to general lethargy.
Sleepless (9 XP): The character does not sleep and does not need to sleep. This is a dehumanizing, but incredibly powerful, feature that can greatly increase productivity. Sleepless characters gain 1 WP every 28 hour cycle rather than 1 WP with a good night's sleep.


Multithreaded (12 XP): The character has a multithreaded thought process which provides a few interesting benefits. First off, the character adds 1 automatic success to resist mind control or any other form of mental influence. Second off, for most research and development purposes, the character counts as an additional free assistant to himself. Finally, a character can ponder two problems or have two trains of thought at the same time, allowing a character to pay full attention to two things simultaneously, reducing multiple action penalties by 1, or maintain a Concentration power without having to concentrate.
Enhanced Reactions (10 XP): A character with this body modification reduces all multiple action penalties by 1 and adds +3 to initiative by decreasing their reaction times and increasing the speed at which they think (allowing for more precisely thought-out actions). This enhancement may be purchased twice, each purchase ever-more-heavily modifying the character's neurology.
Cognitive Overclocking (10 XP): The character can, at the cost of 1 willpower, overclock his mental processes such that every movement can be precisely accomplished like clockwork. When activated for an action the character gains +5 Initiative for that round and an additional action (which, like all extra actions, may not be split). The extra action is taken at half the character's normal initiative.


Neural Acceleration (2 XP): Synthetic fast-transmitting neurons, electro-optical bypass shunts, or some other method of increasing reaction speed have improved the character's ability to react to circumstances, adding +1 to initiative. The character may buy as many iterations of this augmentation as his (Wits + 1).
Ambidexterity (2 XP): The character no longer has a dominant side period, reducing all multiple action penalties by 1 as long as attacks are being made with two weapons. This is identical to the Ambidextrous merit and does not stack.
Fluidity (4 XP): The character's increased thought speed allows him to "carry through" unnecessary actions and change them into relevant actions. If a character's actions are invalidated, the character may alter them with no penalties. The character also no longer must spend/roll Willpower to abort to a defensive action.
Combat Reflexes (6 XP): Most commonly acquired from having a battle computer implanted to analyze and optimize a character's fight-or-fight responses for combat purposes, but some Novas hack their own brains for better combat ability by removing and rewiring their fight-or-flight response. A character with Combat Reflexes rolls 2 dice for initiative instead of 1, and takes the desired one (generally the higher roll). This is identical to the Combat veteran merit (But does stack).
Physical Optimization (16 XP): The character's nervous system is altered with additional onsite processing ability, greatly improving the ability of the character to make use of his physical attributes. These optimization and processing nodes are implantable, but several mega-Intelligent Novas have had greatly improved per-neuron processing as a side effect of their intellect enhancement. By continuously optimizing muscle contraction, synchronization, circulation, and breathing, a character with this body modification adds +1 to all physical attributes.


Implant Computer (8 XP): It is quite possible for a Nova to grow a computer system in their brain if they need it, and implanting a computer system to work in symbiosis with the human mind is fully possible. An implant computer adds +[1] automatic success to any mathematics or computer intrusion/programming rolls and in addition provides a character with perfect time sense and eidetic memory. Implant computers have their own wireless I/O connections.
Radio Implant (1/2 XP): The character has an implanted 2-way radio with 10km range on a clear plain with no interference. The advanced version (2 XP) provides video send/receive support, phone and wireless device connectivity, and a 25km range.
Nav Implant (2 XP): The character is implanted with a combination of GPS tracker, inertial navigation system, and compass, adding +1 success to any Survival rolls made to navigate difficult terrain.
Skill Implant (1/2/4/6 XP): The character is implanted with an artificial knowledge of a ability (physical, mental, or social). A skill implant requires 1 willpower to use during a scene or interval (the feeling of being puppeted is extremely disconcerting). A skill implant costs 1 XP for an ability at rating 1, 2 XP for an ability at rating 2, 4 XP for an ability at rating 3, and 6 XP for an ability at rating 4.
Weapon Link (6 XP): Either the power of the M-R node or cybernetic implantation gives the character the ability to interface with a properly modified weapon. A character with this enhancement reduces the difficulty of all Firearms, Heavy Weapons, or Gunnery rolls to hit a target by 1 and adds +1d to any ranged attack rolls using those abilities. Modifying a weapon to work with this link is a (Intelligence + Engineering[Electronic] roll) at +1 difficulty, with an interval of 1 hour per roll.
Vehicle Link (6 XP): A character with this body modification can link himself or herself to any (willing) vehicle with electronic controls. Any machine with no actual security can be considered automatically willing, meaning that almost all late 20th and early-mid 21st century vehicles will be considered valid. When linked, the character reduces the difficulty of all Drive or Pilot rolls by 1 and adds +1d to all such rolls. Most vehicles are capable of linking without any specific improvements.


