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Anna Baker

Player Oseng
Gender: Female
Age: True age unknown, appears to be in her teens
Origin: Innate Magical (Avatar of an ancient Grimoire)

[Physical Avatar]

Anna Baker, despite her rather normal Caucasian appearance, is actually the physical avatar of an ancient grimoire. After being soaked in magic, of nearly every kind humanly imaginable, for untold ages the book of magic in question eventually developed a mind of its own. From there it found a way to utilize magic in and of itself and the ability to project a physical avatar to carry and act for it. Currently, however, the grimoire is stored on Isolate Island under a powerful seal. Due to her nature as a Grimoire she can be forced into service by certain bloody/dark enchantments and spells, although it takes a truly powerful mage to do so. This happened to when she encountered a super-villain arch-mage who eventually ended up facing the Druid, a major mystical hero in the Britain and Ireland, without Anna. The conflict spiraled out of control - eventually drawing in other superheroes such as the PostHuman and ended with Anna being released from the supervillian and then sealed away as a 'dangerous artifact.'

Terrence Hillenbrandt

Player Five
Age: 24
Origin: Trained Magical
Mental (3 dice)
Physical(2 dice)
Social(1 dice)
[Wuxia Kung-Fu]
[Chinese Medicine]

Terrence is the son of a famous african-american martial artist. His father was killed when he was just a child. Raised by his godfather, a descendant of the famous Wong Fei-Hung, he returned to his hometown of Chicago, opening a small medical practice. Upset by the massive amounts of corruption in Illinois, he disguised himself as the "Black Monkey", and fought corruption by himself. Becoming something of a folk hero to the people of Illinois, the Posthuman suffered a major popularity hit when she apprehended him for breaking her code.

Killed by the Posthuman.


Player: Screwball
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (Appears 13/14, might actually be older than human civilisation)
Origin: Innate(Magical)
Mental(3 dice)
Physical (2 dice)
Social(1 dice)
[Fire Control]

As near as anybody has been able to determine, Charlotte Chapman has never been human. Nobody actually knows how she ended up in a state run orphanage, but what is known is that, up until the age of thirteen, she appeared to be a normal, if unusually bright child with a somewhat unusual fascination with fire. Then she got into an argument with a friend and caused a tree to explode in a big, ruinous fireball. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but after that point, it became clear that Charlie was not a normal person. For a start, she apparently stopped aging.

Specialist examinations revealed that Charlie wasn't even human at all, but instead a bound spirit, closely affiliated with fire and heat. Just why an unknown mage bound such a spirit into a facsimile of a human child, without access to its powers until the binding weakened far enough isn't understood, but it is clear that the spirit Charlie was 'made' from is far, far older than 25 years. Whatever memories or thoughts said spirit might have or retain are hidden behind the slowly decaying binding that keeps Charlie 'human', however.

Oberst Geist

Player: Exhack
Gender: Male (Ghost)
Age: 78
Origin: Innate (Magical)
Mental (3 dice)
Social (2 dice)
Physical (1 dice)

Oberst Geist was once a soldier of the German Democratic Republic who died during an ill-fated military strike against a known subversive capitalist and supervillain known as the Schwarzenschnitter. The attack ended in failure, with the majority of his unit killed and made into the necromancer's immortal servants, though Geist put his superior intellect to work and managed to outmaneuver his immortal foe through the ruins of the nameless East German town that he had made into his necropolis, before landing a telling blow on the villain's phylactery.

Cursed by the creature's final words and forever changed by the blast of necrotic energy that followed Schwarzenschnitter's death, Oberst Geist served his country honorably for the decades after. When the Posthuman put forward her Posthuman Code, Geist was one of those who refused, wanting to intervene on the decline of the Soviet bloc and was subsequently incarcerated by the Posthuman. When she completed her prison, he was subsequently moved into space and has spent all of his time since, smoldering in isolation.

He Xiaolu

Player: FBH
Origin: Training/cybernetics
[Hand to hand fighting]
[Amazing Damage Resistance]

Sakura was an enforcer for a Tokyo street gang, and lover to it's leader. He was killed, along with all of them one night in a raid by some kind of shadowy ninjas. Now Sakura is determined to find who did it and take revenge, no matter where it takes her or what it costs.

Hector Hellstrom

Player: Aeon
Gender: Male
Age: 31 (at time of death)
Aliases: Abracadaver (villain moniker), Harry Heretic (early stage name), Reggie Hannigan (birth name)
Origin: Innate (quasi-lich)

Social (3 dice)
Mental (2 dice)
Physical (1 dice)



When struggling stage magician Hector Hellstrom purchased a supposedly 'magical' ring of bone and ebony from a dusty old pawn shop, he assumed that it was nothing more than a costume piece he could use to enhance the mystique of his act. One week later, Hellstrom was killed when one of his magic tricks - a bullet catch that he had not properly prepared for - went awry, resulting in him being fatally shot. Hastily buried in a cheap grave, tucked away in an overgrown corner of a local cemetery, Hellstrom's corpse moldered in its coffin for twenty-one days. On the eve of the twenty-first day, the soil around the magician's tombstone exploded, and a skeletal thing - clad in a ratty tuxedo and battered top hat - clawed its way out of Hellstrom's grave. The 'magic ring', it seemed, was no mere trinket after all, but a powerful necromantic artifact, which had used the last dregs of its power to resurrect its owner as a lich. Gifted with potent magical abilities and more than a little insane, the now undead Hellstrom spent several weeks regaining his faculties and mastering his new-found powers, before emerging into the open, determined to achieve through criminal means the fame and wealth that had eluded him in life.

Unfortunately, while Hellstrom possessed ample reserves of ambition, drive and magical power, his enthusiasm for his new vocation often outstripped his competence. His incomplete grasp of magic, combined with his impatient, naive approach to supervillainy, resulted in many of his capers backfiring spectacularly; not unlike the failed magic trick that had claimed his life. In the most disastrous cases, his botched felonies actually resulted in the creation of MORE superheroes, usually when innocent bystanders were accidentally exposed to whatever magical artifact, genetic mutagen, or experimental isotope he was attempting to steal. Hellstrom quickly gained a reputation as a bungler and bombastic fool, and it wasn't long before he found himself under attack - not only by zealous superheroes, but by outraged villains as well. He was eventually captured after a brief scuffle with the Posthuman, and locked away in Isolate Island. His career as a supervillain had lasted less than one year.

For all his blunders however, Hellstrom is anything but stupid. Flamboyant and egotistical perhaps, but not stupid. His defeat taught him a valuable lesson in humility, and his imprisonment has given him ample time to reflect on his past mistakes. The impetuous bravado that characterized his early career is slowly giving way to a cold, calculating patience. So he sits in his cell, quietly scheming and plotting his revenge. The world will learn to fear the name of Hector Hellstrom in due time. For now, he can afford to wait. Time, after all, is one thing he has in abundance now.