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:3000 Wealth Production
:7,125 Wealth Production
:2000 Industrial Production
:3,450 Industrial Production
:5 Years in Military Spending Spree
:5 Years in Military Spending Spree
:5 Years in Wealth Production
:5 Years in Wealth Production
:1 Tech Strike
:1 Tech Strike
:10 Cities, including a Capital
:15 Cities, including a Capital
:3 Factories, including a Naval HQ
:6 Factories, including a Naval HQ
:Fresh Water
:Fresh Water
:Arable Land
:Arable Land
==NP Spend==
==NP Spend==
25NP Uranium
25NP Uranium
10NP Wealth
10NP Industry
5NP Factory
25NP Oil
25NP Wealth
=The Akira Technocracy (Jacklyn)=
=The Akira Technocracy (Jacklyn)=

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Second Temple Kingdom of Outremer

Great Power
The Last Remnant of the Pact of Steel.

Power Traits

Big Empty
Hostile Climate: The Great Zeon Desert
War of the Worlds

Optional Traits

Great Patriotic War
Rogue State
Atomic Futurism
Operation Paperclip

United States of Aurelia (Zeronet)

Regional Power

Power Traits

Operation Paperclip

Optional Traits

+Special Relationship
+New Imperial Century


7,125 Wealth Production
3,450 Industrial Production
5 Years in Military Spending Spree
5 Years in Wealth Production
1 Tech Strike
15 Cities, including a Capital
6 Factories, including a Naval HQ
Fresh Water
Arable Land

NP Spend

25NP Uranium 10NP Wealth 10NP Industry 5NP Factory 25NP Oil 25NP Wealth

The Akira Technocracy (Jacklyn)

Great Power
Homeland: a Rather large island far off the coast of a nearby continent, it has lush and plentiful food and water on its northern side, where most of the inhabitants live, but there is also a long stretch of southern wasteland, too infertile and hot for any real-life to thrive, which is often used for government black sites and as a rocket testing area.
Government: Technocracy
Ideological Landscape: 100% Technocrats(One Party, One People)


  • 12750 WP
  • 8250 IP
  • 5 Year Military Spending
  • 6 Starting Tech Strikes.
  • 15 Cities (1 Capital)
  • 9 Factories (1 Naval HQ)
  • 7 Natural Resources(H.Metals, L.Metals, Uranium, Oil, Fresh Water, Airiable Land, Coal)
  • 300 Fission Bombs

Power Traits

-One Party, One People
-Big Empty
-Hostile Climate(Tropical)

Optional Traits

+Atomic Futurism
+Ancient Astronomy
+[Space] Mafia
+Manhattan Project
+Island State
-Where Have All The Men Gone
-My Manual Is Full Of Eels
-Black Mark

NP Spending

5*Extra Tech Strike [25 NP]
25 NP worth of extra WP
25 NP worth of extra IP
Natural Resource [25 NP]

Serene Empire of Mizuho

Minor Power
A southern latitudes archipelago state.


  • Island State
So many islands.
  • Fish Monopoly
So many fish.
  • Uranium Monopoly
There's pitchblend in them thar hills.
  • The Woman's War
Mizuho's religion has always been the domain of priestesses and this has led to a culture far more egalitarian than most.
  • Warrior Culture
Train harder!
  • Worthless Yellow Rocks
It is said that the Rabbit in the Moon came from Mizuho.
  • Hostile Climate
While Mizuho's climate itself is quite amenable, the nation's myriad of islands tend to be extremely rugged and flat land suitable for large-scale construction is rather limited and often already built-upon.
  • Pieds Noir
The Collegium has long exerted influence over Mizuho. The reactionary old men in cahoots with them are still kicking.
  • Operation Paperclip
Fleeing Gilder Fortgeschrittenreich scientists built Mizuho a nuclear device in 1945.
  • Black Mark
This nuclear weapon was to be used against the Collegium's Hyundai Island and the massed fleet there. Unfortunately the bomber carrying it was shot down and the weapon exploded over the city of Pyonjeon, killing roughly 80,000 civilians. Oops.


  • 1 Resource (Fish)
  • 2000 Wealth Production
  • 1000 Industrial Production
  • 3 Years in Military Spending Spree
  • 1 Tech Strike
  • 4 Cities, including a Capital
  • 4 Factories, including a Naval HQ

Point Spread

  • 1,000 Wealth Production (20)
  • 100 Industry Production (5)
  • 5 x Tech Strikes (25)
  • 1 x Natural Resource [Fish] (10)
  • 2 x Natural Resource [Oil] (20)
  • 2 x Natural Resource [Uranium] (20)


We have islands! And fish!

