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'''Willpower:''' 6/10 (35)<br>
'''Willpower:''' 6/10 (35)<br>
'''Paradox:''' 1<br>
'''Paradox:''' 1<br>
'''Exp:''' 2/122<br>
'''Exp:''' 3/1233<br>
'''Init:''' +7<br>
'''Init:''' +7<br>

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Once upon a time, an imaginative girl created an imaginary world in her head, but nobody else cared. The girl cared, however, and eventually decided not to care about anything else.

Lore (Niwa Tsubomi)

1: A new transfer student. The Ice Queen of Higashigawa.
2: Part times as a legitimate model with an agent and everything.
3: Always credited as Arikawa Yakumo but not many people know that. They just know her real name!
5: Actually died in an accident over the summer but survives through sheer force of solipsism.

Vital Statistics

Name: Niwa Tsubomi
Age: 18
Avatar: Primordial
Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Vigilante
Dream: to rule an eternal Sachiria
Tether: waking life

Arete: 4 [24xp]
Willpower: 6/10 (35)
Paradox: 1
Exp: 3/1233
Init: +7


Physical [24]

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 4 (Precise)
Stamina: 1

Social [64+12]

Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 4 (Cold Ruler)
Appearance: 5 (Ice Queen)

Mental [44+4]

Perception: 4 (Thorough Scrutiny)
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3


Talents [39+17+16xp]

Alertness: 2
Athletics: 1
Awareness: 2
Brawl: 1
Expression: 1
Intimidation: 2
Intrigue: 2
Lucid Dreaming: 5 (Princess of Night)
Search: 2
Seduction: 2
Style: 2
Subterfuge: 2

Skills [15-1+5xp]

Computers: 2
Etiquette: 2
Firearms: 1
Meditation: 1
Torture: 1

Knowledges [27-1]

Academics: 2
Cosmology: 1
Enigmas: 5 (Deciphering Madness)
Linguistics: 1 (Japanese; English)
Strategy: 1

Spheres [65+18]

Correspondence: 2
Entropy: 0
Forces: 0
Life: 3
Matter: 0
Mind: 3
Prime: 0
Spirit: 0
Time: 0


Backgrounds [21-6]

Avatar: 0 - Tsubomi was not originally born with an Avatar at all. However, new ones must come from somewhere and it may as well be teenagers with Willpower 10.
Contacts: 1 - Orikawa Makiri is Tsubomi's talent agent, a well connected woman with decent sized portfolio. She's always hoping Tsubomi will take more work but knows better than most how prickly she is.
Demesne: 5 - Sachiria was originally a childhood imaginary world. Later on, it was partially recreated as a player-generated instance in the aging, pixel based social MMORPG Al Cadia. Currently, it is known (among those in the know) as an unusually stable realm in the Maya. Among Otherworld travellers, it can function as a strategically significant crossroads between layers though not - so far as anyone has found yet - into the material world.
Resources: 1 - A spartan lifestyle. Takes a modelling gig once in a while so she can keep staying alone but could probably make a lot more.
Uncanny: -2 - An intimidating, beautiful and memorable presence.

Merits/Flaws [-3]

Enchanting Feature (6)
Poker Face (6)
Concentration (3)
Regal Bearing (3)

Driving Goal (-9)
Derangement: Paranoia (-9)
JK (-3)

Flaw Limits Are Flexible

Immortal (21)
Phylactery (-21)


Lore (Sachiria)

1: "It's a fantasy type queendom in the Maya - the Dreaming. The queen's a real bitch. You'll be attacked straight away if it's during the day."
2: "You can get to it via the Digital Web too. Some kind of instance on an old MMO. Security's kinda spicy but if you dodge it, you might be able to get up or downring."
3: Undergoing some kind of magitech revolution recently. Currently ruled by a Great Princess pending her formal coronation in less than a year.
5: Sachiria is, in occult terms, a phylactery. It is carrying the immortal soul of Tsubomi herself. So long as the realm exists, Tsubomi cannot die.


Grand Princess of Night - Tsubomi's official position in Sachiria prior to coronation. Only a Grand Princess so that there are regular princesses to dominate.

Lein - A dark elf assassin. She's a foreigner but seems loyal.


  • Red Duke's Ambassador
  • VAs


  • Castle of Imperishable Night
    • Dungeons
    • Royal Apartments
    • Official Halls
    • Tower of the Nightmare Moon
    • Dungeon of Danger
  • Sachiria City


  • Daysprites
  • The Nightmare Moon


  • People want her murdered.
  • Someone appreciated her world!
  • The Information Dealer is annoying but possibly competent. Maybe useful if we pull her into court somehow.
  • Have a backup plan in case target cannot die.
  • Someone is handing out Demesnes and needs to be stopped.
  • The revival of Al Cadia is shady. People need to be killed until things sort themselves out.
  • To want is to need.
  • Various anti-supernatural forces exist, but it seems they're very incompetent where it counts.