United Nations Political Factbook

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Notable Earth states with militaries

The European Empire

Political System: Oligarchy
After the collapse of the European Union in the wake of the UN ultimatum, most of western and central Europe found common cause with a new form of pan-european nationalism which took root in the fertile ground of a humiliated political class. Glorifying the past, the rhetoric of the Empire proclaims that Europeans must unite and fight for the dawn of the Neo-Renaissance.

The United States of America

Political System: Democratic Republic
The loss of Kennedy created a massive crisis which lead to the disintegration of the United Americas, with much of the leadership killed on Kennedy in a disputed incident during the fighting. Once the premier power of the United Americas, the USA now finds itself a rump state, stretching from Maine to Virginia and from Virginia to Wisconsin. Still powerful due to the concentration of wealth, industry and technology in the BosWash area, it is nevertheless nowhere near the power it once was.

Allied States of America

Political System: Corporate Republic
The disputed succession of the United Americas lead to the western states of the USA forming their own nation, though heavily influenced by dominant MegaCorps still operating from Greater Los Angeles.

Republic of Greater Texas

Political System: Democratic Republic
Decades of disagreements with the Federal government over land, water rights and other local issues finally came to a head during the disconnect, when Texans took the opportunity to secede from the United States as the United Americas collapsed around them. Several other nearby states joined them, including the majority of Mexican states.

The United Republic's of Europe

Great Britain, Iceland, Denmark and the Nordic countries made up the United Republic, swelled by dissents from the Empire.

Kingdom of Canada

Political System: Constitutional Republic
After fleeing the British revolution the Windsor family found refuge and purpose in the Canada as it struggled under the aftermath of the United Americas collapse.
  • Union of Bolivarian Republics
  • Reformed Arab League
  • Democratic People's Kenyan Republic
  • Alliance of Free African States
  • Federation of India
  • Shanghai Economic Free Zone
  • Korean Union
  • Tatenokai Shogunate
  • League of Free Russian Cities

Other Earth States

Latter-Day Republic

Based in the Utah area, the Latter-Day Republic is a theocratic nation of Mormons sandwiched between the three major powers of North America.