The Sublime Yuhwan College of Nations including the Pious Common Kingship of the Hoopoe Forest and the Sanctified Tsintsar Crown of Yuhwasattva Vãduva

a.k.a. The Collegium, the Rzeczpospolita, or simply Gyerim-Covasna

Middle Power
Joseon dynasty Austria-Hungary


  • Great Patriotic War
Somehow, the Collegium lives still. What greater proof of miracles can there be?
  • Boondoggle
What do you mean the Great War is over...?
  • Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier
The Rzeczpospolita is obliged to protect many small fellow travelers in the light across the world.
  • Plurinational State x2
The Kingdoms of Gyerim and Covasna operate with considerable autonomy from the rest of the Collegium.
  • Where Have All the Men Gone?
"My grandfathers joke that if you took all the pieces of their bodies they lost in the Great War and put them together, you'd have a whole eunuch."
"Why a eunuch...?"
"Well I'm here, aren't I?"
  • The Woman's War
The realities of the Great War pushed at the open door of the highly egalitarian, even outright Matriarchal, culture of many nations in the Rzeczpospolita.
  • Free Haven
The women of the Collegium want fine men!
  • Brain Drain
Bright young women want to see what's going on in the rest of the world.
  • Woke Space Jesuits (Worthless Yellow Rocks)
If there are Gods and other nations unknown in the stars then the Yuhwa's Gospel must go to them, until all the heavens roll in compassion alike.
  • Cutthroat Politics
"Well it's complicated. Have you heard of the Norons and Sorons? It's a long story, but first, we must discuss parallel universes-"
  • Republican Tradition
"-Actually that's quite fine, that's all I needed to know really."
  • Nuclear Trauma
The Pyeonjeon Sarcophagus
  • The Sick Old Man
Lots of chronically underdeveloped villages. Good tourism value though!

Federal Union of North Zealand

Great Power
1950's Atompunk America/Canada/Australia


  • Manhattan Project
Zealand scientists cracked the secrets of the atom, to tremendous effects.
  • New Imperial Century
Zealand and the Union proper remained remarkably untouched by the war, its factories churned out vehicles, weapons, and supplies for combatants the world over.
  • Free Haven
The Federation welcomes the tired, huddled masses of the world to build its greatness.
  • Atomic Futurism
Powered by the atom and the indomitable intellect of its scientists Zealandia future is bright!

  • Operation Paperclip
OSI has secured scientists from many questionable and unethical sources for the future of the Federation.
  • Cutthroat Politics
Zealands politics is a mess of Federal and State level campaigns and coalitions that have a frightening tendency to collapse at the drop of a hat.
  • Boondoggle
The Federation seeks continued control over Zealand, through soft and hard means.
  • Black Mark
The short lived "Atoms for Freedom" program backfired horribely in the nuclear pyre of Pyonjeon.
  • War of the Worlds
Where else would the sword of Damocles fall but upon a Jewel of the world?


13500 Wealth Production
7800 Industrial Production
5 Years in Military Spending Spree
6 Tech Strike
18 Cities, including a Capital
18 Factories, including a Naval HQ
L. Metals, H. Metals, Oil, Coal, Fresh Water, Arable Land, Uranium

100 Nation Points, which can be traded for:

1 for 50 Wealth Production [-30]
1 for 30 Industrial Production [-20]
5 Extra Tech Strikes [-25]
25 for Extra Resource [-25]

Janaxpachasuyu (The Empire of the Celestial Skies)(Murtox)

Great Power
Inca Empire on Steroids


  • Manhattan Project
Only the Atom will safeguard the Huacas of our ancestors
  • Plurinational State x2
Our history as rulers is long and rich, as such, we have a couple of extra inheritances from olden times. Kashamarkasuyu and Chachapoyas remain powerful vassal kingdoms within our lands.
  • Special Relationship x2
Small kingdoms are also within our grasp, I mean authority. Tumpis, Ariqipa, Luritu and Wanuku are just in our historical sphere of influence.
  • New Imperial Century
The war was fought and hard but it never reached our industrial heartland.
  • My Manual Is Full of Eels
  • Big Empty
  • Black Mark
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Energy Cartel
  • Boondogle

United Kingdoms of Nortia (Oseng)

Regional Power (Former Great Power before the War?)
Inspired by Aristocratic Europe (Northern/Western Europe in particular) plus certain video games
Located in the north of a continent, northern regions are possibly cold and lightly populated by "highland clans."
Catholic style faith centered on the goddess Aidios and local spirits dominates, females play large role in clergy.
Semi-Constitutional Monarchy with a High King/Emperor and a Parliament with House of Lords and House of Commoners (Possible lesser kings and princes?)
Semi-Democratic or more likely Cold War Democratic, with powerful security services and strongly influential aristocratic elements.