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Fight for Neo-Jove!

Dates and times TBD.

Rise of Neo-Jove

Making a Character

You get 50 points to make a starting character. Any unused points can be banked for future purchases.

Pilot Stats

Pilot Stats use the same cost increase table as skills. Also, while stats may be used as modifiers in some situation, in general they require Pilot Abilities (see below) to have any direct impact.


How physical your character is.
Skill cost: x1


How well-drawn and visually distinct your character model is.
Skill cost: x1


How intelligent and generally knowledgeable your character is.
Skill cost: x1


Doesn't do anything yet. A 0 represents no Aleph potential, the norm for humanity.
Skill cost: x1 (note! Costs 5 points to buy Rank 1 - cost is calculated normally afterwards)


Your willpower and tenacity. One point of Spirit may be used to modify any roll affecting or done by you by + or - 5. Only one point of spirit may be used per combat round and it must be used before the roll.
Skill cost: x1

Pilot Skills (Primary)


This stat increases both Offensive and Defensive Agility.
Skill cost: x2


This stat increases Soft Defense.
Skill cost: x1


This stat increases Soft Attack.
Skill cost: x1


This stat increases Armored Attack.
Skill cost: x1

Electronic Warfare

This stat increases both Offensive and Defensive Electronics.
Skill cost: x1

Mecha Fighting

This stat increases both Offensive and Defensive Melee.
Skill cost: x1

Pilot Skills (Secondary)


This stat increases Structure Attack; additionally it increases the attack range on any affected weapon that also has a base range of 10 or more. This stacks with Marksman.
Skill cost: x2


This stat increases attack range on weapons. Only applies to ranged weapons (obviously).
Skill cost: x2


This stat provides one reroll per session per rank.
Skill cost: x2


This stat increases any stat on a mecha by +1 per rank, on top of the basic design. This represents personal tune-up, special familiarity, etc.
Skill cost: x2

(Negative ranks should only be taken for Stats)
Rank -3 - +4 CP - A danger to self and others
Rank -2 - +2 CP - Inept
Rank -1 - +1 CP - Unskilled
Rank 0 - 0 CP - Hobbyist/Amateur
Rank 1 - 1 CP - Trained
Rank 2 - 3 CP - Professional
Rank 3 - 6 CP - Skilled Professional
Rank 4 - 10 CP - Experienced Professional
Rank 5 - 15 CP - Expert
Rank 6 - 21 CP - Master
Rank 7 - 28 CP - Ancient Master
Rank 8 - 36 CP - Exemplar
Rank 9 - 45 CP - Paragon
Rank 10 - 55 CP - Superlative

Pilot Abilities

Pilot Abilities are discrete abilities and are bought at defined costs, not by rank level. The list is incomplete; more may be requested. The first Ability bought costs 3 points.


This ability adds Physique to Defensive Agility.
Ability cost: 5

Mobile Trace

This ability adds Physique to Mecha Fighting
Ability cost: 5

Made of Iron

This ability adds Physique to Armored Defense.
Ability cost: 5

Fan Favorite

This ability adds Charisma to Structure.
Ability cost: 5

Char Custom

This ability adds Charisma to Speed.
Ability cost: 5

Red Comet

This ability adds Charisma to Offensive Agility.
Ability cost: 5


This ability replaces Piloting with Intellect when remotely operating units. A number of units equal to Intellect may be remotely operated.
Ability cost: 5


Adds Intellect to weapon range on those affected by Electronic Warfare. Intellect x 2 if weapon has a base range of 10 or more.
Ability cost: 5

Electronic Warrior

May 'lend' up to Intellect points of Electronic Warfare to a friendly unit once per turn. May be bought multiple times, increasing the number of times this can be done by 1 per time bought. Each must be done to a different unit.
Ability cost: 5

Hot Blooded

Every time you shoot an enemy down, you regain 1 Spirit. This may bring you above your starting amount.
Ability cost: 5


