Vampire: LA in Summer

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It's the summer of 1995, and you're dead in LA.

The heat of this summer is stifling. A hard time to deal with the fact you've been turned into a vampire. Your sires abandoned you, some tried to kill you. Now you've joined the faction of Regent Yvette Church, one of LA's most important vampires. She took you in, kept you alive. In return all she asks is your loyalty, and a few small favours. . .

Game information

Running whenever I feel like it

Camerella only. No nosferatu unless I really like your concept.

A limited edition game, running 6-12 sessions or maybe slightly more

Characters will be chosen by fair means

Pregens will be made available to anyone who wants them

Ability to goth out in clubs while plays vital

5 extra BP at chargen

if you can come up with a good reason you can have one point of a non-standard discipline for free to test how they work.


Samantha Fields - Lasombra renegade at large
Rosalina McGuinness - Baddass Biker from hell
Abby Caralla -Singers don't need to be stable
Selena Summers -Protean Gangrel Tropedor