Prominent NPCS of Fallen League

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Star League

County of Arden

Planetary Government

Countess-Administrator Jocelyn Byriers: Official ruler of Arden, the Countess-Administrator office is appointed office, often given to loyal vassals of House Bao. The current administrator was a former lover of the Director-King of Haln, who was unable to marry into the family and was lucky enough to be only exiled with important sounding title but little power when his interest waned.
Bishop Styl: The Church's head official, he was a former inquisitor, and has spent a considerable amount of resources witch hunting.
Marshal Ser Radowsky: House l'Eld army commander, a rarity among the high ranking officers is a baseline human. An intelligent and charming man in person, he was nicknamed the Butcher of Seinar during the suppression of House d'Este and was called out of retirement to bring the iron first down on Arden, he had only been on planet three days till communications was lost.
Executor Crucis: YNV Section commander, the most public member of House Bao's secret police apparatus, was recently assassinated as the opening move of the revolt.

Conquistador Knights

Order of the Red Sword

Grandmaster Dominique Goldwood: Having their Chapterhouse here, the Grandmaster was in residence when the revolt broke out with a bodyguard unit as well as knight cadets and serf soldiers in the half built Ostradt Fortress.
High Diver Mikhail Seerseed, the highest ranking diver on the planet, and shadow to the Grandmaster.
Knight Rubedo Rally: Famed duelist and tourney winner

Order of the Temple Knights

Knight-Commander Feyhd Mikono: Leader of the Church Knights on the planet.
Inquisitor Elaine Tilman: Weak diver and witch hunter par excellence

Order of the Suresteel Brothers

Ser Raymond M'mbsa-Goldwright: Leader of the knights of the third and fourth sons of the great nobility. His lance was recruiting serf-soldiers in the field when the revolt started.

The Rebellion

House d'Este

Dux Julius Anthony d'Este: Self proclaimed Dux of the outlawed House of d'Este and pirate king. It was one of his fleets that had assaulted and defeated the orbital guard over Arden.
Commodore Lady Alamica d'Este: Commander of the rebellion naval forces over Arden for House d'Este

Arden Liberation Movement

"The Silver Fox" the mysterious masked leader of the Rebellion, a strategic genuis
Free Captain Magnus Stiles: Former Arden Naval Commander turned mercenary now turned liberator naval captain, commands the lighter elements of the Arden rebellion.