Every time a friendly piloted craft is shot down, you regain 1 Spirit. This may bring you above your starting amount.
Ability cost: 5

Power of Friendship

Every time a friendly piloted craft is shot down, you regain 2 Will. This may bring you above your starting amount.
Ability cost: 5

No Such Thing As Overkill

Once per battle, you can do [something involving lots of firepower]
Ability cost: 5


Improves Parry by +1, may reroll one melee attack per turn.
Ability cost: 5

Aleph Powers

Alephs get Willpower equal to the points spent on Aleph. Willpower is used to power Aleph powers and recoveres after a good rest (generally but not always after a session) - using Aleph powers can be strenuous. Some powers have minimum required Aleph, but otherwise all Alephs have access to all powers.

Newtype Flash

Get +3 Defensive Agility against any attack. Bonus is doubled if its a surprise attack.
Will Cost: 1


You get an automatic counterattack on an enemy that has not previously engaged you when they first attack you.
Will Cost: 1

Newtype Excellence

Gain +2 Agility.
Will Cost: 5 (lasts for duration of battle or until your aleph points hit 0)

High Level Control

You can control Funnels; add Aleph to their Offensive Agility
Will Cost: 2


Recover 1D5-2 Aleph points. May not attack or perform other complex actions this turn.
Will Cost: 0

Aleph Ping

Detects all Alephs within Aleph x 5, even if cloaked or otherwise hidden.
Will Cost: 1
Minimum Aleph: 4

This Pressure!

Targeted enemy Aleph must engage you or suffer -5 Offensive Agility.
Will Cost: 1
Minimum Aleph: 4

Mind War

All Alephs lose 1D5-2 Aleph points per turn.
Will Cost: 5
Minimum Aleph: 6



Baselines are 'normal people'.
Phenotype Bonus: Starts with one Pilot Ability free of charge.
Phenotype Cost: 0

High Transhumans

A- or B-type; can also represent Alpha upgrades
Phenotype Base: Charisma 3, Physique 3
Phenotype Bonus: G-Tolerant
Phenotype Cost: 10

Peak Transhumans

S-type transhumans. Best of the best!
Phenotype Base: Charisma 3, Physique 4, Intellect 3, Steadiness 3, Aleph 1
Phenotype Bonus: G-Tolerant
Phenotype Cost: 30


Mass Production Model Space Elf Lesbian Psykers.
Phenotype Base: Charisma 3, Physique 3, Intellect 2, Aleph 3, Reflexes 1
Phenotype Bonus: G-Tolerant
Phenotype Cost: 25


Big beefy people
Phenotype Base: Physique 4, Mecha Fighting 1
Phenotype Bonus: G-Tolerant
Phenotype Cost: 10


Phenotype Base: Charisma 4, Reflexes 1
Phenotype Bonus: Fan Favorite
Phenotype Cost: 10


Thinky types
Phenotype Base: Intellect 4, Electronic Warfare 1
Phenotype Bonus: Hyper-Attentive
Phenotype Cost: 10

Full Conversion Cyborg

Made of hyperalloy.
Phenotype Base: Physique 4, Reflexes 3
Phenotype Bonus: G-Tolerant, Made of Iron
Phenotype Cost: 20


Muriea McRisa

Except with pink hair.

Haqua-Murasa Reigenmyon, the original Blazing Star of Jupiter was an outlier transgene ace who flew primarily late in the war and became one of the Space Independence Alliance's best known wartime pilots. A rather private individual, her appearance and real name were never well known and eventually became classified information under the Directive 404 Shortlist providing for the security of data on highly skilled or known pilots. Instead, it was her callsign, custom suit colours and a reputation for chivalry and honour that identified her (and many other Jovian aces) in the media. Like practically all of Jupiter's remaining forces, Reigenmyon participated in the final Battle of Jupiter and was killed in action by a shot to the cockpit. Her death was kept a secret by her unit, seeing no advantage in its revelation as they prepared to withdraw from the Inner Sphere.

