Traveler: The Summer Mini Campaign

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Setting: The Spinward March, nothing good ever seems to come from this sector, it borders the Zhodani Consulate which had sparked several frontier wars with them. Vagyr raiders come in from out of the sector to raid Imperial and independent worlds, the nearby Islands subsector with their massively over militarized fleets itch for war with each other. Sword Worlders and Darrian Confederation have their feud continue. The interstellar nobility squabbles among themselves of whom should be appointed Duke for the Sector. Even its history is tinged with blood, the Civil War was started here when Admiral Oliver Haut-Plankwell took his fleet to Capital over the lack of support he received fighting the Zhodani. However, the Spinward Marches are a place of profit and adventure, Ancient ruins lie unmolested in Amber Zone systems, Independent worlds play the two superpowers off of each other for profit and gain, rebel movements look for outside help to free their world from colonial oppression, and trade continues to flow back and forth across the borders. There is wealth to be made either via force of arms, or via legitimate commercial.

Character creation: Use the latest Mongoose character generation rules (of either random rolls (I trust you) or the point buy system and post them up here. Depending on how many of you get ship shares we'll figure out your ship.

Rules: Standard Mongoose Traveller rules. For those rolling up a character, you can have a freebie reroll once

Time: I'm looking at Mondays afternoon or evening CST, my launch date for this hopefully June 13th.

Cool Links:

I'm up. I'm good for anytime after 4PM MT (5 CST, I think) -- Andronicus.

5PM CST works for me too. -- dacis