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Wiki-administrator and yeti who lived with Silence and served as his official Halo partner.

Owns Ithaca as well as

Player of

Things I have Written

Eye of the Needle - Cyberpunk Stargate

Super Robot Wars L - My Super Robot Wars game

Bliss Stage - Old Bliss Stage game. Andres and Madeleine

Apocalypse RPG - A game based on my setting ideas

Omega Effect - Mass Effect game

Mage Stuff

Progenitors Revisited - What I'd expect the Progenitors to be like from being a grad student

Ideas: The Roleplaying - Ideas for Mage and WoD games

Exalted: The Ascension - Mages in an Exalted without Solars

OP Mage Sheet - A framework for copy and paste

Derivative Games

Nexus: Lost Keys - A Character SD in FBH's Nexus universe

The Expanse: Nemesis - A spinoff of FBH's Expanse universe

Ravens - More action the Doves, more lighthearted than Thorns

The Kramer Files - Taken from your home to fight the galactic war in K-files


Spirits of the Omega Grail

Kender Revisited