Encryption (4 XP): The character's memory is partially encrypted. This adds +1 difficulty to any attempt to read the character's mind via telepathy or similar powers.
Trauma Tolerance (4 XP): Modifications made to the brainstem have altered the character's autonomous functions to better compensate for severe injury. Any attempts to stabilize the character when dying are at half difficulty (round down), the character takes twice as long to actually die (doubling the time intervals to resuscitate the character), and the character adds +1 to Stamina for the purposes of resisting Dazing or Stun.
Pain Editor (4 XP): The character has the ability to ignore pain, reducing all wound penalties by -1. At the end of a scene where the pain editor was used, the character takes 1 unsoakable level of damage, which is bashing if the character has only taken bashing damage, or lethal if the character has taken lethal or aggravated damage.
Sensory Cutoffs (4 XP): The character has greatly reduced vulnerability to having her senses overloaded, adding +1 difficulty to all attempts to stun the character via powers like Strobe or objects such as blinding lasers, flashbang grenades, and the like. This stacks with Sensory Shield.
Firewall (6 XP): The character has specialized anti-intrusion components that interface with all computer systems in his body, including the brain itself. These firewalls protect against any unwanted access, adding +1 difficulty to all attempts to take control of the character or read his mind against his will, such as cyberkinesis, domination, telepathy, or other such abilities.
Error-Correction (6 XP): Systems intended to ensure proper brain functionality have been integrated into the character, adding 1 automatic success to resist mind-affecting powers, and -1 difficulty to resist the effects of mental disorders.



Somatic/Pheromonal Calibration (4/8 XP): The character gains +1 to a social attribute, via calibrating his voice, appearance, and pheromones to be more impressive (Charisma), trustworthy (Manipulation), or appealing (Appearance). A character may not increase any attribute by more than +5. It costs 4 XP to improve Appearance by 1, or 8 XP to improve Charisma or Manipulation.
Enchanting Feature (2 XP): The character has a particularly beautiful set of eyes, great facial structure, or something else that is more or less entirely memorable and unique. The character adds +1 automatic success to all Appearance rolls-and 2 automatic successes to any attempts to track the character. Looking unique may sometimes be more trouble than it's worth.


Pheromones (2 XP): The character's pheromones are tailored for greater impact and potency. A character with this body modification selects one emotion per purchase of pheromones-when he makes a social roll which resonates with that emotion (seduction for lust, intimidation or interrogation for fear, rapport for calm) the character gains a +1d bonus. Repurchasing pheromones allows the character to choose another emotion, or increase the bonus for one emotional state by 1d (to a maximum of +2d).
Pheromone Blockers (4 XP): Nasal filters and neural bypasses immunize the character from pheromonal influence, eliminating any pheromone-granted bonuses (these include Coalition ones) and add an additional +1d to resist any attempts at seduction due to having a clearer head.


Lie Detector (4 XP): The character's sense of touch is calibrated to analyze heart rate and skin conductivity, while her sense of hearing is calibrated for voice stress analysis. The character gains +1 success to any roll to detect lies as long as she can maintain physical contact and close proximity.
Empathic (6 XP): Electromagnetic sensors throughout the skull provide the ability to see active areas of the brain and deduce emotional states, adding +1 success to any Rapport roll, and +1d to medicine rolls involving diagnosing brain trauma.
Personality Analysis (6 XP): The character can analyze body language, eye movement, and vocal tone to get a rough idea of the overall personality of any conversation partner, allowing for a tailored approach. After conversing for a few sentences, the ST may tell the player a brief description of the other character's personality type (e.g. "self-confident and unsympathetic to others", "cowardly", "focused on maintaining self-image", etc.). At this point, a social approach tailored to the other character's personality type gains +1d.


