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Shinkaisen musashi.jpg
Type: Demon
Powers: Fire, Punching People, Snark
Background: Like many demons, Muraxi was originally an infant's soul in Limbo, one still unformed and not cleansed of original sin and easily pulled downwards to the Netherworld and into the proximity of a fire elemental and the Childer of a deposed President of Hell; what many in the Netherworld chose to call family. Shaped by proximity and infernal parenting, Muraxi become a true demon and as reflection of both Sires; from one, strength and power over flames and from the other, charisma and ambition.


Type: Devil
Powers: Heat, Passion, Rebellion
Background: Hoktuhetiel was once a seraph, a six-winged being of fire who circled around an ineffable godhead proclaiming the glories of existence and the holiness of the Creator. Among those of his circle he was uniquely blessed with a gift of empathy, and through it was able to see the distant achievements of a fledgling humanity. His flames grew hotter as his passion for the created grew, but so did his position slowly lower from view of the throne. After aeons, he said his very first words beyond a proclamation of the greatness of the divine, and in that moment precipitated his fall to Hell as one of the devils. With much of his cataclysmic power lost and essence now trapped in a finely-hewn body of ashen flesh and boiling blood, he now wanders the wasteland in the company of the humans that excite him so as a vagabond and troublemaker.

Inoue Chikako

Type: Damned
Powers: Fate, Determination, Swords
Background: A normal highschool girl (sorta), Chikako committed a great plethora of minor sins. Over a life time it wouldn't have added up to much, unfortunately Chikako's life was very short. She cracked her head open while running in the winter and died before anyone could find her. Now she's in hell school, a new transfer student from life, trying to survive against all the odds. There was also the whole time she beat that boy to death with her kendo sword for cheating on her and hitting her when she found out. That might actually have something to do with why she's here. Running away from his gang onto an icy road certainly contributed to her death.

Exhack's Domain Ideas

In bullet points, because big text is wasted:

  • Domains are broad categories, but can probably be subdivided into roughly four subtypes:
    • Active Domains, or supernaturally-empowered skills that a character has, allowing for incredible feats. i.e.: Martial Arts, Medicine.
    • Realm Domains, or broadly-applicable controls over an element or substance, that can be used radically reshape battles on the go. i.e.: Neon, Smoke, Concrete
    • Ephemera (alt. Storytelling) Domains, which are qualities of the character which distort the narratives that surround them. These are themes the character drags into scenes (Romance, War, Mad Science), things they can make happen between scenes ("I'll Be Back", Prep Time) or events they can spontaneously create (Rebellion, Submission, Flying Shark Attack).
    • Treasure Domains, or special items and places a character has. i.e.: Akio's Sweet Goddamn Car, the Palace of Dreams Ooops, the Inevitable Shinto Shrine in Hell, a Huge Wolf, a Harem.

Domain actions: For the purpose of initial brainstorming, domains can do any of these actions. Each type might have its own.

  • Attack/Defend: Attack with a manifestation of a domain, parry or otherwise generate an effect that would flow naturally from its properties (setting things on fire with fire, freezing water with cold, distracting guards with harem).
  • Aim/Suspend: Instead of attacking, build up successes by rolling. Each successive turn spent aiming or suspending ALSO adds an automatic success, and there's no cap to storage. However, being attacked halves stored successes, and being damaged leads to the loss of ALL successes.
    • Suspend is similar to aim but involves 'suspending' damage on the opponent to be triggered with a decisive attack. This damage is lost if the opponent breaks your attack streak for 2 turns or escapes and halved if they dodge.
  • Buff/Debuff: Create an enhancement to one of the active pools, but not domain rolls. Martial arts can enhance abilities via the correct stances or strike pressure points, a huge wolf can make you move faster or demoralize enemies by howling, etc.
  • Transform: Changes the properties of the domain without changing the inherent properties. i.e.: a huge wolf can be turned into a huge wolf that breathes fire, but not a dingo; a harem can have their job skills reassigned but can't be turned into bombs.
  • Sacrifice: Changes a certain amount of a domain substance into another. Fire can be turned into ash, fire-seared steaks or even rainfall, a harem can be turned into a bridge made of people, etc.
  • Nurture/Gather: Undo the effects of sacrifice and/or summon large quantities of the domain.



Type: Demon
Ego: 3
Temporary Ego: 3
Drive 2 (4)
Heart 2 (4)
  • Strength: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Precision: 4
  • Communication: 4
  • Qualities: Animate Hair (1), Gossip (1)
Powers: Plunder, Protean Body, Rumors
Background: Hell's (self proclaimed) #1 master thief, who wants to break into Dagon's stash of valuable secrets to sell them on the black market. Considers herself moral (as far as demon thieves go) and has become a mostly coherent being by stealing good qualities from fictional characters. Somewhere in a shitty apartment in the Malbolge there is an H-doujin where the heroine is inexplicably a deformed goblin made of trash.


Type: Demon
Ego: 3
Temporary Ego: 3
Drive: 3 (3)(6?)
Heart: 4 (10)
  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 1
  • Perception: 1
  • Precision: 2
  • Communication: 4
  • Qualities: Tentacles (2 points)
Domains: Entertainment, Strange Angles, Sealife