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Server Rules

This is a PVE building server. The goal is to build cool stuff, not to destroy stuff. I don't plan on using fancy server utilities - we should be fine, but I will ban people who decide to be assholes.

This is a whitelisted private server. Do not post the IP here. Only bring people you trust on the server. Please avoid introducing drama.

This server will keep running unless something horrible happens to me. I will not be in a hurry to upgrade. When the server shuts down, all information will be backed up and made available to anyone who would like to keep it.

Some mods in this modpack can be exploited in combination with other mods. Don't try to break the server or cheese the game.

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Most recent Server Map

Mod Usage Warnings

  • This needs to be said here to help people from running into potentially infuriating problems that are beyond our control to fix. Nobody likes using a lot of resources and time to find out their project is not going to work due to a bug.
    • Mekanism piping/cabling: Just, just don't use it if you can avoid it. You should be able to use other transport methods (thermal expansion and such) for the majority of Mekanism devices. Where this seems to break down is in the advanced ore processing chain. You are forced to use mod-specific pipes (as of now. Alternatives are being explored), and Mekanism has a lovely BUG that causes the pipes and cables to break when the last player leaves the vicinity of the network. The only real fix is to rerun the cables and pipes. This causes a loss of material (stuff that was stuck in the piping) as well as potentially wasting a lot of time.
  • Actually Additions generators are shit except for the canola Oil Generator. Have that one for free.
  • Mekanism's Boiler Casing recipe overrides Thermal's recipe for Steel Gear. Mekanism's boilers also happen to be shit so enjoy that. Steel Gears can be cast with the smeltery or pressed with the IE Metal Press (along with its TE equivalent
  • Pam's Shipping Bin will crash the server, though it might revive on its own after a bit.
  • Refined Storage does not play well with fluids that cannot be dropped as a block in a bucket; they will get stuck inside the storage with no way to bind anything to export it back out into the world.
  • Advanced Rocketry machines eat things left and right. Basically anything with an inventory can eat things if you so much as look at it the wrong way.
  • Advanced Rocketry holo-projector causes severe server lag in space. Be very gentle with it.
  • The iChisel will eat items - this is a known issue and has not been fixed in the most recent version. Use the Auto-Chisel for mass chiseling.
  • Chemical Reactor reprocessing of Cyanite now works, required multiple ingots to proceed.

Solar System

  1. Astaroth - Sun-scorched arid planet
    1. Unicorn Thresher - Airless hot rock
    2. Belmar - Is on fire
  2. Xulab - Swamp Venus
    1. Ishtar - Actual Venus
    2. Problemland - Hot Problematic Moon
  3. Lost Abarath - Lost City world
    1. Babil - Post-magitech-apocalypse
    2. Arridos - Airless Sandball
  4. Terra - Overworld
    1. Luna - The Eagle has Landed
  5. Dustinari - Terraformed Mars
    1. Jelly Filled Moon - Wacky world
    2. Skydot - Barren rock
  6. Kurilara - Russia/Canada Planet
    1. Hariv - Oddball cold moon with 100% less Hitler
    2. Crystal Moon - The source of the flares
  7. Thetis - Gas Giant rich with resources
    1. Aluminus - Desert / Australia planet
    2. Amahara - Japan/Asian inspired planet
    3. Keyway - Jungle Planet
    4. Megelgica - Swamp Planet
    5. Rma - Ocean Planet, even it's orbit is eccentric
  8. Aeolus - Ice Giant rich in methane
    1. Prometheus - Titan inspired planet
    2. Mith Nara - Odd Cold World
    3. Slickle - Iceball

Chemical Engineering

BLUEX Process
Thanks to the new Blutonium Extraction process developed by the Lorentz-Margulis research group, cyanite blocks and ingots can be processed in the Chemical Reactor (Advanced Rocketry) to yield Blutonium. Note: It is recommended to use
Alternate Refining
Oil produced from bitumen / oil shale (Thermal Expansion) can be refined in a refining tower
Canola Oil can be refined into biodiesel and empowered oil
Chemical Cracking
Using a Chemical Reactor Ethanol Biofuel may be dehydrated to yield Ethylene
Poisonous liquid in the environment can be cracked to give elemental fluids such as aerotheum, cryotheum, and petrotheum - with a chance of obtaining rare alchemical ingredients
An Electrolyzer can separate Lithium and chlorine from brine.
Advancements in mineral processing have duplicated the ancient Ember alchemy. Archaic bricks can be produced from obsidian, soul sand, and nether brick within a chemical reactor

Notable Locations

Space Pyramid of Ruruie - Officially lost in warp!
Granada City - Luna mining base, non-pressurized.
Dyrwood - Villager town north of Silence's base, now walled and lit for safety Home to a major canola oil refinery / gas turbine plant.
Welcome Bunker - Small base near spawn with supplies and a free library.
Vonrilgrad City - Colonial outpost on Kurilara. Concrete building.
FortAluminus - Concrete Fort on Aluminus. Future site of a supermax prison.

MegaProject Suggestions

Battle Arena
Expanded version of the Danger Room. Basically an area for serious warfare, with obsidian floors and blastproof walls.
Hubris Engine 2.0
A Proper mob grinder of suitably ludicrous size. This could make use of mods to more or less extent.
Custom Dimension
We can easily create a customized dimension for our purposes. Ideas are welcome
Highways and Railways
While these are not necessary, they are cool

Current Mod Pack

Version 1.2.1 is being rolled out - a hotfix for an exploit. Place this in your config folder

I am also using Craftweaker / Modtweaker Scripts to make some compatibility enhancements.

Mincraft 1.12.2

Getting it Working

Make sure to disable Mipmaps - I went from 1 FPS to 25 FPS just with that. Optifine is also recommended for borderline computers.

Option 1: Twitch App

Get the Twitch app here

Then install the modpack: TwitchApp Modpack Zip

Option 2: MultiMC

Get MultiMC here

Download the PaladinCraft-MMC Modpack

Follow the instructions here to import the instance



World Effects







Agriculture / Food

Performance Boosters

Libraries for Mods