Rogue Trader: Darkest before Dawn

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Last image from the record banks of the Cobra Class Destroyer Justinus

"You who rule a million worlds and claim the mastery of the galaxy, when a trillion more stars light the night." -Attributed to Captain Tearose of the Darkest Before Dawn

Spoken of only in stage whispers by the certain elements of the navy and imperial Inquisition, the Darkest Before Dawn is a notorious pirate, smuggler, and haven for renegades, xenos, and worshipers of the dark powers. For centuries, the ship, bound to the dark bloodline of its Captain has plied the depths of space, carrying heretical cargoes, attacking imperial ships and conducting sinister plots. Heretics and cultists use it for transport and to take cargo around. It is said to be able to disguise itself as a normal imperial vessel at times and run legitimate cargo. For years, the forces of Imperial law have tried, and failed, to find and destroy it.

Now however, in a stroke of luck, the last Captain of the ship has died of food poisoning. Without his genetic key, the ship will shortly shut down, stranding its renegade crew to face the sure justice of the imperium.

However, there is one problem. Unknown to all but a handful however, one scion of the bloodline remains, in her last year as a certain exclusive boarding school . . .

OOC intro

This is a Black Crusade/Rogue Trader game. You are the crew of the Darkest Before Dawn. The tone is set to dark light.


Theresa Tearose: Human abandoned at a boarding school with an endowment for her education, by a father the staff won't talk to her about. Smart and full of herself, with ambitions to match, but painfully aware of the limits imposed by her lack of family connections on Ohmshire.

Jehzebel Bara-Shelardi Naamellex

Rigo Behner: Once a young boy who had to slay man-eating giants on a world of horrors beyond imagination to survive, a certain man saved him from death and starvation upon hearing of the stories of his guile and fury. Now a man, he persists in serving a debt of honor to the family and their legacy.