Aberrant 2.0/2.1 Quick Reference

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Common Rules


Unless stated otherwise (or separately accounted for), each dot of a Mega-Attribute counts for 2 dots of an attribute.

Physical Actions


Characters can lift 30kg times their (Strength + Might) total. To lift more than that, a character requires a Str + Might roll, with difficulty of half the Str + Might value needed to lift the object, minus 1. Round down. (So a 450kg object, requiring Str/Might 15, has difficulty 15/2 = 7.5 - 1 = 6.5, rounded to 6). Success adds +1 to the character's Str + Might, exceptional success (more than 5 net successes rolled) adds +2.

Mega-Strength multiplies lifting capacity by 10/100/250/500/1000 at M-Str 1-5. Mega-Strength scores beyond 5 multiply lifting capacity by an additional 10 per dot.


Unencumbered: A character is unencumbered if he carries up to 5 kg per dot of Str + Might.

Light Encumbrance: Light Encumbrance occurs when the character is carrying more than that, up to 10 kg per dot of Str + Might. A lightly encumbered character merely adds +1 difficulty for all rolls involving long-term physical endurance and reduces her Dexterity by 1 for the purposes of movement. The dexterity penalty may not reduce Walking speeds to lower than 3 m/round.

Moderate Encumbrance: A character is moderately encumbered if he carries up to 15 kg per dot of Str + Might, adding +1 difficulty to all physical actions involving movement or endurance, and subtracts 1 from Strength and Dexterity for effective movement speeds. The dexterity penalty may not reduce Walking speeds to lower than 3 m/round.

Heavy Encumbrance: Characters carrying 20 kg per dot of Str + Might are heavily encumbered, and suffer +2 difficulty to all physical actions involving movement or endurance, -2 to strength and dexterity for movement, and +1 difficulty to all other physical actions. The dexterity penalty may not reduce Walking speeds to lower than 3 m/s. Heavily encumbered characters may not run or sprint.

Mega-Strength and Encumbrance: Each dot of Mega-Strength multiplies the character's encumbrance thresholds by the same amount it multiplies the character's lifting thresholds.


  • Walking: (Strength + Dexterity) meters/round.
  • Running: (5 + [Dexterity * 2] + Strength) meters/round.
  • Sprinting: (5 + [Athletics] + [Dexterity * 3] + [Strength]) meters/round. Sprinting characters may not take any actions during the turn except defensive maneuvers, and are at +1 difficulty to all defensive maneuvers they take.
  • Jumping: Jumping is a (Strength + Athletics) roll, giving the character a 0.5 meter vertical jump or 2m horizontal leap per success. Mega-Strength adds 5 automatic successes per dot, giving an additional 2.5 meters of height or 10m of horizontal distance, and additionally jumping distances and heights are multiplied by (Mega-Strength + 1).


A character can safely fall (Stamina - 1) * 2 meters without taking damage. Past that, falling damage is 1d/2 meters (round down) for the first 20 meters and then 1d/5 meters past that, up to 40d pre-soak damage from a fall (at ~170m). Fall damage is lethal if the damage equals or exceeds the character's (Stamina + Athletics).

A character may roll (Dexterity + Athletics) to break a fall, with each success reducing fall damage by 1 per success.

Ranged Attack Maneuvers

All of these can in theory be used with any ranged attack, including bows. In practice, not so much.

  • Autofire:
    • Short Bursts: +2 Accuracy or +[1] Damage, 3 shots/bursts worth of ammunition.
    • Medium Bursts: +4 Accuracy or +[2] Damage, 10 shots
    • Long Bursts: +6 Accuracy or +[3] Damage, 20 shots
    • Sustained Bursts: +10 Accuracy or +[5] Damage, 50 shots
  • Strafing: An autofire/burst attack may target multiple foes, adding +1 difficulty for every additional target, but applyies the results against all targets. A single attack may not target more enemies than it uses rounds of ammunition.

Weapon Tags

  • AA: Anti-aircraft tracking, can be fired at aircraft without any difficulty penalties.
  • AP(X): Armor Piercing. Reduce target soak by (X).
  • Area(X): Area of effect ordinance with rating X.
  • Burst(X): Fires (X) rounds per single attack rather than 1, allowing it to use autofire multiple-attack rules even with "single shots". Burst weapons have a slash in their Rate stat, with their effective rate of fire following the unadjusted RoF.
  • Devastating (X): The weapon deals (X) additional damage per net attack success after the first instead of just +1. A weapon with Devastating (5 [2]) would deal +5 damage and an extra 2 damage adds for each extra success.
  • Guided: Ignores first dodge success, reduces range penalty difficulties by 1.
  • Scale [X]: The weapon is considered a Scale of (X) for attack resolution purposes.
  • Fast-Tracking Weapons [X]: These weapons reduce the Scale of the mounting vehicle by [X] when resolving an attack.

