Somehow We Were All Reincarnated in a Fantasy World!?

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In a modern city, a gas truck hits a bus filled with people on their way to an anime convention and explodes. Over the course of centuries, their souls are processed by a certain mysterious goddess and offered reincarnation into a fantasy world that is sorely lacking in heroes.

As the heroes of this world reincarnate into the world at various eras and in different ways, the history of this world is deeply convoluted!

Character Creation

Stats and Skills

All characters have 6 attributes, due to the interference of a eugenicist who reincarnated early on and wanted to apply arbitrary measurements to all living creatures. At level 1, everyone begins with 10 in each.

These are:

  • Vitality: Which determines health and all defenses.
  • Strength: Which determines damage and all melee, plus some ranged. Also health.
  • Dexterity: Which determines accuracy and all ranged, plus some melee. Also health.
  • Intelligence: Which determines magic offense, holy defense and socialization.
  • Faith: Which determines magic defense, holy offense and socialization.
  • Luck: Which determines critical chance, loot and good things happening. Also health.


Although all members of the player group will arrive together simultaneously, not all will take the same paths to get there. For the purposes of the game, there are two ways to arrive: the Fast Way means arriving at the starting town as an adult with all of your original memories and a copy of your original body, while the Slow Way means you were reborn as an infant in this world and gradually awakened to your past life's memories.

Characters who choose the Fast Way have no caps on skills relating to their previous lives, retain various anachronisms and get to begin with a blank slate. They may also pick an Occupation.

Characters who choose the Slow Way have the benefit of Common Sense, i.e.: the GM will tell them if something is a bad idea and/or violates their new world upbringing and have a support network in the new world. They may also pick a Race.


Due to the meddling of the first person to reincarnate into this world, all people who become adventurers adopt a class, which determines their abilities and limits. However, the class system is completely arbitrary and most people in the world are poorly literate, and thus simply copy preexisting classes instead of creating their own.

A person aware of this and capable of reading and writing can create their own class from scratch.

Classes are built ad-hoc in the following manner:

  • Every class has 12 points of Progressions, split between the 6 attributes. At level up, all stats increase by the standard progression, in addition to the bonus points for each level.
  • Assign 3 Purviews, between martial, magical, holy and cunning. The monster purview also exists, but most people don't realize that. Purviews can be stacked to intensify them, improving the power and variety of abilities available to every character.
  • Pick 2 specializations: martial chooses a weapon or style or a specific enemy, magical a particular flavor, holy picks a god or some aspect of the spiritual world, cunning picks some starting skills.
  • Choose starting gear. This is whatever is sensible and thematic for what that class might suggest by its name.

Classes can be chosen as Flawed, giving more points. Every flaw gives 3 Progression, 1 Purview or gives an upgrade to starting gear.

Example flaws include:

  • The class has a Deprogresssion, reducing a stat by a 1 point at every level. Additional levels of this flaw subtract 3 and 5 respectively.
  • The class has a Restriction, being totally incapable of picking even complimentary skills from a given Purview.
  • The class has a Weakness: an effect to which the class has no counters or by which is stripped of strengths. An example of this is the Paladin's behavioral restrictions. Up to two can be chosen, and each can be enhanced 3 times.
  • The class begins Deprived, being effectively naked except for a copy of whatever clothing the character was wearing when they died and any cheat items.

Cheat Items

Everybody begins with a cheat, a specific magical 'thing' which sets them apart from anyone else. It can be an item, a skill or something innate like a blessing.

It should never be as subtle as broad stat increases.


Various races in this world resemble some from known fantasy due to the interference of reincarnators, while others are distinctly unusual and probably weren't caused by them. Like classes, races are open-ended for the sake of simplicity.

For design, split 5 points between the following:

  • Special abilities like enhanced senses, good looks, improved defense, etc are one apiece.
  • A single point of progression can be added to any one stat.
  • A special reputation for that race is one point apiece.


People who arrived the Fast Way retain all of their old world skills, or inversely might still be huge losers. Their occupation describes this.

An occupation should have a descriptive name and gives the following:

  • A skillset that is described rather than numbered, and gives a scaling bonus to all relevant skills.
  • A knowledge base that is described rather than numbered, and allows the character to gain relevant skills whenever they have XP to spare.
  • 2 points to be assigned between Intelligence, Faith and Luck as desired.


List here, as well as requested cheat items, races and mechanics people want to exist.