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Fundamental Concepts

  • This is a clean-slate reboot of Space Princesses, returning to the very dawn of that game.
  • It is focussed more on character adventures, intrigues with imperial cliques and managing the character's demesne.
  • The party will also be more coherent as opposed to instant atomization; every PC will likely have some tie to the 'home' system/systems likely by Demesne.
  • Ongoing discussion: D20 vs 2D10 vs D10

Character Design

  • Characters will be generated with two pools of points
  • XP is used for character stats and skills (or just ability-only system?)
  • Assets is used for 'mega-aspects' such as a warship, family demesnes or standing, etc
Assets can be converted to XP/used to buy character-level abilities (Rifter gene-hax!)
  • Characters will have solid starting values and in-game growth will be slow.
  • Variable ability cost depending on usefulness
Suggested abilities
  • 'Eye for Talent': Boosts ship stats if you get an opportunity to roll out and find good crew


One of the key elements of the campaign is Demesne. These provide important resources and need to be managed - essentially nation gameplay (very) lite.

  • Resources:
  • Wealth: This is mostly money, but also represents attention taken by your factors, etc. It is the main currency of the Demesne level. Wealth is used for buying stuff ranging from ships to personal equipment.
  • Industry: This is used for building things (warships mostly!). Demesnes may or may not generate industry, in which case you'll need to pay for the industry too.
  • Characters are assumed to have access to effectively unlimited 'common' gear because nobles are rich enough to buy as many M16s as they want, but Wealth is needed for stuff that provides actual bonuses; a Mk XXIV pattern blast-fusil made by Sir Kendrick the Robin-Faced, Master Armsmith of the VI Regency is no easy object to find.
  • All actual (bonus-giving) gear should come with names and maybe a history.
  • Budget cycle is undefined as of yet
  • Characters may take their Demesne' wealth as taxes or may instead take it as loans which have interest but provide much more wealth.
  • Welp you're in debt. Keep adventuring!
  • Other noble characters might have estates in that situation, so you can squeeze them


Reputation is a vitally important 'soft' stat; it is how well you are liked (or DISliked) by various factions and cliques in the Empire or outside. I'm using the term 'Clique' for all of these.

  • Each Rep is tracked individually
  • Rep can be used in two ways; to provide passive bonuses as levels increase or 'burnt' to provide immediate effects.
  • Track both current and absolute (amount added over all time) Reputation. Having very high absolute Rep can still provide some passive bonuses but requires much more than current Rep.
  • Friendly and opposed cliques can also gain or lose prestige as a relative percent. Doing stuff for the Forward Clique might also give you 20% Rep in Outwander Clique but will cost you -100% Rep in the Conservative Clique.
  • Derived prestige only comes in after a certain threshold; below that you're still a nobody.
  • Baseline family prestige? TBD
  • That blonde brat!

Ship Combat

Ship combat is intended that PCs will have a single ship or at most a small squadron of light ships.

  • Specific rolling TBD
  • Probably lightly detailed, with several weapon systems per ship.
  • Weapons are simple but will have individual stats - a bit more detailed than Space Princesses the First.
  • Armor acts as a damage reducer.
  • Shields are TBD (similar to armor? bubble HP?)
  • Upon hitting a ship, roll on the location.
  • Different locations have different armor values
  • Void locations represent smaller ships that are simply not there. Guess you didn't hit that DD after all.
  • Several standard hit tables will be generated. Most ships will fall into a small number of templates.
Once Structure HP is exhausted the ship is into Vital HP. Hits to Vital HP automatically cause critical hits. A ship that loses all Vital HP is completely destroyed.
  • Small ships such as Dragoons, fighters and mecha will operate in groups; one token representing multiple ships.