Fast decades forward, Muriea McRisa is a first generation Ishtar augment born in the Republic of Cygnus. Her parents were victims of routine oppression as alleged rebel sympathisers and summarily executed in front of her when she was 5. Muriea was sent off to an isolated interstellar truck stop asteroid with no one her age but where she was nevertheless spiritually healed and (well) raised by her "Auntie". She later achieved various rather un-Ishtarlike occupations such as fuel pump operator, industrial frame pilot, convenience store operator, and so on, using them and goodwill generated from an extended almost-family of passing space truck drivers to fund her genetic social instinct manifested as strange hobbies.

Muriea was in a loading frame during a sudden, still unexplained INTACT raid and also happened to be shot in the cockpit but managed to survive and was soon rescued by a Neo-Jove cell attempting to disrupt INTACT operations in the area. One of the members of that cell was a veteran of the Blazing Star's unit who saw a very strong physical resemblence between the Solar War ace and Muriea. After recovery and with her Auntie believed dead, Muriea found a home in Neo-Jove and began learning to pilot mobile suits under the veteran's tutelage, developing a style that was even somewhat similar to the original's.

Despite the propaganda potential the Neo-Jove media cell is currently still hesistant to explicitly link two entirely different people together. Though a late-war pilot and not personally well known, Reigenmyon had still built over two years of reputation and war record that, like many aces', had only grown since the war's end. She had been a high level transgene, held in esteem not only for skill but a myth of chivalrous conduct. In contrast, the Ishtar girl, while uncannily similar and naturally able to mimic, is hardly of natural piloting stock and remains inexperienced. Nevertheless, deniable rumors have begun spreading of the Blazing Star's return under the Neo-Jove banner.

Muriea herself takes the comparison with the original Blazing Star quite seriously and strives to do her best as a pilot. Having been traumatised and then recovered twice, she once commented that killing came easily but that she didn't like it.

Kills (Active): 0
Kills (Grounded): 2/8

Player: Mal [50]
Experience: 0/1
Phenotype: Ishtar [10CP]

Physique: 0
Charisma: 5 [5CP]
Intellect: 0
Aleph: 0
Spirit: 2 [3CP]

Pilot Skills (Primary)

Piloting: 2 [6CP]
Reflexes: 2 [1CP]
Steadiness: 3 [6CP]
Gunnery: 3 [5CP/1XP]
Electronic Warfare: 1 [1CP]
Mecha Fighting: 1 [1CP]

Pilot Skills (Secondary)

Artillery: 0
Marksman: 0
Luck: 1 [2CP]
Tuneup: 0

Pilot Abilities

Fan Favourite [free]
Char Custom [5CP]
Red Comet [5CP]

Bradley "Brooklyn" Elsman

Oh god oh god why am I the only man?

Player: Five [50]
Phenotype: Baseline [0CP]

Physique: 2 [3CP]
Charisma: 2 [3CP]
Intellect: -2 [+2CP]
Aleph: 0
Spirit: 4 [10 CP]

Pilot Skills (Primary)

Piloting: 2 [6CP]
Reflexes: 4 [10CP]
Steadiness: 1 [1CP]
Gunnery: 1 [1CP]
Electronic Warfare: 0 [0CP]
Mecha Fighting: 4 [10 CP]

Pilot Skills (Secondary)

Artillery: 0
Marksman: 0
Luck: 1 [3 CP]
Tuneup: 0

Pilot Abilities

Hotblooded [free]
Blademaster [5CP]

Willard Prevlesk

Concept: MMI Otaku (alternate)


History: A brilliant lab technician and assistant, Willard Prevlesk worked in the Solfed MMI divisions, designing interfaces for bit systems and direct-connection networks for use in suit systems. Dedicated to his work, he'd often test out the systems himself, piloting when no test subjects were available. He also helped draft a prototype for a multi-pilot 'gestalt' system that allowed human pilots to link their minds directly and operate as a single unit, though this was considered unnecessary due to the success of Raptor systems.

