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Notable Earth states with militaries

The European Empire

Political System: Oligarchy
Theme: Neo-Classical Aristocracy
After the collapse of the European Union in the wake of the UN ultimatum, most of western and central Europe found common cause with a new form of pan-european nationalism which took root in the fertile ground of a humiliated political class. Glorifying the past, the rhetoric of the Empire proclaims that Europeans must unite and fight for the dawn of the Neo-Renaissance that will lead to a resurgence of Europe culture and achievement.

American Federation

Political System: Corporate Republic
Theme; Blade Runner America
The disputed succession of the United Americas lead to the western states of the USA forming their own nation, though heavily influenced by dominant MegaCorps still operating from Greater Los Angeles.

Republic of Greater Texas

Political System: Democratic Republic
Decades of disagreements with the Federal government over land, water rights and other local issues finally came to a head during the disconnect, when Texans took the opportunity to secede from the United States as the United Americas collapsed around them. Several other nearby states joined them, including the majority of Mexican states. The border of the Greater Republic in the east is the Mississippi river, beyond which only the rusting robots of the great disappearance roam empty lands under the mysterious server-spires they built during the disconnect.

The United Republic's of Europe

Great Britain, Iceland, Denmark and the Nordic countries made up the United Republic, swelled by dissents from the Empire.
  • Duchy of Alberta
  • Union of Bolivarian Republics
  • Reformed Arab League
  • Democratic People's Kenyan Republic
  • Alliance of Free African States
  • Federation of India
  • Shanghai Economic Free Zone
  • Korean Union
  • Japan
  • League of Free Russian Cities

Other Earth States

Latter-Day Republic

Based in the Utah area, the Latter-Day Republic is a theocratic nation of Mormons sandwiched between the three major powers of North America. It maintains ties with it's larger sister state in the Verge.

The Verge

Heaven's Reach Exhuman Enclave

Political System: Stratocracy
Heaven's Reach is a 'Militant Exhuman-progressive' society, modelled on a Hierarchy which places emphasis on individual achievement and ability. Particular emphasis has been placed on the role of the 'Warrior' in human existence, though respect is also given to the role of science, as such in the formalised class division system of Heaven's Reach, the class of Soldier and Scribe are given prominence above all others. Heaven's Reach is a haven to various human augmentative sciences, including variant cognition and a multiple of military orientated augmentation disciplines.

Political power within the state is determined every five years by a series of combat tournaments, similar to ancient 'flower wars', formalised combat between tele-operated drone soldiers in which their equivalent of political parties literally fight for control of the government.

Dai Fuso Teikoku

Political System: Shogunate/Military Junta
Fuso is a radical militant state, a reactionary Japanese colony ruled by the Tatenokai. It's ultranationalist ideology has shaped a society based on 'traditional' values and they have established a ruling class of elites with privileges not unlike ancient Samurai. its architecture combines much of the traditional and modern. Gaining it’s own independence during the fraught years of the disconnect , Fuso is independent world in the Verge and is considered a wildcard due to its strict ideology and militancy. Many regard Fuso as petty in matters of state, others worry at it’s growing power and interventionist policies. It’s veneration of the pre-ww2 Shōwa era and pro-japanese historical revisionism as earned it the disgust of many Asian colonies, due to it’s wholesale denial of Japanese war crimes. It is vehemently anti-UN and seeks the 'liberation' of the Japanese homeland from the tyranny of the UN puppet government. It seeks nothing less than the full restoration of Imperial Japan.

State of Zion

Political System: Democratic Republic
Zion is Mormon and Democratic State on the planet of Zion, populated almost exclusively by those sharing the Mormon faith. It defines itself as a home for all those of the Mormon faith. Centuries of time have liberalised the religion from it's early roots in Utah but it still remains a culturally conservative attitude on many issues, especially with the wholesale rejection of genetic engineering and genetically modified animals or plants. This position has made the world something of a nature reserve for many unmodified terran species, as well as leading to the development of a strong biotech and cybernetic industry. Due to the rejection of modern genetic engineering techniques, citizens must rely on cloned organs and cybernetic implants for most medical treatments.