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In 1998, the world changed. The experimental space station Galatea exploded, and in its wake superpowered individuals, known as novas began to erupt across the world.

That was twenty years ago.

The World of 2028

It's the twentieth year of the nova boom, as a new golden age of science and industry bought on by the advent of nova science, intelligence and powers. Under the benign guidance of Project Utopia, the great moderation of economics continues, with only a few hickups along the way. In the shadow of this bright peace however, problems are growing, as even nova science struggles to maintain economic stability in the face of mountain inequality and enviromental disaster. Utopia is increasingly distracted by conflicts with the Terrigan and with the group known as the Aberrants, who aledge its complicity in vast conspiracies.

Meantime, the great powers move around one another warily, India, China and the US/European alliance all worried by the growing power of the other, and in the case of the Western Alliance deploying increasing amounts of non-nova augmentation and new science to counter the massive Nova populations of the emerging powers of Asia. It is a time of great wealth and innovation. It is a time of Chaos and Conspiracy.

Up to now, you've just been looking up at it.


At the start of the game, you are a normal mortal. You have been offered 20,000 dollars to attend an all expenses paid trip to "Face IT" conference in Malta, an annual event among the Western world's largest tech firms where a group of ordinary people from all over the world are bought to talk about their lives and experiences with IT. Run by ecsentric tech billionaire Nathanial Freeman, it's a paid holiday, and, potentially a hell of a chance to network. It seems an offer almost too good to be true.

Character Creation

45 NP creation, normal tier mortals.