Prevlesk's program was cut short, however, when the organization's funding was redirected from bits in favour of the new Aleph-controlled funnel systems. Prevlesk studied the new system and attempted to follow, but Solfed decided instead to dissolve the lab and send him to work on fuel sources. This angered him - a bit too dedicated to his work, Prevlesk's love of MMI left him bitter and disillusioned. It was in the height of his bitterness that he was approached by a military group, with evidence that his research had been destroyed. The operative was in fact a Neo-Jove operator, and Prevlesk and his wounded pride were pushed over the edge. He vanished, faking his death in an explosion of the fuel systems he hated, and joined Neo-Jove.

A passable pilot, Prevlesk has been placed on the front lines rather than the research lab. He's fine with this - while he loves MMI, he'd rather get to use the systems he once devised than simply looking at them. He is sometimes oblivious to the other aspects of war, however.

Despite losing his livelihood to them and not being an Aleph himself, he's interested in funnel systems and Aleph control, and studies it when he can. He's also interested in Sol-fed and Jove's history, and how the two frame events. He also loves music, particularly Transclassical, Old Classical, and Opera.

Starting Points: 50

Player: BM Template: Omoikane (10)

Primary Stats

Physique 1 (1)
Charisma 1 (1)
Intellect 6 [Base 4] (11)
Aleph 0 (0)
Spirit 2 (3)

Primary Skills

Piloting 1 (2)
Reflexes 1 (1)
Steadiness 2 (3)
Gunnery 2 (3)
Electronic Warfare 4 (9)
Mecha Fighting 1 (1)

Secondary Skills

Tuneup: 1 (2)

Pilot Abilities

Hyper-attentive (Free)
Missileer (3)


Session 1: The Heist - 1 xp

Miyazaki Kaede

Scars hidden under the hair on her right side

Very little is known about Miyazaki Kaede, even by herself. Unusually for a Neo-Jovian she's a Seraphim, a group who betrayed the Jovian Republic in the wars final stages. She claims to be loyal to Neo-Jove, and her actions thus far seem to bare out that claim, having already resulted in the deaths of several Federation officials.

Kaede remembers very little about her life or childhood. Indeed she barely remembers anything more than a two years ago after she was shot by a Seraphim kill team. She has no memory of precisely why she went rogue, though being shot in the head seems a pretty good reason to take revenge from now on, Kaede still seeks answers to what exactly happened to her, and what makes her hate the Solar Federation so fiercely.

Kaede is a bit of a magpie, collecting old fire arms (though she also uses them fairly often, due to the low budget nature of most Neo-Jovian operations and their ease of fabrication), old video games, and PVC or memory plastic figurines. She also constantly keeps a diary.

Player: FBH [50]
Callsign: Jinx
Template: Seraphim [25CP]
XP: 1

Physique: 3
Charisma: 3
Intellect: 2
Spirit: 2 [3 CP]
Aleph: 3

Pilot Skills (Primary)

Piloting: 3 [12 CP]
Reflexes: 2 [2 CP]
Steadiness: 2 [3CP]
Gunnery: 2 [3 CP]
Electronic Warfare: 2 [3CP]
Mecha Fighting: 2 [3 CP]

Pilot Skills (Secondary)

Artillery: 0
Marksman: 0
Luck: -2 (+4 CP)
Tuneup: 0

Pilot Abilities


Anna Steiner

Anna Steiner is the former White Beast of Jove, one of the feared Jovian aces of the System War. However, after its end, she retired from active combat, for reasons that are generally not known, since her dislike - some would say outright hate - of the Solar Federation was so great during the war itself. Instead, she spent the decades since that time learning engineering, supporting the Neo-Jove forces by repairing and modifying their mecha in preparation for their promised great war of liberation. While certainly a more constructive pursuit than most of those who knew her imagined she would ever engage in, it did little to help fix her terrible personality, or the psychological issues that she acquired during the war. (to not even mention any chance of romance, much to her further irritation)