2.0 Rules

Specialties & Qualities

Specialties add +1 to a dice pool if applicable. Qualities allow rerolling 10s.

Health Levels

Characters start with -0 x 1/-1 x 2/-2 x 2/-4 x 1/Incap health levels, with Dying HLs equal to (Strength + Stamina).

Characters gain 1 health level for every odd point of Stamina past 1, so 1 at 3, 1 at 5, etc. These HLs go -0/-1/-2/-4 and cycle back (so Sta 3 gets a -0 HL, Sta 5 gets a -1 HL, Sta 7 gets a -2 HL, Sta 9 grants a -4 HL, Sta 11 grants another -0, etc.)

Each point of M-Sta gives 1 -0, 1 -1, 1 -2, 1 -4, and 1 Incap HL (rather than adding +2 to Stamina for HL calculations). Each point of Quantum gives a -0 HL.

Health Levels from armor are -0 HLs.


Natural Character Soak is by default (Quantum + Stamina + Mega-Stamina) Bashing/(Quantum + Stamina/2 + Mega-Stamina) Lethal/(Quantum/2) Aggravated.

This is modified by any sort of armor a character wears and by some Enhancements.


Initiative: Initiative is (Dexterity + Wits + Mega-Dexterity + Mega-Wits + 1d10).

Defensive Maneuvers: Characters can dodge (Dex + Athletics), parry (Dex + Melee/Brawl), or powerblock (power activation roll) incoming attacks.

Soak: Characters subtract soak from damage dice, not damage adds. Damage adds apply if the attack deals at least one die of damage after soak.

Ping: If an attack fails to penetrate soak, it deals 1 die of ping damage of one lower type. Bashing damage deals Stun, Lethal damage deals Bashing, and Aggravated damage deals Lethal.

Dazing/Stunning: A character is Dazed if he takes (2 * Stamina) HLs of damage in a single turn from any combination of sources, and Stunned if he takes (3 * Stamina) HLs of damage. Dazed characters are at +1 difficulty to all actions, Stunned ones suffer +1 difficulty to all actions and may not take more than a single action (without powers such as Quickness or Temporal Manipulation).

Armor Piercing: Armor Piercing attacks only decrease power or armored soak, they have no effect on natural soak.

Stun Damage: Stun damage is soaked as bashing damage, but heals at the rate of 1 level per (10 - Stamina) turns, minimum 1, and goes away at the end of the scene. Stun damage does not spill over to bashing or lethal. Filling a character's health levels with Stun damage knocks them unconscious.

2.1 Rules


Specialties allow a character to add +1 to their dice pool if applicable. Mega-Attributes allow a character to reroll 10s if applicable.

Health Levels

Characters have (Willpower + [Stamina * 2] + [Mega-Stamina * 6] + Quantum) health levels. The character takes a -1 wound penalty for every (Stamina + Resistance)/2 + 1, (round down) health levels of damage they suffer. Past that, a character has an additional (Stamina) Incapacitated levels, and Dying health levels equivalent to (Strength + Stamina) * 2.


Characters heal at the below rates.

  • -0 HLs: 1 hour (bashing)/12 hours (lethal)
  • -1 HLs: 2 hours (bashing)/1 day (lethal)
  • -2 HLs: 4 hours (bashing)/3 days (lethal)
  • -3 HLs: 8 hours (bashing)/1 week (lethal)
  • -4+ HLs: 12 hours (bashing)/2 weeks (lethal)
  • Incapacitated: 1 day (bashing)/1 month (lethal)
  • Dying: 5 months (lethal)

Being treated by someone with Medicine 2+ and at least Int 2 halves healing times, treatment by someone with Medicine 4+ and Int 3+ quarters them. Basic medical supplies reduce wound penalties by 1, a small clinic reduces them by 2, and a well-stocked hospital reduces them by 4, for healing purposes.


Characters have a Defense score of (lower of Dexterity or Wits, divided by 2). Round defenses down. Their Defense score adds to the difficulty of attacks against them, but is reduced by 1 for every successful or unsuccessful attack made against them.

Characters may take an action to actively defend, using the higher of Dex or Wits, plus the defending ability. Characters may also power block, adding an additional (Quantum/2) to their Defense, as well as using the power's dice pool.

Multiple Actions

Every additional action past the first adds a cumulative +1 difficulty penalty rather than subtracting dice.