Off The Shelf (4 XP): The character's looks are completely nondescript. He or she is generically handsome/beautiful, generically average, whatever the case may be. Looking like a composite of a dozen faces with no real distinguishing features adds +1 difficulty to any attempts to track the character, or remember him/her. Being "off the shelf" precludes having enchanting features.
Unreadable (4 XP): The character shows none of the standard signs of lying or nervousness at this point, but is also extremely disconcerting. A character gains +1 bonus success on any opposed rolls to successfully lie but all other social rolls are at +1 difficulty because he exhibits none of the standard autonomous responses, putting him right into the Uncanny Valley. The character may also fool the Lie Detector enhancement.
Social Chameleon (6 XP): The character is a social chameleon, unconsciously taking in and rapidly assimilating social cues such as slang, personal spacing, and so on. Within 24 hours, he may pass for a native of the region under normal scrutiny. This also adds +1 success to any disguise roll made to disguise oneself as a category of person rather than a specific person.
Asexual (6 XP): Neural rewiring removes normal human sexual responses from the character and leaves him or her completely asexual. All attempts to seduce the character automatically fail (in fact, no roll is possible), but all attempts by the character to seduce others must be attempted via (Manipulation + Subterfuge) at +3 difficulty due to the difficulty of falsifying arousal.
Appearance Alteration (10 XP): The character possesses various subdermal sacs which can have their shape and texture altered to simulate body features, and their skin and hair are capable of changing coloration, allowing the character to disguise himself or herself as anyone with roughly the same build and gender. Weight cannot be adjusted but height can be adjusted by a few cm, and hair/skin color as well as facial features can be altered, adding +1 automatic success to all disguise rolls and allowing disguises to be made without any tools. This is a significantly weaker version of the Appearance Alteration Enhancement, and a Nova with this body modification still cannot hide any aberrations with it.

Aberrant: Exile Campaign Mods

These systems are not actually normally acquirable, and not intended for use for other campaigns. As such, their cost is not given.


Aberrancy Management Network: The "secret" of the universally taint-free Japan Novas, the AMN is a complex combination of active nanomachinery, quantum-active exotics, and other esoteric components which are (painfully) implanted into a pubescent quantum-latent teenager. After successful bonding, the teenager is forced into eruption via extensive use of quantum effects in close proximity. Any Nova erupted with this system in place uses the character generation rules for Japanese Novas (limit of 4 on Quantum, powers, and mega-attributes, cannot buy abilities tainted) and is guaranteed to erupt with a Taint of 0, the Taint Resistant merit, and the Eufiber Rejection flaw.

The AMN can be implanted in an already-erupted Nova, in which case their Taint is immediately reduced to 0. Each level of Taint reduced in this fashion also reduces the Nova's quantum score by 2 levels. If the Nova has a Quantum score lower than 1, he or she dies irretrievably and painfully due to total informational dissolution. Surviving Novas have their powers restricted in the same fashion Japanese ones have.


Artificial Quantum Template: Cutting edge even for the Coalition, the artificial quantum template of the Coalition Fury is stabilized by part M-R node, part device, one of the gains from the technological trade between the Coalition and the Colony. Although unpredictable, difficult to manufacture, and limited, the implications of being capable of creating artificial Novas are quite literally world-shattering.

A Coalition phenotype implanted with an artificial Quantum template gains 10+1d10 NP worth of quantum powers and a Quantum score of 1 (max 2). These templates are built in a lab and cannot be adjusted after the fact-that is to say, a Fury may never spend XP on increasing Quantum powers. These artificial Novas are invariably designed with a host of killswitches and other protocols to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.

Quantum Attunement Booster: Standard quantum attunement only provides the same immunity the Nova possesses towards their own powers. The Coalition has the knowledge of an ancient quantum-powered race, though, and they understand how to take it further. A Fury with this modification can apply their quantum powers, Mega-Attributes, and Enhancements through anything they use. Points they possess in Armor increase the toughness of the vehicles they fly, points they possess in Mega-Dexterity improve the acceleration and handling of their vessels, and so on.

Mega-Dexterity increases speed differently for vehicles. Ground vehicles gain +8 m/round to safe and +16 m/round to safe and max speeds per point (roughly +10/20 km/h respectively), air vehicles gain +160/320 to their safe and max speeds (roughly +200/400 km/h), and spacecraft gain +0.5 to acceleration for every point of M-Dex.