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In 2023 AB the world of Ground passed through a swarm of meteorites. While most of these meteors burned up in the atmosphere, the resultant heating combined with several strikes by larger bodies has caused global devastation, adding to the damage already caused by global warming and economic crisis.

In the wake of this cataclysm, the once peaceful global order began to pull itself back together. However the new world held many conflicts, over resources, over land, and over the weapons that had been created to destroy incoming meteors.

You represent one of those states.


Each PC is a state on Ground, an alternate world rather like Ace Combat's Strangereal. You have near future technology, but have recently had a close encounter from various space debris. You are all significant powers, about as powerful as major European states like France or Germany on our earth.

You have near future technology, about equal to what we'll have in the 2020s. You may have a few areas which are more advanced. Basic nation creation

Nation Creation

Before you buy military and industrial complexes you must decide on the basis of your nation. It's size, population and some of it's external complex. You may freely pick any one from each list below.


Canada or Russia. You are a very sizeable nation, which means you have a much larger territory to gain natural resources from and to retreat too if it comes to that. Conversely you have more to defend and took more asteroid damage.

Germany or Japan. You are a normal sized nation. You have an average amount of terrain to defend and took about the same amount of meteor damage of everyone else.

Britain or Ireland. You are a small country. You took less asteroid damage but you you have less natural resources and terrain to retreat too.


Your country is highly defensible, this makes it hard to develop and get around in.

Your country is not particularly normal or abnormal in its terrain. It has some defensive patches and some easy ground.

Your country offers little defensive terrain, but is easy to develop and get around in.


India or China. You have a large population, much of which is still awaiting industrialization. You have lots of people to conscript but many are poorly educated.

Japan or Germany. Your population is fully developed but at its limit.

Ireland or Canada. Your population is small but productive.


Pick one or more issues.

This is a living document.

-Border Dispute
You have a border dispute with another power that's heated up recently

Some of your population wish you weren't their government

-Bad reputation
You are an international Pariah.

-Trade Dependent
You really need trade.

OOB List

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Lautern Confederation - PhantomVX200
Unified Kingdom of Kalota - Silence
Machadinha - Wade Garrett
Federation of Virtuous Valaer Republics - JKuz
Voiesau - Exterminatus
Dai xa Le Yue - Duncan_Idaho

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The Republic of Soltern - Kerrus

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The Kingdom of Juvernia - Oseng
Rheinland - Sixpack
Cathan - Shrike
Lydia - General G
The Holy Empire of Solaria - Alastor Mobius Toth

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The Erusian Dynasty - 100thlurker
Tir a Mynydd - Bookwyrm