While Anna continues to be the over two meters tall full-body PTSD-ridden military cyborg that attained considerable (in)famy during the System War, her skills as a pilot are in fact very rusty - she hasn't seriously piloted a mecha since the end of the war and it really shows. With Anna seemingly called back into active service, only time will tell how much of her skills as the White Beast of Jove will return in time, or if she will remain as a has-been more suited to lab work than mecha combat. (it's probably a really bad idea to tell Anna that to her face, however; those metal claws are very sharp)

Player: Holle [50]
Template: Full Conversion Cyborg [20 CP]
Pilot Stats:

Physique: 4
Charisma: 0-1; -1 [+1 CP]
Intellect: 3 [6 CP]
Aleph: 0
Spirit: 2 [3 CP]

Primary Skills:

Piloting: 2 [6 CP]
Reflexes: 3
Steadiness: 1 [1 CP]
Gunnery: 3 [6 CP]
Electronic Warfare: 1 [1 CP]
Mecha Fighting: 0

Secondary Skills:

Artillery: 1 [2 CP]
Marksman: 0
Luck: 0
Tuneup: 2 [6 CP]

Pilot Abilities:

Made of Iron

Ekaterina Zaytseva

File photo, age 16

Murderer. Vigilante. Terrorist. Ekaterin has as many titles as she has false identities. Perhaps the most infamous, though probably no the most successful assassin in the Federation, Ekaterin kills for whoever who can pay her exorbitant fee. Payment is rarely in cash or easily liquidated assets, but instead takes the form of something that the client considers to be priceless in exchange for the life of the target. As such, her clients range from Federation intelligence agencies to desperate individuals seeking anything from revenge to a reprieve. Few are happy about the price but none complain about the results that she brings.

The recent assassination of the Crown Prince has been laid on her shoulders and she is once again hunted throughout Federation and White Rose space.

Player: Dacis [50]
Callsign: Samael
Template: Ishtar [10]
Pilot Stats:

Physique: 0
Charisma: 4
Intellect: 1 [1 CP]
Aleph: 0
Spirit: 1 [1 CP]

Primary Skills:

Piloting: 0
Reflexes: 3 [5 CP]
Steadiness: 3 [6 CP]
Gunnery: 5 [15 CP]
Electronic Warfare: 0
Mecha Fighting: 0

Secondary Skills:

Artillery: 0
Marksman: 2 [6 CP]
Luck: 2 [6 CP]
Tuneup: 0

Pilot Abilities:

Fan Favourite

Lillian "Duchess" Armstrong

Daughter of a Neo-Jove Poltico. Gone in to the family business of killing Feddies


Player: Silence
Template: S Transhuman
Pilot Stats:

Physique: [Base 4] 4
Charisma: [Base 3] 3
Intellect: [Base 3] 3
Aleph: [Base 1] 1
Spirit: 1 (1)

Primary Skills:

Piloting: 2 (6)
Reflexes: 1 (1)
Steadiness: [Base 3]
Gunnery: 1 (1)
Electronic Warfare: 0
Mecha Fighting: 3 (6)

Pilot Abilities:

G-Tolerant (free)
Mobile Trance 5


Pilot McGeneric

Total points: 25

Physique: 2 [3 CP]
Charisma: 1 [1 CP]
Intellect: 1 [1 CP]
Spirit: 1 [1 CP]
Piloting: 2 [6 CP)
Reflexes: 2 [3 CP]
Steadiness: 2 [3 CP]
Gunnery: 2 [3 CP]
Electronic Warfare: 1 [1 CP]
Mecha Fighting: 2 [3 CP]

Supporting Materials

Neo-Jovian Armory
Neo-Jovian Mobile Weapon Recognition Guide
Neo-Jovian Ship Recognition Guide